Friday 11 December 2020 / Norwich, UK

Getting into the Christmas Spirit - Blogmas Day 11

I don’t know about you guys but the second Halloween ended, everyone seemed to switch right into Christmas mode. I was seeing decorations going up in the area where I live along with the obligatory Christmas tree photos on social media from as soon as early November. I can’t say I can really blame anyone. With how this year has been if it brings you joy to put your tree up a month early, you should absolutely do so.


For me I feel like I’ve had a bit of a false start when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit and I just can’t seem to get in gear as easily as I would on previous years. I’ve started Blogmas, and we’ve even put up our tree, both of which are things that should absolutely be getting me excited for Christmas. I am still excited, but that excitement feels somewhat diluted this year. I need to kick it up a notch to help get myself into the Christmas spirit, so if you are also struggling this year, these tips are for you too.


Christmas Clothing

During December, my work place tends to implement a dress down on Fridays allowing us to wear our Christmas jumpers and seasonal clothing. As much as working from home now means I’m on permanent dress down, I’ll be digging out my Christmas stuff to wear every Friday through December to help ignite some of that festive spirit.


Christmas Movies

Of course this had to be on here. If anything on this list is going to get you into the seasonal spirit its cheesy Christmas films. I’ve started getting a list together of films I want to watch through December, as it feels like an extremely long time since I’ve actually sat down and watched a Christmas film. In fact, I don’t remember us watching any last year, the year before we had just moved house and everything was in disarray and the year prior to that we were traveling. So it could genuinely have been a few years ago since I watched any Christmas films!


Christmas Baking

It’s no secret that I love food, but it’s quite rare that I’ll set aside the time to do much seasonal cooking. I want that to change this year, and having already made some Christmas themed sausage rolls, which are long gone I’ve thought up some more ideas and gathered up a little more motivation to do some Christmas themed baking and cooking.



Putting up the Christmas decorations is always a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. We’ve got our little tree up already, but with that bring the only decorations we have up at the moment I feel like we need more this year. There’s still loads about in local shops so I’ll be grabbing a few more little bits and pieces to pop around our home to ramp up the Christmas vibes this year.


Christmas Playlist

Music is a fantastic tool to alter your mood as any time of year, but especially for Christmas. I’ll be putting together a little Christmas playlist to play in the background when I’m pottering around the house or going anywhere in the car. It doesn’t have to be just Christmas songs either, as they can start to get a little tiresome after a while. Generic feel good songs that make you feel happy are great to add to the mix.  



I’m going to start implementing these over the coming weeks and hopefully start to get into the festive spirit! What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit?



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