Sunday 13 December 2020

How much is your face? The winter skincare addition - Blogmas Day 13

I once heard that when it’s time to turn the heating on in your house, it’s time to switch from your Summer to your Winter skincare routine. Whilst I certainly do start to tweak my routine a little as the weather gets colder it’s only really now, as we start to count down to Christmas that I change it completely to give my skin what it needs in the colder months. Being a self-proclaimed skincare and make up collector, I was slightly curious (although there’s a chance I’ll be a little horrified) to know exactly how much it costs for me to maintain my skin through the colder months and thought it would be a fun idea to combine a post on my winter routine with a ‘how much is your face’ post.


First cleanse – The Humble Warrior cleaning oil - £30.00

I received this cleansing oil in a Moi-meme box some time ago and have been using it religiously since. Ever since I learned the benefits a good facial oil can have on oily skin I’ve always made sure my first cleanse is an oil based cleanser, and this one is by far my favourite. Aside from the positive effect it has on my skin I find this to be a relaxing and enjoyable product to use.


Second cleanse – The Bodyshop Camomile cleansing butter - £11.00

I add this to my routine on days I’m wearing makeup as it does an excellent job of lifting and melting away any residual makeup that may have been missed by the first cleanse without the need to scrub harshly at the skin. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and is very similar to the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, but at a fraction of the cost.


Final cleanse – HoliFrog Nourishing Milky Wash £35.00

Despite having oily skin my last cleanse is a product formulated for dryer skin types. I discovered this last month when my usually oily skin was feeling very dry, sore and dehydrated. As I’ve always had oily skin I didn’t really have much in my collection to combat dry skin so decided to invest in a different cleaner. From the very first use my skin felt less tight and irritated, and with continued use my skin has started to look much clearer.  


Toner - Mario Badescu Facial Spray - £4.75 (tester size)

I’ve always been a little sceptical about whether a toner is essential or not, but I’ve recent learned that they can be a great help in letting your serums absorb into the skin. As I’m trying this one out for the first time I got a smaller size, but I’m quite fond of it and will probably invest in a full size when this starts to run out.


Serum – Tropic Pure Lagoon £42.00

This lovely little serum has done wonders for keeping my skin clear of breakouts and blemishes, but to be honest I won’t be replacing it with a full size product when it runs out. I rotate through my serums often, and as a little goes such a long way this bottle has lasted me ages. To ensure my products are fresh and nowhere near the use by dates I’ll be re-purchasing this


Tropic Super Greens - £42.00

My second serum is reserved for the evenings, as it can take a little time to absorb into the skin which makes it unpractical under makeup. The Super Greens is fantastic to add a little hydration, but the Tamanu oil helps to promote repair. As mentioned before, a little goes such a long way with this that I’ll be purchasing the mini version of this going forward.


The Ordinary Caffine Solution 5% + EGEC - £5.75

Many of the eye creams I’ve tried of late I don’t seem to enjoy the texture of as they leave a sticky residue behind, so I much prefer this serum like solution instead. I’m quite lucky and don’t suffer that much puffiness under my eyes, nor are my circles hugely dark. That being said, my under eye area has started to look much better since introducing this serum into my routine, and it sinks in quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind.


Moisturiser – Avant nightcream - £98.00 OR Tropic Skin Feast £24.00

I’ve put two here simply because I am alternating between using both. Tropic has always been my go to, but I received the Avant night cream in a Moi-meme box and really enjoy it, so tend to reserve this for my evening routine and Tropic for my morning routine. The Avant cream was one of those products I really wanted to not like simply because the price is way more than I would typically look to spend on one skincare product, but credit to it, it’s a favourite of mine at the moment.


SPF – Seacret Soft feel sun cream - £39.95

Yep, I use SPF in the winter too! Although only on days I’m going to be outside. Admittedly this year is the first year I’ve introduced any kind of SPF into my skincare routine, and that’s because sun spots had started to appear on my face. They’ve started to fade now, but as the sun’s rays can be harmful in the winter too I’ll be keeping up the sun protection. This sun cream absorbs into the skin quickly, and doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind, making it idea for me.



Total: £308.45


As much as I expected my total to be high, I didn’t expect it to be that high. Although to be fair I’ve always brought these in dribs and drabs (or received in boxes) and would never replace them in one go – which is just as well really, because I’m not sure I could if I wanted to!


Plus, this total does factor in a night cream that retails for almost £100, and I’m unlikely to repurchase with a price point that high. I suppose I only have one face, so there’s nothing wrong with investing in products that work well for me and keep my skin in good condition.


How much is your face worth?


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