Monday 21 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Butter Bear Bath Bomb - Blogmas Day 21

Hello and welcome to another Blogmas post! We’re only a few days away from Christmas now, and despite the rather large bombshell that’s been dropped by the UK Government in terms of a fourth tier being added, I am personally looking forward to Christmas. Mind you, we had decided to play it safe and just stay at home, so for us personally nothing has changed.


Today I’ll be talking about the Butter Bear bath bomb, a cute little white Polar Bear shaped bath bomb that is said to be wonderful for your skin. Before I go into it lets first see what Lush have to say about this bath bomb.


Full of cocoa butter and ylang ylang, Butterbear bath bomb returns with a new look, ready to replenish your skin and relax your mind.


At £2.95 this is one of the cheaper bath bombs you’ll find in the Lush Christmas collection, and as is typical with a bath bombs this is good for a single use.


Sadly my little bear arrived broken, with his paw missing but this was buried elsewhere within the box he came in. You’ll also notice a little colouration from the other bath bombs have transferred onto the bear while they were all in transit so if you want a perfectly intact bear that hasn’t been tainted by any of your other purchases I would recommend trying to grab this directly from a store.


Being quite plain colouring this bath bomb didn’t provide much of a performance in the water compared to come of the more colourful bath bombs. While it was in the process of dissolving it looked like dried flowers were flying out of the bath bomb, but it quickly became apparent that these weren’t flowers at all – it was beads of oil.

The oil, I assume, was the moisturising cocoa butter which if I’m totally honest I wasn’t a massive fan of. A lot of it remained floating along the top of the water, but the oil that dissolved made the bath feel quite oily and almost greasy. My skin did indeed feel less dry, but I also had that kind of sticky feeling that you get when you put on too much of a heavy moisturiser or sun lotion. I was quite worried it would cause me some breakouts, although thankfully it didn’t.


Although the bath obviously didn’t stain seeing as the bath bomb was white, it did leave behind a slick residue of oil that didn’t completely go with a blast from the showerhead. For people like us who have their shower over the bath this is worth bearing in mind, as it did make the bath quite slippery, and could be a potential hazard if you aren’t careful.


The scent of this bath bomb was pleasant, although quite mild. To me it had a subtle sweet smell, and I would say that the cocoa butter was the strongest scent I could pick up. I couldn’t really detect much of the Ylang Ylang.


All in all it was great to try out another bath bomb from the Christmas range, but I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t particularly like this one. Therefore it’s not one that I will be repurchasing, nor do I really recommend it.


Have you tried anything from the Christmas range? What was your favourite?


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