Wednesday 16 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Jingle Bells Bath Bomb - Blogmas Day 16

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 16! In todays post I'll be talking about another items from the Lush Christmas range; the Jingle Bells Bath Bomb. As per the usual lets first see what Lush have to say about this sweet little bath bomb;

Lie back and soak in the colourful red and blue swirls and softening water of this Christmas bath bomb. Orange oil is an instant refresher.

At a glance this bath bomb has a simplistic and slightly understated design, of a plain white bath bomb with a little pinky red ribbon on the top. I noticed that my bath bomb had a few tiny blue flecks across it which I assumed had come off one of the other bath bombs as they were all shipped together in the same box.

I soon discovered after dropping into the bath that the blue flecks I had spotted were not dust from my other purchases, but from within the bath bomb itself! I had expected fairly plain white waters with perhaps the smallest hint of colour from the ribbon atop the bath bomb. What I got instead was a beautiful display of red, white and blue foam that eventually settled to a deep blue colour. For me this made it quite a fun and exciting bath bomb to use.

This bath bomb had a wonderful, uplifting orange scent with a slight earthy aroma that intensified once it had been let off in the water. It was a lovely scent both in and out of the bath and it clung to my skin long after my bath was over. Speaking of my skin, it felt lovely and soft after using this bath bomb, and the odd dry patch that had appeared thanks to the cold has disappeared.

Despite the vibrant colours that emerged from within this bath bomb, there was absolutely no staining left behind in the tub as a result, which is a plus for me. You can pick this bath bomb up for £4.95 which is higher up the price scale for the bath bombs within the Christmas range. I really enjoyed trying this bath bomb and this is one that I would happily repurchase.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What is your favourite?


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