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I'm Em, the mind behind all that is Em's World. That's exactly what this blog is about, a sneak peek into my little world, day to day life and interests. You’ll find a little of everything round here, from lifestyle to makeup, self-care to subscription boxes, from food to fitness and anything in-between that catches my interest.

Outside of the blog in the 'real' world I am a corporate insurance broker. Forever striving to break the mould on how our industry should look, by injecting some colour, creativity and enthusiasm into a world of suits.
When I'm not writing blog posts or working I'm normally spending time with friends or my wonderful fiancé Mike and our fur-baby Boots. We're in the midst of planning our dream wedding, so barely moment to breathe. When I do have a spare moment to sit down, I'm a massive gamer and pop-culture nerd.

I enjoy sport, previously competing at a national level in American Football and an international level in Judo. As a previously qualified Judo coach, I love to learn and share my knowledge and skills with those around me. I’ve recently developed a new love for Yoga and getting stronger in the gym, with the goal of competing in Tough Mudder, and doing an unassisted pull up. Hopefully.
​I pride myself on being totally open, honest, and kind, which means you can always expect 100% unbiased and honest posts and reviews. Regardless of whether I am writing for a fee, or about a product I’ve paid for out of my own pocket, you can rest assured that what you read will be a true reflection of my feelings.
​I hope you enjoy all my writings, ramblings and all my blog has to offer.

I am also a proud member and creator of The Plant Trio, who you can find over on Instagram.

If you enjoy my content please consider supporting what I do, for the small price of a coffee.
Even a small creator like myself has costs to front, such as domain rental, subscription fees, photo props and even the products I review. Even the smallest of donations can make the biggest difference and be a huge help!
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