Sunday 6 December 2020

Turkey & Cranberry Sausage Rolls - Blogmas Day 6

Is Christmas really even Christmas without festive food? Not in our house it isn’t! Now is the time of year where I pop onto Pinterest and start saving various different recipes and ideas to try out. There’s so many options to choose from and something to cater to any tastes, dietary requirements or skill level. Typically I’ll search out recipes for inspiration and deviate from the instructions or ingredients to add my own spin, with today’s recipe being an example of exactly that. So for Blogmas Day 6 I’ll be sharing a festive turkey and cranberry sausage roll recipe.


To replicate this recipe you will need:


Pack of minced turkey

One medium egg

Jar of cranberry sauce

Ready rolled puff pastry

Half a bag of stuffing mix

Seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic & thyme


Step one

Preheat the oven to 180C. Place your minced turkey into a bowl and add the spices and half a bag of stuffing mix. You can mix using your hands or if you prefer to keep your hands clean a fork will do fine.


Step two

Next, add your egg to the mix. This is where I deviated from the original recipe (actually the stuffing mix was my first amendment). This will help bind the mixture together and also prevent the mixture from being too dry.


Step three

Roll out your pastry onto a chopping board and use a knife to slice it in half long ways. Using a teaspoon start to spread your cranberry out over the pastry.


Step four

Spoon out the turkey mixture on top of the cranberry, trying as best as possible to keep it a sausage shape.


Step five

Once satisfied with the spread of your mixture use the sheet the pastry comes packaged in to help you roll the pastry into shape. Make sure to pinch along the join the help seal your shape together and roll the sausage so that the join is at the bottom.


Step six

Cut your tube into the desired size for your sausage rolls and place on a sheet of baking paper on a try. Muggins over here forgot to get baking paper in advance, so I used the paper that had come wrapped within the puff pastry. I would recommend you don’t take a guess at whether or not the paper you are using is suitable, and just make sure to you have baking paper to hand. Score the top of each sausage roll and brush them with a small amount of milk.


Step seven

Pop your sausage rolls into your pre-heated oven. Mine took about 30 minutes to cook, but our oven seems to take a little longer. I would recommend you start your timer at 20 minutes and then check on your sausage rolls periodically from there.



Allow your sausage rolls time to cool before removing from the tray and either put them in a storage container for later or serve them up! They can be prepared a day in advance allowing you to just pop them in the oven when you are ready or they are quick enough to put together on the day you want them.




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  1. Now these sound delicious! I love festive food and these would be perfect right now. I have to try these out!

    Jordanne ||


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