Sunday 19 January 2020

Moi-meme Monthly | The Winter Warmer | January 2020

It’s the first Moi-meme box of the year! Amazingly I had completely forgotten that it was being delivered until I arrived home and found that it sitting on the table in my living room. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, giving me a nice surprise at the end of a very long week.

The theme of this month’s box has been based around winter weather, the snow and the cold. Although we’ve not had snow yet in Norwich (in fact, it’s been pretty mild other than some wind) I’m sure we have plenty of chilly weather ahead of us, and the contents of the January box is absolutely perfect to help see us through.

Hand cream

I keep a small hand cream on my desk at work, which I’m constantly reaching for during the cold weather. It ran out a couple of days ago, so to receive a new one in my box was nothing short of perfect timing.

It’s a decent size while still not being too oversized to have sitting on my desk, and it sinks into the skin quickly which is perfect. Working with a computer and paperwork all day, I hate when a hand cream doesn’t absorb, or leaves a residue that then gets transferred to everything I touch.

Katie Loxton Mug
I love pretty mugs, but currently have none, not even one. When we moved house we decided to start from scratch, and when buying for the kitchen pretty much repurchased everything. We have a set of attractive white marble look mugs, but nothing else. So you can imagine how glad I was that Moi-meme have kicked off my collection again.

The mug has a good weight to it, it isn’t thin or fragile, although as with a lot of personalised mugs it is hand wash only. It’s beautiful to look at, with the lovely quote “enjoy today sip, sip hooray!” written in italic gold writing along the inside, with “may contain champagne” in the same text on the outside. As it happens, I’m in the process of planning a revamp of my beauty room, and this mug matches the aesthetic / colour scheme I’m thinking of going with, so I may even put flowers in it and have it as a decoration piece.

Luxury hot chocolate

It simply wouldn’t do to send us a gorgeous mug, and nothing to put in it would it? Luckily, Moi-meme has us covered with the final item of this month’s box being a jar of hot chocolate. When I initially pulled this from within my box I thought it was chocolate coated raisins or something similar, but no, these little beads are hot chocolate!

Simply heap two teaspoons into a mug, pour in hot milk and stir. The milk will melt the beads and create a delicious, smooth hot chocolate! I can confirm that the result was delicious, and given the attractive clip top jar it would make a great gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. The jar itself is reusable, so when I’ve got through the contents (which let’s face it, won’t take me long) I want to think of something creative to do with it, so if you have any crafty links, please do pop them below so I can have a look! If I can incorporate it into my new beauty room somehow then even better!

As the first box of 2020, I think Moi-meme has kicked off to a great start. As usual the contents is well thought out for the theme and time of year, and everything fits together nicely. This box was the perfect pick me up for those January blues, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in future months!

Are you a Moi-meme subscriber? If you’d like to try it out use code “EMSWORLD” for a discount off your first box!



  1. I've never heard of this box before but it sounds like a perfect one for winter, I'd love to come home and find this waiting for me! x


    1. It's a great box, especially now that there is a monthly one (before it was just a quarterly box). I think forgetting it was due to arrive made it an even better surprise!

      Em x

  2. Never seen hot chocolate like that before, that’s cool! I like a good hand cream especially in the winter months! The mug is cute, even though I don’t like champagne haha xx

    1. I haven't either! I thought it was food until I read the tag. I'm always in need of hand cream in winter, I go through it so quickly that getting some in the box was perfect.

      Haha, that's fine, I don't really like Champagne either, but the mug is pretty!

      Em x

  3. Loving the sound of January's box, perfect for a lovely night in. I really like the sound of the hand cream, I'm a sucker for different ones Haha. Also, the mug is so beaut, great idea having that in a box! It definitely lives up to the name of winter warmer.

    Jordanne |

    1. I think its one of my favourite boxes, which is a great start to the year! It really is perfect for a night in - I used everything in it for a pamper night on the weekend!

      Em xx


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