Wednesday 2 November 2022

October Look Back - 2022

Hello! Long time no post once again, but it’s safe to say that this blog has fallen to the bottom of my agenda at the moment. That being said, October has been rather a lot, so it seemed only appropriate to do a little look back over the events of the month. So without any delay lets get stuck into what I got up to in October.


Weekend Getaway

I kicked off my October with a little staycation up on the Norfolk coast. My Mum has recently brought a chalet right near the beach in Winterton, and was kind enough to let my friend Maria, her two dogs and I stay there for a few days.


We had a great time away together with long dog walks on the beach, lots of chatter, snacks and we even brough our Nintendo DS’s with us for playing Pokémon together. There is no Wi-fi on the site, which makes it the perfect place for a getaway to switch off and recharge. Maria is one of very few people that doesn’t drain my social spoons, so the few days we had away with the dogs left me feeling calm, well rested and recovered from what had been a stressful few weeks prior.


Dog news!

Speaking of dogs, we’ve finally had some good news regarding our rescue girl – the news being that the ban preventing her from traveling from Romania, has now been lifted! I think we’ve still got a long wait ahead of us, with the charity now needed to get various bits of paperwork and licencing out of the way, but regardless, we’ve moved forward and are now waiting on a travel date.


Given that Freya was supposed to have travelled to us in April, she’s already had all of her tests and jabs, so I’m hoping she’ll be among the first to travel over. I have everything crossed that we have her before Christmas!



After months and months of constantly being on my period, I finally made myself go to the doctors to see if there was anything they could do to help. To be honest, I didn’t think I would get anywhere, as when I’ve previously been to a different doctor for the same problem I’ve been told it’s ‘normal’ to sometimes have long periods and wait it out… I'm sorry, but being on a period for the better part of 5 months is most certainly not 'normal'. 


That being said I must have picked a pretty good day, as there were final year medical students in the practice and in the appointment. I haven’t met the Dr I saw previously, so I could be doing her a massive injustice, but I do wonder if the presence of the students meant that she was extra thorough and helpful.


The end result was a blood test, which of all things revealed that my kidneys are underperforming. This wouldn’t necessarily be a concern on its own, but a blood test I had back in 2018 showed a similar problem – although there has also been a small decline in my score. When I went through the results on the phone with my GP, we also looked at family history, resulting in another blood test, to look at my kidneys again, but to also look at my hormone levels. I’ve also had to do a urine sample for the same, and am now waiting on a referral to the hospital for an ovarian scan.


We’re kind of at the point where we’re looking at two things at the same time: my ovaries to try and get to the bottom of these periods, and my kidneys following the results from the initial blood test. The latter does mean that I’ve been told not to drink for the time being, so it’s just as well I packed alcohol in at the start of the year – although I do wonder if this is the reason why I felt so rotten after drinking? I’d easily spend days throwing up – maybe this was the cause all along? 

Concerningly I have started getting a dull pain in the left side of my lower back, which has been coming and going the past week or two. I'm paranoid that I'm overthinking what could just be pain from sleeping funny, but it's certainly something to mention to the doctor when I get the results from my latest tests. 



Work is going really well at the moment. After achieving my promotion my manager happened to ask what I wanted to do as my next step, and after some chatting I spent an hour or so talking through auditing and reviews with one of our directors. I now have a whole afternoon set aside where I’ll be assisting him with one of the more granular reviews, and talking through our compliance processes, which I’m very excited for!


Mike’s garden leave is  up, and he has started his new position. As much as he’s enjoyed his much deserved time off, and I think was quite excited to start. He’s now be just up the road from my office again, so we can go back to sharing a car most of the time – which should be a massive cost saver at the very least!


Sadly Boots has continued to be unwell through October, with more tests and more medication. He's coming toward the end of a course of antibiotics, but we'll still need to get another urine sample out of him - easier said than done! Depending on the outcome of that sample he may be switched onto a different antibiotic, or may even need some more invasive testing. 

So far it doesn't appear to be a problem with his kidneys are we had first feared, which is a massive relief both for Boots and our bank balance. We're already at the point that we could have got a small car with the vet costs, and I'm fearful that we'll have a struggle on our hands if it turns out to be anything major. As a consequence I've started to put money aside, just in case we have most costs coming our way.

Tine with friends

Later on in the month I joined Maria, and another friend of hers, Jack, on a night out to see Lawrence Chaney perform at the Waterfront in Norwich. Having never watched RuPauls Drag Race I had no idea what to expect, but had a really great night. 

We even got meet and greet tickets, and should hopefully be getting the photos from that very soon! Arriving early for the meet and greet also meant that we could park ourselves right at the front, while everyone else at the meet and greet headed off to the bar. It paid off, as when the show started, we had the best view!



So, in general, life is pretty good. There's also been lots of dog walks and more laid back catch ups, and hopefully, it will be our own dog that we're taking on adventures very soon! 


Wednesday 3 August 2022

July Look Back - 2022

 So with my last look back being in March, I have rather a lot to catch up on! Although I will be predominantly be focusing on July, as you'll have no doubt figured already from the title! 

A lot of July has felt like a waiting game that just keeps on going. Many close to me will know that the import of animals (including rescue) from Romainia is still suspended. This means that our doggo is still stuck at the shelter in Romania and unable to travel to her new home with us. 

It's very sad given that she was supposed to be with us in early May, and as it stands at the moment travel will remain suspended until at least 3rd September. Given that the freeze has been extended twice already I wouldn't be all that surprised if it gets extended again next month. Although we are hoping that won't be the case. Especially given that doggo has had all her tests, all her jabs and ready to travel. 

Moving onto some good news, after a lot of hard work and training I got the promotion at work I was aiming for! Being a senior member of the team means I am getting to do loads of new things I haven't had exposure to before - for example I've carried out a couple of interviews, began mentoring a new member of the team and get to be directly involved in our training and various projects. 

It's hugely refreshing to be able to nurture some new skills and gain some new experiences, and after so much work its great to finally have got there! Now I just need to work out where I want to get to next. I've signed up to some further qualifications, this time leaning towards management rather than insurance, so hopefully it will be highly useful!

Towards the end of July was my 31st birthday! I didn't do much on the day itself bar spend time with my husband, as it fell on a Friday this year. On the Saturday we had a BBQ followed by a night out on a pub crawl. 

The following week the celebrations continued when I had a day with my closest friend, Maria. We spent the day out shopping, got some food from the Market in Norwich and even joined the Pride parade that was going on in the city. After we were done there were headed back to hers with the boys for more food, card games and much laughter. 

That just about sums up everything I wanted to share for July! Truth be told, I haven't got a huge amount planned for August, as Mike and I want a quiet few weeks (although I doubt it will work out that way!) and we have everything crossed that we get our dog in September!

What are you been up to in July? 


Monday 11 April 2022

Moi-meme Monthly - The Spring Breeze Box - February 2022

Before I start this post, I have to disclose that it is extremely late. Although I feel that most of my posts these days are starting with a similar disclaimer, so it's not like it's a massive surprise. Todays post is an unboxing of The Spring Breeze Box - the monthly Moi-meme box that I received in February - see, I told you the post was late! 

So before I start rambling on about how late this post is, lets get into what Moi-meme had to say about this box:

As March arrives so does the onset of spring and all the newness that comes with it. With blossom on the trees, longer days and a slight warmth in the breeze, it's a month when everything starts to feel a bit lighter and brighter. The Spring Breeze Box reflects this freshness and is filled with pretty pastels and treats to ease you into the new season

Katie Loxton Pale Blue Petal Scarf 

First up in this months box was this beautiful pale blue scarf from Katie Loxton. If you've been around for a little while then you'll know that Katie Loxton is a brand that features in a fair few Moi-meme boxes - and you'll hear absolutely no complains from me!

The scarf itself is made of a lovely and soft light weight material, with delicate daisy petals scattered over the fabric. 

Chickidee Sleep Room Spray 

Next up in the box was from another brand we're seen before: Chickidee. This is a brand that I'm always very pleased to see in my boxes, and I've fallen in love with each and every product I've tried from them.

The Sleep Room Spray is a fragrance designed to fill your room with calming scents to help you drift off to sleep. Unlike most usual sleep products that contain lavender as the key scent, this room spray is made up of a blend of green mandarin, geranium, coriander, jasmine and ylang ylang. All these components combined make a clean, light fragrance, that is perfect to help promote a restful nights sleep. 

Cocoba Milk Chocolate Truffles

Last but not least is the sweet treat, milk chocolate truffles with a ganache filling infused with just a hint of alcohol. From reading the little card included within the box, I discovered that Cocoba have a massive range of over 160 different types of chocolate, all made from their chocolate kitchen in Kent. 

There we have the contents of The Spring Breeze Box! I really enjoyed this box, in particular the room spray, which has now found a home by my bedroom to keep it smelling lovely and fresh. 

The only item I am unlikely to get much use out of is the scarf. Not that I don't like it, but I have loads already that I don't use, a few of which have a very similar colour scheme. With the lovely pastel colours I think this is something that my mum would really like, so I'll be keeping hold of it until I next see her. All in all The Spring Breeze Box was a great box to receive, with items that I have and will continue to love and use.

Do you have any subscription boxes? Which is your favourite? 


Sunday 3 April 2022

March Look Back - 2022

What a month March has been! I can't believe we're in April already, it feels like Christmas was only a few weeks ago! I'm pleased to report that I had a pretty good March, and it is paving the way for a really good few month to come.

Work is going really well at the moment. I'm working through my sign off for the senior position I expressed an interest in, and I think I'm almost there. I've been able to train some new staff members, and I've recently joined the team that conducts file audits for the department (which may sound boring to some, but I find them quite fascinating). I've got a few more bits to finish my sign off, which will include various bits of management training over the next few weeks.

If you follow my Instagram, you may already have seen that we are rescuing a dog! Anyone who knows me will know that I grew up with dogs in the house, and have been desperate to have my own for a long time now. With me working from home a lot of time now, we are finally in a place where we can finally get one. 

I did a fair amount of research and looking around online to find a charity whom I trusted to give us all the information we would need about the dogs we were looking at, and in early March we finally had our home check, which we passed. Sadly the dog we were interested in was deemed not suitable to a house without another dog, and he had a history of biting when scared, which meant we sadly weren't what he needed either.

After that I spent hours going through every single cat tested dog the charity had available for adoption and absolutely fell in love with one. We expressed our interest in her and on Mothers Day, we got the news that she had been confirmed a match. I'm not going to say too much about her until she's here, as I don't want to jinx it, but she's absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait for her to get here. 

Speaking of things we've been waiting for, for a long time - our honeymoon in Mexico is finally almost here! We'll be going at the end of April, and our new doggo will be coming pretty much any time from the point we return, so I have two very exciting things coming up very close together. 

March marks three months since I last touched alcohol, which is a fairly impressive benchmark. There's a fair few reasons why I've decided to pack in the booze, so that's probably an entire post in itself. That aside, I really don't miss it. I have just as much fun on nights out, without any of the negative drawbacks that come with drinking. I'm also quite liking the fact that because I am sober, I can literally just hop in my car and go when its time to go home. 

The above has kind of resulted in a shift of sorts when it comes to where I focus my emotional energy. I am enjoying spending time with people who want to spend time with me, no matter what it is we are doing. I'd started to feel in the lead up to Christmas that too much of my socialisation had become more about having a night of drinking, and less about actually spending quality time with people I was drinking with, hence it being one of the things I wanted to fix in 2022. I've been feeling a lot better in myself over the past few months, but as I said, that's probably a discussion for a whole separate post. 

Finally, I fell of the band wagon a little when it came to caring for my houseplant collection in January and part of February. I managed to maintain enough care that I haven't really had any major casualties, but my actions were literally just that: maintenance. 

During March as t the weather has started to improve, a lot of my plants have come back to life with loads of new growth which has reignited my love for the hobby. I had a good sort through everything, and I've brought new pots for everything with some new soil on its way.

 My plan is to transfer as much as I can to square pots, and place them on a tray on the main windowsill they live on. My logic for this being that when we are away in Mexico, the person we have looking after the house will have an easier time looking after everything. All they'll need to do is fill the drip tray with water a couple of times and that will be it. 

That pretty much wraps up what I got up to in March! It's been a good month, but I'm excited for our trip away in April and our new family member in May!

How was your March?


Thursday 24 March 2022

Falling back in Love with Sims 4 Building

Like many people I have always rotated in and out of playing the Sims. From the days of the first ever sims, all the way up to the current Sims 4, I've always found myself shifting more towards 'world building' that actually playing. By that I mean creating families to operate in the background, as well as building up neighbourhoods with houses and community lots. 

That said, its a game that I haven't touched for a very long time, but after reading a post about a Sims Challenge the lovely Jordanne will be undertaking, (
you can find that post here) I was inspired to get back into doing what I love in the Sims: Building. 

As my inspiration was born from a blog post, I thought it would be kind of cool to share my own post about what I've built. I've also shared my builds on the gallery, should anyone want to try them out. 

My first build was actually done with a background character in mind. A sweet old lady named Cordelia, living in 'Cordelia's Secret Cottage' over in Henford-on-Bagley. The intention for her was to be the keen gardener of my little world, and from there I decided to create a park where Cordelia could share her love of plants with the rest of the neighbourhoods. So, centred around a large decorative fountain, I began building my park.

I played around a lot with the lay out. Starting off as a large open space, and eventually deciding to split it into four quarters, with each quarter offering something different to do. In the lower right we have the communal toilets, along with a food stand, benches, decorative post box (I was adamant it needed to be included) and a grill. A theme you will notice throughout the park is that I have placed as many plants into the lot as possible, using the 'Move Objects' cheat to pack as many plants close together as I could, to give the impression of really full flower beds. 

The upper right corner is for those who want to go fishing. A small lake surrounded by multiple plants and flowers, with an easel for painting tucked away near the water. To the left of that section I've placed another food stand specifically for fish. My idea was that the stock for the stand could come from fish from the lake! I know that isn't actually how it works, but humour me!

Towards the upper left section of the lot is the playpark. I had a little bit of difficulty deciding what to do with this section, so actually ended up doing it last. I had toyed with the idea of something for pets, but just couldn't seem to make it work. I then considered putting down a swimming pool, but it didn't really fit the rest of the park, nor did I want more than one body of water on the lot. In the end I settled on creating a space for the child sims, again with another food vendor, and a couple of benches for parents to watch their children play. 

Last but certainly not least is the garden in the lower left section of the lot. This is the section that I enjoyed doing the most and spent the most time with. It includes a little greenhouse, as well as a partially covered structure where Sims can try their hand at arranging the flowers they've picked from the garden and surrounding area. There is also a stand where they can buy flowers from the garden for weddings or events. I've placed lots of various plants in the planters and around the garden and park in general, and took them as a 'room' from the gallery, so all of the flowers, fruits and vegetables are of perfect quality. 

As I've hinted at earlier, there have been a couple of cheats used to build the park, so if anyone wants to use it from the gallery I would recommend using the move objects cheat first. I've really enjoyed putting this park together, and it was nice to be able to put a lot together without too much actual building needing to be done. If you play The Sims 4 and fancy using the park, I've put it on the gallery for download - you can find me under 'Emfish91'. 

Seeing as I enjoyed this build so much I've already started on a few others, so if you want to see posts on my other builds let me know! I'm currently working on a small gym and an A frame house - the latter of which is proving more difficult than I had initially expected! 

What do you enjoy more on Sims? Building or playing? 


Wednesday 16 February 2022 / Norwich, UK

Moi-meme Luxe - The Weekend Box

Hello and welcome to another instalment of my wonderful Moi-meme Subscription Box! In todays post I’ll be talking about ‘The Weekend Box’ which is the latest of the Luxe Quarterly subscription. If you fancy watching a speedy unboxing, you can do so here. This box is all about reclaiming the weekends in 2022.


As Moi-meme have quite rightly stated in their booklet, the lines of home and work life can be easy to blur, especially with some people still working from home either full or part time. January is always a great time to reflect on what makes us happy, what is serving us well, and where to focus energy; and a healthy work life balance is a great start!


Chalk Wrist warmer Gloves RRP £19.95 and Chalk Hand cream RRP £10.95

The first item, or should I say ITEMS is focused on those who like to get outside on their weekends. Whilst I don’t really do new years resolutions, is it somewhat of a goal of mine to spend more time in the great outdoors this year. I did a great job over lockdown of getting out for daily walks and since returning to the office part time and some sense of normality I seem to have lost that habit now.


My wrist warmers came in a charcoal grey, which is exactly the colour I would have chosen for myself out of the options available. The other options available we Light Stone which looks to be a creamy colour, Light Pink or black. These same options were available for those who received hats instead of wrist warmers. The warmers themselves feel like they’ll be perfect for keeping the cold from sneaking up your sleaves when you are out and about and feel like a lovely material.


The hand cream is also lovely. A little thicker than what I would typically prefer, but it sinks into the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave any residue behind which is what I do prefer in a hand cream. I like to have these on hand at home, in my bag and at work so I’m always really pleased to receive more, especially as this one is massive!


Polaar Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream – 50ml – RRP £42.95

Another thing that I’m always happy to receive lots of is creams for my face, as I seem to be going through them quite rapidly at the moment. Infused with the flower of Nunatak which is sourced from the peaks of the Arctic, this cream has a snow like texture that melts on contact with the skin. I would say the consistency is thicker than a regular cream, but not quite to the same level of a balm, and it does indeed melt down and sink into the skin easily.


My skin has been a little problematic of late, which is 100% my own fault. With later nights at work, I’m finding myself falling asleep on the sofa, and then I don’t bother to take off my make up before I go to bed, so I totally accept that my poor skin is entirely my own doing. I’ve only tried this cream a few times, but my first impressions are really positive. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and soft, moisturised and not stick or shiny at all.


Chickidee Reed Diffuser – RRP £14.95

We’ve actually had Chickidee feature in some boxes in the past, in particular a wonderful candle that I still love and have. This reed diffuser had five possible fragrances, which were:


Balance – Eucalyptus, Sandlewood and Chamomile with undertones of Bergamot to restore Balance

Clarity – Freshly laundered cotton to purify and stimulate

Happy – Almond and Dark Chocolate on a rich Vanilla base to brighten and bring joy

Relax – Cucumber and Eucalyptus to calm and refresh

Sleep – Green Mandarin, Geranium, Coriander, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to promote restful sleep


I personally received the ‘Relax’ scent, which has been placed in our living room next to my desk. The scent is light and fresh, and you can even smell it from the hallway as you walk into the house, which is a bonus. I’m very fond of the scent, and as is Mike so I’ll certainly be getting a few most of these!


Chickidee A6 Notebook – RRP £7.95

Next up in the box was one of four possible A6 notebooks. Each notebook is made of vegan leather, with a date space on each page within. Moi-meme have suggested using the notebooks to keep track of good habits that we are trying to maintain, which I think it a great idea. I’m slightly undecided quite what I want to use mine for. It would be handy for work, but at the same time I think I want to keep it for ‘me’ which would also match more nicely to the theme of the box!


The colours available were Tan, White or Grey, with the fourth option being a Tan bullet journal. The option I received was the grey, which again would have been my first choice if I’d had them all laid out in front of me.


Moi-meme – Set of Three Silk Hair Ties – RRP £19.95

Did you know that regular elastic hair ties can actually be quite bad for your hair and cause breakage? Whilst it’s something that I’ve always been aware of, it’s also something hat I’ve never really done anything about, which makes me quite pleased to have received these.


Made from the highest quality silk, these ties glide effortlessly over the hair with no pulling of tugging. Given how damaged my hair is by bleach, this can only be a good thing for me. The ties come as two smaller ties, and then a large scrunchie. The two different colour options were either a set of pink tones, or a mix of navy, cream and teal, the latter of which is the set I received.


 And there we have the contents of the Weekend Box! For me this was a great box, and well worth every penny. The total value for the contents of this box came to £116.70, so considering the quarterly box is £54.95 that’s fantastic value. I’ve already begun using each and every item from this box and can’t wait to see what Moi-meme come up with next.


What did you think of ‘The Weekend Box’?


Thursday 3 February 2022 / Norwich, UK

January 2022 Look Back

Well hello! Welcome to me first look back of 2022, as well as my first look back in general for quite some time. There’s a little to catch up on, so I’ll get right into it.

This look back starts at the end of December, rather than just looking over January. December itself was a bit of a whirlwind, and to be honest I really stalled when it came to getting into the Christmas spirit. Normally I’m excited for the holidays, as well as the prospect of having a reasonably long period off work for very little annual leave, but I felt very ‘meh’ about it this time round. I was looking forward to a break, but not really much else.


To be fair, this is probably just as well, because after a night out with friends on Christmas Eve, we received a message on Christmas Day from one of the friends we’d been with that they had tested positive for Covid on a Lateral Flow. Neither of us showed symptoms, and tested negative on out lateral flows, but decided it was probably inevitable and decided to stay home until we could do a drive through PCR the day after boxing day. Mike’s lateral flow was positive by then, and although mine was still negative we both had positive results from the PCR – so just as well we stayed at home!


Neither of us really suffered much with covid.I had a sore throat throughout, and a headache for one of the days but that was it. Although I did lose my sense of smell on day 7. My main issue was feeling tired, so I did a lot of sleeping. Mike was a little more poorly than I was, but I wouldn’t say that he was ‘ill’ either. Luckily my parents were on hand, and were really helpful when it came to doing supply drops as we obviously couldn’t go anywhere to do food shops. Fortunately as I work from home part time, I could just work from home when I was due to return to work, so didn’t need to take any time off. This was just as well really, because January has been absolutely insane.


Our industry in general does tend to have busier periods through the year, and one of them does typically co-inside with the approach to the end of the financial year. This year, however, has been far more hectic. My team are working on a slightly reduced headcount at the moment which means we’re needing to pick up more than we typically would. The result has been a January (and it looks like it’s going to be February too) of working late or being much busier than usual for a lot of us. The end is in sight however, and with my team actively recruiting we should have an ease of pressure very soon.


Towards the middle of January, I received some extremely sad news. The news that one of the former players on the American Football team I used to play for had passed away in her sleep. I won’t go into too much detail as its obviously a private matter for her family but given that she was only in her mid-twenties it was extremely shocking and sad to hear. What I will say is, that it brought back a lot of fond memories of my time with the team. They were and are a fantastic bunch of people, and I do find myself missing it from time to time.


The news did put a lot of things in perspective for me, and I want to strive to be just a little more like my friend. She was fearless and determined. I’ve never known anyone with as much drive as she had. She was a kind person, with an infectious personality, but she wasn’t afraid to dish out some tough love from time to time if it was needed. I know it’s a but cliché to say that she was one of a kind, but she really was.


She would probably be quite pleased to hear that she’s spurred me into putting some serious consideration into something Mike has expressed he wants to do, which is to move out of the UK. I’ve caught myself telling myself over and over “she wouldn’t be scared, she’d just do it”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something that is going to happen this year, its more like a 5-10 year plan, but I’m shifting far more into camp ‘move to Canada’ than I was when he originally brought it up. I’m certainly the more cautious of the two of us, so I want to find a way to avoid selling our house in the UK so that we don’t have to start from scratch if we find it isn’t for us. Worst case scenario it can act as a supplementary income, as we’d likely rent it out.


Mike and I have finally agreed on our plans re getting a dog. We’ve found a company who can recut the glass in our French doors to have a cat flap fitted so that Boots can start going outside again, and then we’ll be looking for our new arrival to come after we’ve returned from Mexico in early May. Whilst we’re kind of ready now other than a few more bits and pieces to do, it just wouldn’t be fair to go away on holiday when the dog will have only just started to settle.


We’ve even somewhat decided on the type of dog, and we’ve established our ‘tick list’ when it comes to things that are vital (for example, we want a dog that has been cat tested) vs the things that would be good to have but are not deal breakers for us. Despite the suggestion for a dog being mine, with Mike a little hesitant I think he’s optimistically excited – he’s even started suggesting a few names!


That all sums up the past month or so. I haven’t really mentioned a lot of ‘things’ that I went out and did, but hopefully it’s given you a little update into what I’ve been up to and what is going on in life in general. The evenings are starting to get a little lighter now, so I’m excited to being able to get outside and hopefully being more active with the brighter evenings.


What have you been up to over the past month?


Wednesday 26 January 2022 / Norwich, UK

I'm Back! A Return to Blogging

After a long hiatus from blog writing… hello! I would say welcome back, but from looking at my stats it would appear that some of you have still been checking in every now and then – so I must apologise that there hasn’t been any new content for you.


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind few months and, if I’m being totally honest and transparent, I just haven’t been able to pluck up the motivation or willpower to actually put any posts together. I’ve had zero inspiration for posts or what to write about in general, but even if I had had a few ideas floating around I doubt I’d have got anything down anyway.


I’ve perhaps not chosen the best time to return, given that work is hugely busy, and we are about to enter into one of the busiest periods of the year. Anyone who works under any of the industries that fall under the Financial Services umbrella will probably be experiencing very similar, but a reduced headcount across our team thanks to retirements and natural progression has certainly not helped. On top of that, with me steadily working toward a promotion and (hopefully) a pay rise I need to be the best I can be, which sometimes means allowing myself to veg out and rest on the sofa when the working day is finally done.


Rather than just popping in to say hi, promising to do better and then going awol again like I did in my review of the Moi-meme October box, I’ve decided that it’s perhaps a better idea for me to give myself a head start and have some posts ready to go. At the very least it’ll take the pressure off, and will help me get back into the swing of writing on here on a more regular basis.


Coming up over the next few weeks we’ll have a look back over January, which will include a little bit of the end of December. I’ll be putting together a plant wish list both on my YouTube channel and in the form of a blog post. There will be a review of the Moi-meme Monthly box for January 2022, to complement the unboxing that is already live over on YouTube now that I’ve had the chance to try the products out. I’m also dabbling with putting together a bit of a chatty lifestyle type post, which I’ve somewhat got the bones together for but am somewhat undecided with.


 So, that’s me, attempting to make more effort and get back into the swing of blogging, so keep an eye out for what’s to come over the next few weeks!


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