Thursday 8 July 2021

Moi-meme Monthly - The Summer Scents Box - July 2021

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m absolutely amazed that we are in July already. Over half way through the year, and now in the month of my birthday, I feel like we’ve sped through this year at the speed of light.


Time is going so quickly, that I wasn’t expecting my Moi-meme box on the day it turned up, as it didn’t feel like that long ago I’d already had one. Needless to say I was thrilled to have my monthly gift to myself arrive, and I have to say this box is pretty great. For July we have The Summer Scents Box, and here’s what Moi-meme have said about it on the information card that comes in the box;


When we’re asked to think of the scent of summer, it is the season that offers the most diverse range of answers. For some it’s the coconut aroma of sun cream or the citrus of fruit trees, for others the smell of grass after a warm rain shower or bowl of strawberries and cream.” 

- Moi-meme


The first item I homed in on was the Electric Pear Fig candle by Chickidee. This rather massive candle boasts up to 50 hours of burn time and smells absolutely amazing. Moi-meme have previously given us a room spray from Chickidee (mine is Peach Ice Tea an smells divine!) so I’m confident that it’s a quality brand.


The candle is made from soy wax, with blends of uplifting citrus, verbena flower and fig tree. The candle itself is poured into a heavy concreate vessel, which Moi-meme have suggested can be used as a desk tidy or a planter. As someone with many plants, with lots of them in boring plastic pots I’m more than happy to have a pretty outer pot to pop one in when this candle eventually burns out. Its nice to have the added sustainability that the packaging can be re-used for something useful as well. 

Next up in the box was the sweet treat, and oh my, what a treat it is! The edible item for this months box is a twist on the classic Eton Mess desert – which is one of my favourites by the way! Kacao Chocolaterie have created this absolutely delicious bar of creamy white chocolate topped with meringue and freeze-dried raspberries and strawberries.


Both my husband and I ate this on the same day the box arrived, and I have to say, this bar is every bit as wonderful as it sounds. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it’s my favourite of all of the chocolates and sweet things we’re had so far.

Last but by no means least is the ‘Vegan’ by Happy Skin Coconut Cream Cleanser. This cleanser is designed to gentle remove grime and make up using all natural ingredients such as aloe vera and as you may have guessed; coconut.


The product is designed to provide an effective cleanse without drying out the skin. I’ll admit that I haven’t actually tried this yet. I currently have a flare up of eczema on various parts of my body, including a few spots on my face, so I want to stick to my regular skincare routine for the time being and not mess with it too much. Rest assured I’ll be reporting back soon! 

 There we have a round up of this month’s box! As I touched on at the start of this post, I really enjoyed this box. I’m looking forward to a beautiful smelling home and to try out the Coconut Cream Cleanser when my skin has had a chance to clear and recover.


Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Which are your favourites? 




Thursday 1 July 2021 / Norwich, UK

June 2021 Look Back

Hello and welcome to July! Before I get into this post, lets first just appreciate that it’s actually on time this month – even if it is late in the day! I’ve not been great at getting these out on time, so I’m pretty pleased with myself.


June was a pretty good month for me. Last month my shifts were officially agreed and I have a four week rolling rota. Going forward I’ll have two days a week working in the office and three days a week working from home, which is exactly what I wanted. We’ve also been allowed to swap or cover for each other, which is useful if I need to be in a particular location on a specific day.


Speaking of work, this month is the month that our bonuses were decided, and after a year of working hard and putting in extra time and picking up extra work, I’m pleased that my bonus has reflected what I’ve put in. this now allows me to pay off the rest of our holiday to Mexico later in the year as well as put some money aside as spending money when we get there. I’ll probably treat myself to some new bits and pieces so that I have something now. Perhaps some wardrobe items?

Towards the start of the month I FINALLY managed to get my hair cut, which has been long overdue. Having transitioned from a bright red, to blonde not long ago the ends desperately needed to be chopped. Although my hairdresser commented that the condition of my hair was still pretty good, despite being bleached 4 times.


Immediately after my haircut I got to go and see my good friend Maria and of course Otto, the most handsome doggo in the world. We chatted for hours and hours as we often do, and had a great time catching up.


The following weekend my good friends held a BBQ for us all, and it was the first time since before Covid that we could have a beer pong game that wasn’t over facetime. With the stunning weather we could sit in the garden and enjoy the lovely sunshine with good food.


My friends and I have started venturing into another new hobby; D&D. We’ve all fallen in love with watching Viva La Dirt League, specifically their D&D channel, and wanted to try it out for ourselves. We initially started out making it all up, but have since decided to invest in the books so that we can play the real thing. We’ve even managed to get our own mini’s from Hero Forge, where you can completely customise your character for your very own mini. We’ve had a great time, and it’s been fun to learn the game properly.


On the 23rd of June I finally managed to have my first covid vaccine. I was pretty nervous about it, as I haven’t had an injection for quite a while, and don’t do well with things like blood tests, but it was absolutely fine. The whole process was pretty efficient, and the injection itself was fairly painless as far as injections go. Apparently the trick is to relax your arm as much as possible, so I made sure to look away and just carried on chatting with the other nurse who was in the room.


Fortunately I felt absolutely fine afterwards, and didn’t even have a dead arm. Sure, it was slightly sore for a day or so, but I would put it at a 2/10 on the pain scale. Mind you, I had my implant replaced from the same arm only a few weeks before, so perhaps it was just less painful by comparison. Especially given that my implant needed to be moved to a different spot on my arm, which meant two incisions rather than just the one.


The rest of the month was fairly relaxed, and topped off with a little trip to Junk Yard Market in Norwich. For those that don’t know, Junk Yard is an event in which loads of food stalls and restaurants come together into one place, and you can sample food from wherever you like. I went for ‘The Mac Factory’ and decided on a mac and cheese topped with chorizo and it was absolutely delicious. All of the other food was great too, but I decided there and then I want to go again, even if only for the mac and cheese.


That tops off the month of June! I ‘m really looking forward to July, hopefully we have some better weather as it’s been a little on and off last month, plus, July is the month of my birthday! I turn 30 this year, so cheers to my last look back where my age starts with a 2 – eeek!

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