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Moi-meme Luxe - The Weekend Box

Hello and welcome to another instalment of my wonderful Moi-meme Subscription Box! In todays post I’ll be talking about ‘The Weekend Box’ which is the latest of the Luxe Quarterly subscription. If you fancy watching a speedy unboxing, you can do so here. This box is all about reclaiming the weekends in 2022.


As Moi-meme have quite rightly stated in their booklet, the lines of home and work life can be easy to blur, especially with some people still working from home either full or part time. January is always a great time to reflect on what makes us happy, what is serving us well, and where to focus energy; and a healthy work life balance is a great start!


Chalk Wrist warmer Gloves RRP £19.95 and Chalk Hand cream RRP £10.95

The first item, or should I say ITEMS is focused on those who like to get outside on their weekends. Whilst I don’t really do new years resolutions, is it somewhat of a goal of mine to spend more time in the great outdoors this year. I did a great job over lockdown of getting out for daily walks and since returning to the office part time and some sense of normality I seem to have lost that habit now.


My wrist warmers came in a charcoal grey, which is exactly the colour I would have chosen for myself out of the options available. The other options available we Light Stone which looks to be a creamy colour, Light Pink or black. These same options were available for those who received hats instead of wrist warmers. The warmers themselves feel like they’ll be perfect for keeping the cold from sneaking up your sleaves when you are out and about and feel like a lovely material.


The hand cream is also lovely. A little thicker than what I would typically prefer, but it sinks into the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind which is what I do prefer in a hand cream. I like to have these on hand at home, in my bag and at work so I’m always really pleased to receive more, especially as this one is massive!


Polaar Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream – 50ml – RRP £42.95

Another thing that I’m always happy to receive lots of is creams for my face, as I seem to be going through them quite rapidly at the moment. Infused with the flower of Nunatak which is sourced from the peaks of the Arctic, this cream has a snow like texture that melts on contact with the skin. I would say the consistency is thicker than a regular cream, but not quite to the same level of a balm, and it does indeed melt down and sink into the skin easily.


My skin has been a little problematic of late, which is 100% my own fault. With later nights at work, I’m finding myself falling asleep on the sofa, and then I don’t bother to take off my make up before I go to bed, so I totally accept that my poor skin is entirely my own doing. I’ve only tried this cream a few times, but my first impressions are really positive. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft, moisturised and not stick or shiny at all.


Chickidee Reed Diffuser – RRP £14.95

We’ve actually had Chickidee feature in some boxes in the past, in particular a wonderful candle that I still love and have. This reed diffuser had five possible fragrances, which were:


Balance – Eucalyptus, Sandlewood and Chamomile with undertones of Bergamot to restore Balance

Clarity – Freshly laundered cotton to purify and stimulate

Happy – Almond and Dark Chocolate on a rich Vanilla base to brighten and bring joy

Relax – Cucumber and Eucalyptus to calm and refresh

Sleep – Green Mandarin, Geranium, Coriander, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to promote restful sleep


I personally received the ‘Relax’ scent, which has been placed in our living room next to my desk. The scent is light and fresh, and you can even smell it from the hallway as you walk into the house, which is a bonus. I’m very fond of the scent, and as is Mike so I’ll certainly be getting a few most of these!


Chickidee A6 Notebook – RRP £7.95

Next up in the box was one of four possible A6 notebooks. Each notebook is made of vegan leather, with a date space on each page within. Moi-meme have suggested using the notebooks to keep track of good habits that we are trying to maintain, which I think it a great idea. I’m slightly undecided quite what I want to use mine for. It would be handy for work, but at the same time I think I want to keep it for ‘me’ which would also match more nicely to the theme of the box!


The colours available were Tan, White or Grey, with the fourth option being a Tan bullet journal. The option I received was the grey, which again would have been my first choice if I’d had them all laid out in front of me.


Moi-meme – Set of Three Silk Hair Ties – RRP £19.95

Did you know that regular elastic hair ties can actually be quite bad for your hair and cause breakage? Whilst it’s something that I’ve always been aware of, it’s also something hat I’ve never really done anything about, which makes me quite pleased to have received these.


Made from the highest quality silk, these ties glide effortlessly over the hair with no pulling of tugging. Given how damaged my hair is by bleach, this can only be a good thing for me. The ties come as two smaller ties, and then a large scrunchie. The two different colour options were either a set of pink tones, or a mix of navy, cream and teal, the latter of which is the set I received.


 And there we have the contents of the Weekend Box! For me this was a great box, and well worth every penny. The total value for the contents of this box came to £116.70, so considering the quarterly box is £54.95 that’s fantastic value. I’ve already begun using each and every item from this box and can’t wait to see what Moi-meme come up with next.


What did you think of ‘The Weekend Box’?


Thursday 3 February 2022 / Norwich, UK

January 2022 Look Back

Well hello! Welcome to me first look back of 2022, as well as my first look back in general for quite some time. There’s a little to catch up on, so I’ll get right into it.

This look back starts at the end of December, rather than just looking over January. December itself was a bit of a whirlwind, and to be honest I really stalled when it came to getting into the Christmas spirit. Normally I’m excited for the holidays, as well as the prospect of having a reasonably long period off work for very little annual leave, but I felt very ‘meh’ about it this time round. I was looking forward to a break, but not really much else.


To be fair, this is probably just as well, because after a night out with friends on Christmas Eve, we received a message on Christmas Day from one of the friends we’d been with that they had tested positive for Covid on a Lateral Flow. Neither of us showed symptoms, and tested negative on out lateral flows, but decided it was probably inevitable and decided to stay home until we could do a drive through PCR the day after boxing day. Mike’s lateral flow was positive by then, and although mine was still negative we both had positive results from the PCR – so just as well we stayed at home!


Neither of us really suffered much with covid.I had a sore throat throughout, and a headache for one of the days but that was it. Although I did lose my sense of smell on day 7. My main issue was feeling tired, so I did a lot of sleeping. Mike was a little more poorly than I was, but I wouldn’t say that he was ‘ill’ either. Luckily my parents were on hand, and were really helpful when it came to doing supply drops as we obviously couldn’t go anywhere to do food shops. Fortunately as I work from home part time, I could just work from home when I was due to return to work, so didn’t need to take any time off. This was just as well really, because January has been absolutely insane.


Our industry in general does tend to have busier periods through the year, and one of them does typically co-inside with the approach to the end of the financial year. This year, however, has been far more hectic. My team are working on a slightly reduced headcount at the moment which means we’re needing to pick up more than we typically would. The result has been a January (and it looks like it’s going to be February too) of working late or being much busier than usual for a lot of us. The end is in sight however, and with my team actively recruiting we should have an ease of pressure very soon.


Towards the middle of January, I received some extremely sad news. The news that one of the former players on the American Football team I used to play for had passed away in her sleep. I won’t go into too much detail as its obviously a private matter for her family but given that she was only in her mid-twenties it was extremely shocking and sad to hear. What I will say is, that it brought back a lot of fond memories of my time with the team. They were and are a fantastic bunch of people, and I do find myself missing it from time to time.


The news did put a lot of things in perspective for me, and I want to strive to be just a little more like my friend. She was fearless and determined. I’ve never known anyone with as much drive as she had. She was a kind person, with an infectious personality, but she wasn’t afraid to dish out some tough love from time to time if it was needed. I know it’s a but cliché to say that she was one of a kind, but she really was.


She would probably be quite pleased to hear that she’s spurred me into putting some serious consideration into something Mike has expressed he wants to do, which is to move out of the UK. I’ve caught myself telling myself over and over “she wouldn’t be scared, she’d just do it”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that is going to happen this year, its more like a 5-10 year plan, but I’m shifting far more into camp ‘move to Canada’ than I was when he originally brought it up. I’m certainly the more cautious of the two of us, so I want to find a way to avoid selling our house in the UK so that we don’t have to start from scratch if we find it isn’t for us. Worst case scenario it can act as a supplementary income, as we’d likely rent it out.


Mike and I have finally agreed on our plans re getting a dog. We’ve found a company who can recut the glass in our French doors to have a cat flap fitted so that Boots can start going outside again, and then we’ll be looking for our new arrival to come after we’ve returned from Mexico in early May. Whilst we’re kind of ready now other than a few more bits and pieces to do, it just wouldn’t be fair to go away on holiday when the dog will have only just started to settle.


We’ve even somewhat decided on the type of dog, and we’ve established our ‘tick list’ when it comes to things that are vital (for example, we want a dog that has been cat tested) vs the things that would be good to have but are not deal breakers for us. Despite the suggestion for a dog being mine, with Mike a little hesitant I think he’s optimistically excited – he’s even started suggesting a few names!


That all sums up the past month or so. I haven’t really mentioned a lot of ‘things’ that I went out and did, but hopefully it’s given you a little update into what I’ve been up to and what is going on in life in general. The evenings are starting to get a little lighter now, so I’m excited to being able to get outside and hopefully being more active with the brighter evenings.


What have you been up to over the past month?

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