Tuesday 15 December 2020

Christmas Floral Display - Blogmas Day 15

I love having fresh flowers in the house, in fact I have a lot of love for having plants around the house in general. Something that I enjoy from fresh cut flowers that I don’t get from my plants however is that they are interchangeable. By that I mean, they are here for a week, perhaps two, and then they die away meaning I can get something new and different to change up the look of our living space.


Displays featuring a seasonal twist are probably my favourite of the lot, and there all kinds of options to try out when it comes to a Christmas themed bouquet. From ribbons and decoration around the vase to your colour choices and even added little extras to place among the flowers, you can put something attractive and unique together for a pretty reasonable price.


As I knew I would be placing my display living room either on the coffee table or the whiskey barrel in the corner I knew whatever I put together needed to have some kind of rustic theme to it. Something overly modern would look fairly out of place. My choice of placement did mean I could use things like candles and pinecones to decorate in and around my arrangement.


The gold pine cones placed within the display itself were just a couple of pounds in Sainsbury’s and although they were a little bit of a pain when it came to snapping the stick to make them the right length (they were originally very long) I love the look of them.


I like a very full display of flowers so will typically buy more than one bunch to ensure maximum volume. It also means I can mix up the colours and types of flowers a little more and can put something aesthetically pleasing together by buying the smaller, cheaper bunches and combining them together.


When it comes to the arranging I will work from the ‘front’ of the vase and like to start with my foliage and leafy pieces first. I’ll typically cut these at varying lengths so that they sit at different points throughout the flowers rather than all on one level, but they will generally be slightly shorter towards the front of the display. Next up is the flowers themselves, working from the larger ones to the smaller. I work through in size so that I can make sure there is even distribution, without too many clumps of duplicates all in the same place.


Lastly is any small ‘filler’ flowers that I use to plug any large or obvious gaps, followed by the decoration pieces, which in this case is the gold pine cones that I’ve placed sporadically throughout the display. With the markings and stamps on the top of our barrel I could leave it here, but I decided to place a few other pine cones around the base of the vase as a little added decoration and to tie it in with the room a little more.


I know flowers are not typically what come to mind when it comes to Christmas decorations, but for me it’s a nice creative way to dress up certain areas of the room with the freedom to change them easily as and when our themes change. they may also be ideal for those that want to add a touch of Christmas to their home, but aren’t overly fond of traditional Christmas decoration. Flowers also make wonderful gifts at any time of year, so if you have a loved one you always struggle to buy for, perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you’ve put together yourself will be a good starting point.


Do you arrange Christmas flowers around your home?



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