Monday 7 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Snowman Dreaming - Blogmas Day 7

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 7! We're officially a whole week into Blogmas now and today’s post is diving into another product from the gorgeous Lush Christmas range; The Snowman Dreaming bath bomb.

This cute little bath bomb looks quite plain at first glance, looking no more than a white bath bomb in the shape of a snowman, but on closer inspection you'll notice a strip of colour down the left side which makes this particular bath bomb a fun one to try. As is the usual set up with these posts, let’s see what Lush have to say about this bath bomb;

Relax as this Christmas bath bomb glides across the bath leaving a lavender-scented rainbow trail. Sleep soundly and dream deeply.

At £3.50 per bath bomb this falls within the standard range of other Lush bath bombs, and is good for a single use. The scent is a made up of a mix of calming and relaxing lavender combined with balancing cedar wood oil.

I decided to use mine after a long day, where I had finished up my working day with a run in the cold and the rain, so was extremely grateful to be able to relax in a nicely scented warm bath. I will say that this bath bomb didn't smell as strong as some of the others once it has been dissolved in the water, not that it’s overly mild or undetectable at all, it just isn’t as strong as some of the others I’ve tried. I decided to pair this with the sleepy shower gel, which is another lavender scented product and they went together brilliantly.

This particular bath bomb is quite a fun one to watch. As you can see from the photos, as soon as it hits the water you’ll see an explosion of rainbow colour on one side and a surge of pure white foam on the other. When all of the colours have intermingled in the water you’ll be left with a deep blue shade. I’m also pleased to report that there is absolutely no staining left behind around the edge of the tub after you’ve used this bath bomb.

Upon climbing into the bath I found that the waters felt silky and smooth, with my skin left feeling very much the same after I (eventually) ended my bath. With the combination of lavender scents I was left feeling thoroughly relaxed for the rest of my evening and drifted into a deep sleep when the time came for bed. I believe you can purchase this bomb as part of a set that includes the sleepy shower gel which would make the perfect gift for that friend or family member who needs that little extra help to unwind and have some down time.


I really enjoyed using this particular bath bomb and it’s on my list of products to re-purchase before the end of the seasonal period.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What was your favourite?



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