Friday 18 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Snow Fairy - Blogmas Day 18

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 18! We’re well over halfway through Blogmas now, and Christmas is just around the corner. Although I hate to admit, even this close to Christmas I do still have present wrapping to do… opps!


Today I’ll be covering off two products in one post today, both of which have the iconic and much loved Snow Fairy scent. I think Snow Fairy is the first Christmas scent I ever tied and it immediately became my favourite Lush scent. I remember years ago madly stocking up on Snow Fairy for the year because I didn’t want it to run out. Fortunately for me my family knew of my love of Snow Fairy too, and would normally get something Snow Fairy scented to add to my collection.


First of the two products I’ll be talking about is the bath bomb. As per the usual before I get into this wonderful smelling bath bomb, let’s see what Lush have to say about it;


A Christmas bath bomb of glistening snowflakes swirls around your bath, releasing plastic-free lustre into the candy floss scented waters.


Being my favourite of the Christmas scents I was excited to use this and of course I already have a few spares floating around in my bath bomb collection. This bath bomb is £4.95 which is the upper end of the price scale for the Lush bath bombs, and as with all bath bombs it is intended for a single use.


The glitter levels in this bath bomb are absolutely spot on. It’s a fine, non-chunky glitter that creates a beautiful shimmering pink just under the water but doesn’t saturate the bath with too much glitter. There was no residual glitter to be washed away, and absolutely no staining to the tub.


This bath bomb is bursting with the wonderful candy floss scent I have come to know and love. On top of that, this bath bomb helps create a boost of moisture to your skin.



Next up is Snow Fairy Roll, a gorgeous bubble bar packed full of sweet Snow Fairy scent. It smells exactly the same as the bath bomb, and has a pretty white swirl on a glittery pink background. Let’s see what Lush have to say about this wonderful Bubble Bar;


The iconic Lush Christmas candy floss scent now in a plastic-free bubble bath. Get your Snow Fairy wings on, even more magical baths await!


You can pick up this bubble bar for £5.95 which makes it initially more expensive than the bath bomb, however, I always cut my bubble bars into quarters so considering you can get up to four uses out of this one I would say you get more bang for your buck with the bubble bar. Especially when you consider that the bath bomb is good for just a single use.


Bubble Bars are used slightly different to bath bombs, and rather than dropping straight into the bath these are best crumbled in under a running tap for maximum bubbles. If you want less bubbles to be created, crumble this into the bath towards the end of running your bath.


I found there to be more glitter in the Bubble Bar than the bath bomb, however, there was not so much that it was too much. I would even say that despite this Bubble Bar being cut up into quarters that the strength of the scent was stronger in the bar than it was in bath bomb form, again making this my preference if I were only intending to purchase one or the other.


It’s safe to say that I loved using both products, and they both go beautifully with the Snow Fairy shower gel, but if I had to pick a favourite out of the two it’s hands down the bubble bar.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? Which item is your favourite?



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