Saturday 19 December 2020

The Big Christmas Questionaire

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the lead up to Christmas is speeding by! I mean, Christmas always comes up fast, especially in December, but I feel like this year it’s coming up especially quick. Perhaps because I’ve not really prepared for Christmas particularly well this year. I mean, I still haven’t wrapped a single present…


Anyway, I’m digressing. Today’s post is The Big Christmas Questionnaire’ which was started by the lovely Jordanne over at Life of a Glasgow Girl. It isn’t a tag post, but Jordanne invited anyone who wanted to take part to do so, and as I’ve always loved and enjoyed the tag posts Jordanne has put together I’ve decided to join in with this too!


So with enough rambling from me, let’s get stuck into the questions!


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

For me it’s the whole atmosphere that comes with Christmas that I love. Even this year where everything is a little bit different everyone is still in an uplifted and happy mood. Everyone is in a positive mood at work, and Mike and I get to have a break from our busy schedules to just relax.


Do you have a favourite festive scent?

Yes we do! When we moved into our current house a few years ago it was just before Christmas. Everything was in boxes and we’d had a terrible move thanks to our buyers solicitors holding up the rest of the chain on moving day – which they had done through the entire process and had caused months of delay. We were stressed, tired and hadn’t managed to unpack anything so we popped out to the shop for some meals we could just put in the oven as we hadn’t eaten all day and grabbed some spiced apple candles. For the next week or so we lived in the living room and burned those spiced apple candles and it’s become a somewhat nostalgic scent. It takes us back to where all the stress of moving was finally lifted, and we now stock up on them every year.


What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Oooo this is a hard one! I’m not sure I can really pick a favourite, but the two I watch every year without fail are Nightmare before Christmas and the first Home Alone film.


Do you have a Christmas eve tradition?

It used to be tradition that we would go on a night out with our friends on Christmas eve, but that has dwindled away the past few years – we just can’t handle the Christmas Day hangover anymore! Now we tend to watch Christmas movies and have a few drinks with lots of food while people pop in and out to say hi. Although I guess no one will be able to pop in to visit this year.


What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Christmas 2017. We were off traveling in America, and spent our Christmas up in Banff in Canada having already been to New Orleans, Tennessee and Nee York.  We had a tiny little log cabin with an open fire and it was absolutely perfect.


What’s the most memorable present you’ve ever received?

This is another hard one… but the one that comes to mind is when my brother and I got a joint Christmas present of a PlayStation One (yes I’m that old) and one of the games, which could have been the only game for all I remember was Ben and Jerry. It was our favourite game for ages, and I remember how much fun we used to have playing it together.


How long before the 25th do you put presents under the tree?

We put the tree up on the first weekend of December and presents tend to just go under the tree as and when they arrive and are wrapped. As it’s just the two of us it just makes sense to move them to under the tree rather than keep them hidden from each other.


Who did you spend your last Christmas with?

Last year it was just Mike and I on Christmas day and it was lovely to have a calm and relaxed day just the two of us. We cooked Christmas dinner together with Christmas songs blasting in the background and then settled down for an evening of movies together.


Did you send Santa letters when you were a child?

You know, as far as I can remember I don’t think I ever did. I might have done one as a one off in school once perhaps, but I don’t remember it being a thing that we did.


Have you ever re-gifted a Christmas present?

I have. I think it’s better to pass something on to someone who will genuinely love and use it then to leave it gathering dust.


Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration?

No I don’t think I do. I used to have a favourite back when I was a child though. My brother and I each had a Christmas tree decoration with our names on which we used to love. Mine was a little rocking horse with a red ribbon on the top to hang it on the tree. I have no idea where it is now, and assume they are both still with our parents.


What does your dream Christmas morning look like?


Do you prefer the starter or dessert at Christmas dinner?

I have a massive sweet tooth so it’s dessert all the way for me. I remember as a child there was a rule where I had to get any cream or custard that was poured over dessert last, because if I got it first no one else would get any!


If you could invite 3 people to Christmas dinner, living or dead, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one… are pets allowed? If they are, I’d have our old family dog, Misty back. She was our second family dog, but when we got her as a puppy I was old enough that I remember her coming home. I absolutely adored her, and when I got older and moved out she was always excited when I came to visit.


The other two would be my grandparents, my granddad on my Dad’s side, and Grandmother on my Mum’s side. Both of them passed a few years ago


What age were you when you discovered Santa wasn’t real?

You know, I don’t really remember what age I was. What I do remember is that because my sister is so much younger than my brother and I (she’s not far off a decade younger than me) we had to keep it up for much longer than we would have. Then one year she announced that she knew Santa wasn’t real, but hadn’t said anything because she still wanted the extra presents! Smart kid…



That concludes the Big Christmas Questionnaire! I had a lot of fun answering all of the questions, and a lot of them brought up some great memories and nostalgia for me. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of taking part to go ahead and do so – just remember to tag Jordanne if you do so, so she can see how far her fantastic post has gone!



  1. Thank you so much for taking part! I love reading about other people's Christmases. I'm definitely a dessert person as well, it's my favourite now. And your Christmas 2017 sounds amazing, Canada at Christmas time is so magical.

    Jordanne ||

    1. Thank you for putting together such a fun questionnaire! I really enjoyed doing this, and it really helped me boost my Christmas spirit. Canada was amazing at Christmas, I'd love to go back if we ever can.

      Em x


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