Thursday 3 December 2020

Lush Christmas - Candy Cane Bubble Bar - Blogmas Day 3

Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a massive fan of bath bombs, bath crumbles, bubble bars and generally anything I can use for a pamper evening in the tub. I am especially fond of many of the Lush products, even more so when their seasonal content is released at various times of the year. With Christmas just around the corner I wanted to recreate my series on the Lush Halloween range with some of my favourite items from the Lush Christmas range, which will be spread throughout my Blogmas posts.

For today’s post I'll be talking about the Candy Cane Bubble Bar, a red and white striped bar shaped like its namesake; a candy cane. So what have Lush got to say about this cute little bubble bar? 


Enjoy plastic-free bubbles again and again with sunny orange waters. Bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils create a fruity fresh fragrance.

Like many of the bubble bars, this little beauty can be used a few times, although I personally would recommend no more than two uses for this particular bar to ensure maximum potency. Some of the larger bubble bars can be cut into quarters, but this one is actually quite small. At £3.95 per bar it's a pretty standard price point for me and perfect as a little stocking filler or secret Santa gift. 

This bar is a little easier to use than some of crumbles that you have to manually crumble into the bath, as is used by holding under a running tap for as long or little as you like. You can use an entire bar in one go, or, if you prefer you can use part of the bar and let the rest dry out before you pop it back into storage.  I’m personally not fond of the idea of leaving a wet bar on the side  to dry out before I can put it away, so if you wanted to get two uses out of it I would suggest cutting it in half. A standard kitchen knife gets through these with absolutely no issues at all.

As with many of the Lush products this is best stored somewhere cool, dry and dark. I tend to keep mine wrapped up in paper bags to protect them, and keep the scents of the various products from merging with or overpowering each other. Sandwich bags go a good job as well. It is recommended on the Lush website that this bubble bar be used within 28 days of purchase. 

The scent of this particular bubble bar seemed a slightly odd choice given the visual design. It has a lovely candied citrus scent, which I do love, but I’d have thought that it would be a sweet peppermint flavour – like an actual candy cane. Odd or not, it’s a lovely scent, that pairs really well with the Very frightening shower gel from the Halloween range. When it came to using this bar I decided to go all in and chuck the whole thing into the bath under the tap. It immediately started creating loads of glorious bubbles, and I feel like it gave off a slightly stronger scent in the water than it had previously.

If you read my Halloween haul you’ll know that I don’t mind a little staining in the tub, but draw the line at the point a quick spritz of bleach and a blast with the shower head doesn’t get rid of it. Fortunately this bubble bar fell the right side of that line and didn’t cause any staining at all, which is probably partly down to half of the bar being white in colour.

All in all this was a fab little bar that would make a great addition to a gift basket or as a stocking filler.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What is your favourite?


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