Monday 14 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Shoot for the Stars - Blogmas Day 14

I think my favourite thing about doing Blogmas has been trying out the various bath bombs from the Lush Christmas range. I love bath bombs anyway, but the novelty of something seasonal and a little bit different certainly appeals to me. Today I’ll be reviewing the rather stunning Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, but let’s first see what Lush have to say about it over on their website;


Soak in a sweetly scented starry night of deep blue water topped with skin moisturising stars for the ultimate Christmas bath skin treat.


This particular bath bomb will set you back £4.95 per bath bomb, which makes it slightly more expensive than some of the others you can pick up in the range. It is however, a largish bath bomb with a lovely strong smell.


With moisturising organic cocoa butter, and conditioning creamed coconut this particular bath bomb made my skin feel absolutely amazing. This was especially welcomed as I’ve spent a lot of time outside in the cold air and my skin felt very dry as a result. I saw a lot of comments online about these ingredients making the bath feel oily which I was slightly concerned about, but having now tried it I don’t think it really does. You can certainly feel it in the water, but it’s not unpleasant in any way.


The scent includes Brazilian Orange oil which gives it a great element of freshness and the bath bomb smells as strong in the water as it does out, which is great. There’s nothing more annoying than a lovely smelling bath bomb getting totally diluted when its used, and I’m pleased that this is very rarely an issue when it comes to Lush products.


The bath bomb performed beautifully in the water and to my surprise the gold start separated from the rest of the bomb to float around on the water. With the deep blue glittery background created by the rest of the bath bomb this created an image reminiscent of a night sky that matched perfectly to the name and aesthetic of this bath bomb.   


Despite being part of the Christmas collection, the vibrant colour of this bath bomb gives off some major mermaid vibes! Just from looking at the bright colouring of this bomb I was pretty sure I was going to see blue staining around the edge of my bathtub after it was drained, but I was completely wrong, which was a pleasant surprise. There was some residual glitter left in the bottom of the tub, but this was very easily washed away with some water.


All in all, I would quite happily repurchase this bath bomb! Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What was your favourite?



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