Monday 21 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Butter Bear Bath Bomb - Blogmas Day 21

Hello and welcome to another Blogmas post! We’re only a few days away from Christmas now, and despite the rather large bombshell that’s been dropped by the UK Government in terms of a fourth tier being added, I am personally looking forward to Christmas. Mind you, we had decided to play it safe and just stay at home, so for us personally nothing has changed.


Today I’ll be talking about the Butter Bear bath bomb, a cute little white Polar Bear shaped bath bomb that is said to be wonderful for your skin. Before I go into it lets first see what Lush have to say about this bath bomb.


Full of cocoa butter and ylang ylang, Butterbear bath bomb returns with a new look, ready to replenish your skin and relax your mind.


At £2.95 this is one of the cheaper bath bombs you’ll find in the Lush Christmas collection, and as is typical with a bath bombs this is good for a single use.


Sadly my little bear arrived broken, with his paw missing but this was buried elsewhere within the box he came in. You’ll also notice a little colouration from the other bath bombs have transferred onto the bear while they were all in transit so if you want a perfectly intact bear that hasn’t been tainted by any of your other purchases I would recommend trying to grab this directly from a store.


Being quite plain colouring this bath bomb didn’t provide much of a performance in the water compared to come of the more colourful bath bombs. While it was in the process of dissolving it looked like dried flowers were flying out of the bath bomb, but it quickly became apparent that these weren’t flowers at all – it was beads of oil.

The oil, I assume, was the moisturising cocoa butter which if I’m totally honest I wasn’t a massive fan of. A lot of it remained floating along the top of the water, but the oil that dissolved made the bath feel quite oily and almost greasy. My skin did indeed feel less dry, but I also had that kind of sticky feeling that you get when you put on too much of a heavy moisturiser or sun lotion. I was quite worried it would cause me some breakouts, although thankfully it didn’t.


Although the bath obviously didn’t stain seeing as the bath bomb was white, it did leave behind a slick residue of oil that didn’t completely go with a blast from the showerhead. For people like us who have their shower over the bath this is worth bearing in mind, as it did make the bath quite slippery, and could be a potential hazard if you aren’t careful.


The scent of this bath bomb was pleasant, although quite mild. To me it had a subtle sweet smell, and I would say that the cocoa butter was the strongest scent I could pick up. I couldn’t really detect much of the Ylang Ylang.


All in all it was great to try out another bath bomb from the Christmas range, but I think it’s safe to say that I didn’t particularly like this one. Therefore it’s not one that I will be repurchasing, nor do I really recommend it.


Have you tried anything from the Christmas range? What was your favourite?


Saturday 19 December 2020

The Big Christmas Questionaire

I don’t know about you, but I feel like the lead up to Christmas is speeding by! I mean, Christmas always comes up fast, especially in December, but I feel like this year it’s coming up especially quick. Perhaps because I’ve not really prepared for Christmas particularly well this year. I mean, I still haven’t wrapped a single present…


Anyway, I’m digressing. Today’s post is The Big Christmas Questionnaire’ which was started by the lovely Jordanne over at Life of a Glasgow Girl. It isn’t a tag post, but Jordanne invited anyone who wanted to take part to do so, and as I’ve always loved and enjoyed the tag posts Jordanne has put together I’ve decided to join in with this too!


So with enough rambling from me, let’s get stuck into the questions!


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

For me it’s the whole atmosphere that comes with Christmas that I love. Even this year where everything is a little bit different everyone is still in an uplifted and happy mood. Everyone is in a positive mood at work, and Mike and I get to have a break from our busy schedules to just relax.


Do you have a favourite festive scent?

Yes we do! When we moved into our current house a few years ago it was just before Christmas. Everything was in boxes and we’d had a terrible move thanks to our buyers solicitors holding up the rest of the chain on moving day – which they had done through the entire process and had caused months of delay. We were stressed, tired and hadn’t managed to unpack anything so we popped out to the shop for some meals we could just put in the oven as we hadn’t eaten all day and grabbed some spiced apple candles. For the next week or so we lived in the living room and burned those spiced apple candles and it’s become a somewhat nostalgic scent. It takes us back to where all the stress of moving was finally lifted, and we now stock up on them every year.


What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

Oooo this is a hard one! I’m not sure I can really pick a favourite, but the two I watch every year without fail are Nightmare before Christmas and the first Home Alone film.


Do you have a Christmas eve tradition?

It used to be tradition that we would go on a night out with our friends on Christmas eve, but that has dwindled away the past few years – we just can’t handle the Christmas Day hangover anymore! Now we tend to watch Christmas movies and have a few drinks with lots of food while people pop in and out to say hi. Although I guess no one will be able to pop in to visit this year.


What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

Christmas 2017. We were off traveling in America, and spent our Christmas up in Banff in Canada having already been to New Orleans, Tennessee and Nee York.  We had a tiny little log cabin with an open fire and it was absolutely perfect.


What’s the most memorable present you’ve ever received?

This is another hard one… but the one that comes to mind is when my brother and I got a joint Christmas present of a PlayStation One (yes I’m that old) and one of the games, which could have been the only game for all I remember was Ben and Jerry. It was our favourite game for ages, and I remember how much fun we used to have playing it together.


How long before the 25th do you put presents under the tree?

We put the tree up on the first weekend of December and presents tend to just go under the tree as and when they arrive and are wrapped. As it’s just the two of us it just makes sense to move them to under the tree rather than keep them hidden from each other.


Who did you spend your last Christmas with?

Last year it was just Mike and I on Christmas day and it was lovely to have a calm and relaxed day just the two of us. We cooked Christmas dinner together with Christmas songs blasting in the background and then settled down for an evening of movies together.


Did you send Santa letters when you were a child?

You know, as far as I can remember I don’t think I ever did. I might have done one as a one off in school once perhaps, but I don’t remember it being a thing that we did.


Have you ever re-gifted a Christmas present?

I have. I think it’s better to pass something on to someone who will genuinely love and use it then to leave it gathering dust.


Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration?

No I don’t think I do. I used to have a favourite back when I was a child though. My brother and I each had a Christmas tree decoration with our names on which we used to love. Mine was a little rocking horse with a red ribbon on the top to hang it on the tree. I have no idea where it is now, and assume they are both still with our parents.


What does your dream Christmas morning look like?


Do you prefer the starter or dessert at Christmas dinner?

I have a massive sweet tooth so it’s dessert all the way for me. I remember as a child there was a rule where I had to get any cream or custard that was poured over dessert last, because if I got it first no one else would get any!


If you could invite 3 people to Christmas dinner, living or dead, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one… are pets allowed? If they are, I’d have our old family dog, Misty back. She was our second family dog, but when we got her as a puppy I was old enough that I remember her coming home. I absolutely adored her, and when I got older and moved out she was always excited when I came to visit.


The other two would be my grandparents, my granddad on my Dad’s side, and Grandmother on my Mum’s side. Both of them passed a few years ago


What age were you when you discovered Santa wasn’t real?

You know, I don’t really remember what age I was. What I do remember is that because my sister is so much younger than my brother and I (she’s not far off a decade younger than me) we had to keep it up for much longer than we would have. Then one year she announced that she knew Santa wasn’t real, but hadn’t said anything because she still wanted the extra presents! Smart kid…



That concludes the Big Christmas Questionnaire! I had a lot of fun answering all of the questions, and a lot of them brought up some great memories and nostalgia for me. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of taking part to go ahead and do so – just remember to tag Jordanne if you do so, so she can see how far her fantastic post has gone!


Friday 18 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Snow Fairy - Blogmas Day 18

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 18! We’re well over halfway through Blogmas now, and Christmas is just around the corner. Although I hate to admit, even this close to Christmas I do still have present wrapping to do… opps!


Today I’ll be covering off two products in one post today, both of which have the iconic and much loved Snow Fairy scent. I think Snow Fairy is the first Christmas scent I ever tied and it immediately became my favourite Lush scent. I remember years ago madly stocking up on Snow Fairy for the year because I didn’t want it to run out. Fortunately for me my family knew of my love of Snow Fairy too, and would normally get something Snow Fairy scented to add to my collection.


First of the two products I’ll be talking about is the bath bomb. As per the usual before I get into this wonderful smelling bath bomb, let’s see what Lush have to say about it;


A Christmas bath bomb of glistening snowflakes swirls around your bath, releasing plastic-free lustre into the candy floss scented waters.


Being my favourite of the Christmas scents I was excited to use this and of course I already have a few spares floating around in my bath bomb collection. This bath bomb is £4.95 which is the upper end of the price scale for the Lush bath bombs, and as with all bath bombs it is intended for a single use.


The glitter levels in this bath bomb are absolutely spot on. It’s a fine, non-chunky glitter that creates a beautiful shimmering pink just under the water but doesn’t saturate the bath with too much glitter. There was no residual glitter to be washed away, and absolutely no staining to the tub.


This bath bomb is bursting with the wonderful candy floss scent I have come to know and love. On top of that, this bath bomb helps create a boost of moisture to your skin.



Next up is Snow Fairy Roll, a gorgeous bubble bar packed full of sweet Snow Fairy scent. It smells exactly the same as the bath bomb, and has a pretty white swirl on a glittery pink background. Let’s see what Lush have to say about this wonderful Bubble Bar;


The iconic Lush Christmas candy floss scent now in a plastic-free bubble bath. Get your Snow Fairy wings on, even more magical baths await!


You can pick up this bubble bar for £5.95 which makes it initially more expensive than the bath bomb, however, I always cut my bubble bars into quarters so considering you can get up to four uses out of this one I would say you get more bang for your buck with the bubble bar. Especially when you consider that the bath bomb is good for just a single use.


Bubble Bars are used slightly different to bath bombs, and rather than dropping straight into the bath these are best crumbled in under a running tap for maximum bubbles. If you want less bubbles to be created, crumble this into the bath towards the end of running your bath.


I found there to be more glitter in the Bubble Bar than the bath bomb, however, there was not so much that it was too much. I would even say that despite this Bubble Bar being cut up into quarters that the strength of the scent was stronger in the bar than it was in bath bomb form, again making this my preference if I were only intending to purchase one or the other.


It’s safe to say that I loved using both products, and they both go beautifully with the Snow Fairy shower gel, but if I had to pick a favourite out of the two it’s hands down the bubble bar.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? Which item is your favourite?



Thursday 17 December 2020

Winter Plant Care - Blogmas Day 17

Admittedly this is more of a winter themed post than a Christmas one, but it’s still quite appropriate for this time of year. As much as I’ve always had some form of house plant floating around wherever I’ve lived, from the many Aloe my old cat used to routinely knock off the windowsill, to the Desert Rose that was never happy, to the various little succulents I’d grab while doing a weekly shop, I’ve never considered myself much of a collector of house plants.


I think it’s very safe to say that over the lockdown period I, like many other people, have drastically expanded my plant collection, and even started to venture into the realm of collecting a few rare plants as well. Whilst I’ve never lost a plant over the winter, the care does certainly differ from what you would do in the summer, so todays post covers a few things I’ve learned about caring for your plant babies when it starts to get cold.


Water less often

Plants don’t need anywhere near as much water in the winter as they do during a boiling hot summer, and overwatering can very quickly kill your plant either by drowning it or causing root rot. Obviously different plants have different water requirements to each other anyway, but more or less all will need a reduced amount of water over the colder months.



It’s no surprise that light is an issue when it comes to houseplants in the winter. Not only are the days not as bright, they are also significantly shorter. I tend to move my plants to either my kitchen or our upstairs spare room, as these are the two places that get the most light. For my more expensive houseplants I also try to make up the difference with the use of a grow light.


You can give your plants an extra helping hand when it comes to light by cleaning your windows to allow the maximum light to pass through. I also wipe many of my plants leaves every now and then to ensure there is no dust on them that may otherwise block off valuable sunlight.



As much as I have just said to move plants closer to windows and such, don’t move them too close. Have you ever placed your hand on your windows when its frosty outside? The glass can get extremely cold, so make sure nothing is in direct contact with the glass and maybe thing about placing plants more towards the edge of the windowsill instead. Fortunately both Mike and  are currently working form home, which means the house is far warmer during the day and doesn't get all that cold. 


Clustering plants together can apparently help regulate heat and humidity, but make sure not to allow your plants to touch each other as this can cause problems if any of them pick up any pests. 

Stop Feeding

Plants don't really grow much over the winter months and therefore don't require fertilizer or feeding. I give mine a teeny tiny bit every now and then, but they don't really need to resume feeding them until they start to show signs of growth in the spring. 

Keep an eye out for pests

Sadly bugs and pests don't disappear over the winter so make sure you regularly inspect your plants and keep an eye on them. I know I'm guilty of bothering my plants too much, and probably check in on them a few times a day, but this does mean I can spot and sort any problems before they get out of hand or do too much damage to my plants. 

There you have it! My 5 tips for keeping your beloved plants alive through the winter months! I know that plant related content is not the usual over here, but if you would like to see more plant related stuff, I have recently set up a new Instagram account, 'The Plant Trio' with two of my friends which you can find here

If you would like to see more plant content here let me know! However, if you want to just look at the occasional pretty plant photo then head on over to our new account. 


Wednesday 16 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Jingle Bells Bath Bomb - Blogmas Day 16

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 16! In todays post I'll be talking about another items from the Lush Christmas range; the Jingle Bells Bath Bomb. As per the usual lets first see what Lush have to say about this sweet little bath bomb;

Lie back and soak in the colourful red and blue swirls and softening water of this Christmas bath bomb. Orange oil is an instant refresher.

At a glance this bath bomb has a simplistic and slightly understated design, of a plain white bath bomb with a little pinky red ribbon on the top. I noticed that my bath bomb had a few tiny blue flecks across it which I assumed had come off one of the other bath bombs as they were all shipped together in the same box.

I soon discovered after dropping into the bath that the blue flecks I had spotted were not dust from my other purchases, but from within the bath bomb itself! I had expected fairly plain white waters with perhaps the smallest hint of colour from the ribbon atop the bath bomb. What I got instead was a beautiful display of red, white and blue foam that eventually settled to a deep blue colour. For me this made it quite a fun and exciting bath bomb to use.

This bath bomb had a wonderful, uplifting orange scent with a slight earthy aroma that intensified once it had been let off in the water. It was a lovely scent both in and out of the bath and it clung to my skin long after my bath was over. Speaking of my skin, it felt lovely and soft after using this bath bomb, and the odd dry patch that had appeared thanks to the cold has disappeared.

Despite the vibrant colours that emerged from within this bath bomb, there was absolutely no staining left behind in the tub as a result, which is a plus for me. You can pick this bath bomb up for £4.95 which is higher up the price scale for the bath bombs within the Christmas range. I really enjoyed trying this bath bomb and this is one that I would happily repurchase.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What is your favourite?


Tuesday 15 December 2020

Christmas Floral Display - Blogmas Day 15

I love having fresh flowers in the house, in fact I have a lot of love for having plants around the house in general. Something that I enjoy from fresh cut flowers that I don’t get from my plants however is that they are interchangeable. By that I mean, they are here for a week, perhaps two, and then they die away meaning I can get something new and different to change up the look of our living space.


Displays featuring a seasonal twist are probably my favourite of the lot, and there all kinds of options to try out when it comes to a Christmas themed bouquet. From ribbons and decoration around the vase to your colour choices and even added little extras to place among the flowers, you can put something attractive and unique together for a pretty reasonable price.


As I knew I would be placing my display living room either on the coffee table or the whiskey barrel in the corner I knew whatever I put together needed to have some kind of rustic theme to it. Something overly modern would look fairly out of place. My choice of placement did mean I could use things like candles and pinecones to decorate in and around my arrangement.


The gold pine cones placed within the display itself were just a couple of pounds in Sainsbury’s and although they were a little bit of a pain when it came to snapping the stick to make them the right length (they were originally very long) I love the look of them.


I like a very full display of flowers so will typically buy more than one bunch to ensure maximum volume. It also means I can mix up the colours and types of flowers a little more and can put something aesthetically pleasing together by buying the smaller, cheaper bunches and combining them together.


When it comes to the arranging I will work from the ‘front’ of the vase and like to start with my foliage and leafy pieces first. I’ll typically cut these at varying lengths so that they sit at different points throughout the flowers rather than all on one level, but they will generally be slightly shorter towards the front of the display. Next up is the flowers themselves, working from the larger ones to the smaller. I work through in size so that I can make sure there is even distribution, without too many clumps of duplicates all in the same place.


Lastly is any small ‘filler’ flowers that I use to plug any large or obvious gaps, followed by the decoration pieces, which in this case is the gold pine cones that I’ve placed sporadically throughout the display. With the markings and stamps on the top of our barrel I could leave it here, but I decided to place a few other pine cones around the base of the vase as a little added decoration and to tie it in with the room a little more.


I know flowers are not typically what come to mind when it comes to Christmas decorations, but for me it’s a nice creative way to dress up certain areas of the room with the freedom to change them easily as and when our themes change. they may also be ideal for those that want to add a touch of Christmas to their home, but aren’t overly fond of traditional Christmas decoration. Flowers also make wonderful gifts at any time of year, so if you have a loved one you always struggle to buy for, perhaps a beautiful bouquet of flowers that you’ve put together yourself will be a good starting point.


Do you arrange Christmas flowers around your home?



Monday 14 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Shoot for the Stars - Blogmas Day 14

I think my favourite thing about doing Blogmas has been trying out the various bath bombs from the Lush Christmas range. I love bath bombs anyway, but the novelty of something seasonal and a little bit different certainly appeals to me. Today I’ll be reviewing the rather stunning Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, but let’s first see what Lush have to say about it over on their website;


Soak in a sweetly scented starry night of deep blue water topped with skin moisturising stars for the ultimate Christmas bath skin treat.


This particular bath bomb will set you back £4.95 per bath bomb, which makes it slightly more expensive than some of the others you can pick up in the range. It is however, a largish bath bomb with a lovely strong smell.


With moisturising organic cocoa butter, and conditioning creamed coconut this particular bath bomb made my skin feel absolutely amazing. This was especially welcomed as I’ve spent a lot of time outside in the cold air and my skin felt very dry as a result. I saw a lot of comments online about these ingredients making the bath feel oily which I was slightly concerned about, but having now tried it I don’t think it really does. You can certainly feel it in the water, but it’s not unpleasant in any way.


The scent includes Brazilian Orange oil which gives it a great element of freshness and the bath bomb smells as strong in the water as it does out, which is great. There’s nothing more annoying than a lovely smelling bath bomb getting totally diluted when its used, and I’m pleased that this is very rarely an issue when it comes to Lush products.


The bath bomb performed beautifully in the water and to my surprise the gold start separated from the rest of the bomb to float around on the water. With the deep blue glittery background created by the rest of the bath bomb this created an image reminiscent of a night sky that matched perfectly to the name and aesthetic of this bath bomb.   


Despite being part of the Christmas collection, the vibrant colour of this bath bomb gives off some major mermaid vibes! Just from looking at the bright colouring of this bomb I was pretty sure I was going to see blue staining around the edge of my bathtub after it was drained, but I was completely wrong, which was a pleasant surprise. There was some residual glitter left in the bottom of the tub, but this was very easily washed away with some water.


All in all, I would quite happily repurchase this bath bomb! Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What was your favourite?



Sunday 13 December 2020

How much is your face? The winter skincare addition - Blogmas Day 13

I once heard that when it’s time to turn the heating on in your house, it’s time to switch from your Summer to your Winter skincare routine. Whilst I certainly do start to tweak my routine a little as the weather gets colder it’s only really now, as we start to count down to Christmas that I change it completely to give my skin what it needs in the colder months. Being a self-proclaimed skincare and make up collector, I was slightly curious (although there’s a chance I’ll be a little horrified) to know exactly how much it costs for me to maintain my skin through the colder months and thought it would be a fun idea to combine a post on my winter routine with a ‘how much is your face’ post.


First cleanse – The Humble Warrior cleaning oil - £30.00

I received this cleansing oil in a Moi-meme box some time ago and have been using it religiously since. Ever since I learned the benefits a good facial oil can have on oily skin I’ve always made sure my first cleanse is an oil based cleanser, and this one is by far my favourite. Aside from the positive effect it has on my skin I find this to be a relaxing and enjoyable product to use.


Second cleanse – The Bodyshop Camomile cleansing butter - £11.00

I add this to my routine on days I’m wearing makeup as it does an excellent job of lifting and melting away any residual makeup that may have been missed by the first cleanse without the need to scrub harshly at the skin. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and is very similar to the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm, but at a fraction of the cost.


Final cleanse – HoliFrog Nourishing Milky Wash £35.00

Despite having oily skin my last cleanse is a product formulated for dryer skin types. I discovered this last month when my usually oily skin was feeling very dry, sore and dehydrated. As I’ve always had oily skin I didn’t really have much in my collection to combat dry skin so decided to invest in a different cleaner. From the very first use my skin felt less tight and irritated, and with continued use my skin has started to look much clearer.  


Toner - Mario Badescu Facial Spray - £4.75 (tester size)

I’ve always been a little sceptical about whether a toner is essential or not, but I’ve recent learned that they can be a great help in letting your serums absorb into the skin. As I’m trying this one out for the first time I got a smaller size, but I’m quite fond of it and will probably invest in a full size when this starts to run out.


Serum – Tropic Pure Lagoon £42.00

This lovely little serum has done wonders for keeping my skin clear of breakouts and blemishes, but to be honest I won’t be replacing it with a full size product when it runs out. I rotate through my serums often, and as a little goes such a long way this bottle has lasted me ages. To ensure my products are fresh and nowhere near the use by dates I’ll be re-purchasing this


Tropic Super Greens - £42.00

My second serum is reserved for the evenings, as it can take a little time to absorb into the skin which makes it unpractical under makeup. The Super Greens is fantastic to add a little hydration, but the Tamanu oil helps to promote repair. As mentioned before, a little goes such a long way with this that I’ll be purchasing the mini version of this going forward.


The Ordinary Caffine Solution 5% + EGEC - £5.75

Many of the eye creams I’ve tried of late I don’t seem to enjoy the texture of as they leave a sticky residue behind, so I much prefer this serum like solution instead. I’m quite lucky and don’t suffer that much puffiness under my eyes, nor are my circles hugely dark. That being said, my under eye area has started to look much better since introducing this serum into my routine, and it sinks in quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind.


Moisturiser – Avant nightcream - £98.00 OR Tropic Skin Feast £24.00

I’ve put two here simply because I am alternating between using both. Tropic has always been my go to, but I received the Avant night cream in a Moi-meme box and really enjoy it, so tend to reserve this for my evening routine and Tropic for my morning routine. The Avant cream was one of those products I really wanted to not like simply because the price is way more than I would typically look to spend on one skincare product, but credit to it, it’s a favourite of mine at the moment.


SPF – Seacret Soft feel sun cream - £39.95

Yep, I use SPF in the winter too! Although only on days I’m going to be outside. Admittedly this year is the first year I’ve introduced any kind of SPF into my skincare routine, and that’s because sun spots had started to appear on my face. They’ve started to fade now, but as the sun’s rays can be harmful in the winter too I’ll be keeping up the sun protection. This sun cream absorbs into the skin quickly, and doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind, making it idea for me.



Total: £308.45


As much as I expected my total to be high, I didn’t expect it to be that high. Although to be fair I’ve always brought these in dribs and drabs (or received in boxes) and would never replace them in one go – which is just as well really, because I’m not sure I could if I wanted to!


Plus, this total does factor in a night cream that retails for almost £100, and I’m unlikely to repurchase with a price point that high. I suppose I only have one face, so there’s nothing wrong with investing in products that work well for me and keep my skin in good condition.


How much is your face worth?


Saturday 12 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Luxury Lush Pud - Blogmas Day 12

Hello and welcome to another Blogmas post! Today’s review is about the Luxury Lush Pud, a brightly coloured, Christmas Pudding inspired bath bomb. The vibrant colour and design of this bath bomb made me pretty excited to try it out, but before I get into that, let’s see what Lush have to say about it;


Sweet blackcurrant and cypress oils blend in this Christmas bath bomb to soothe the body and give an energising lift. A plastic-free treat.


The scent is pretty similar to the Comforter, and given that the Comforter is one of my all-time favourite bubble bars I was very excited to try out the lovely bath bomb. I could pick up slight hints of blackcurrant, and the overall scent of this bath bomb is a deep, sweet scent with a fresh twist that is probably brought on by the Bergamot oil.

Priced at £4.95 this is one of the more expensive bath bombs within the range. I’ve found that some of the more intricate bath bombs don’t look as good in person as they do online, however, this bath bomb looked exactly the same as the image I saw online which was really pleasing.


This bath bomb performed wonderfully in the water, kicking out lots of vibrant colour in every direction. I knew by just looking at this before I put it in the water that it would more than likely cause some staining on the sides of the bath, and I was 100% right. However, it is somewhat to be expected with colours this bright, and it was very easily removed without too much effort. Fortunately my husband doesn’t particularly mind anyway and as I’ve said previously I don’t mind a little staining at all, but I do like to be aware of it prior to using a bath bomb.


I was really pleased to find that the scent of this bath bomb was just as strong once dissolved into the water as it had been before. For me there’s nothing worse that losing the scent as a bath bomb dissolves into the water, and this is something I very rarely suffer with when it comes to Lush products.


As with many of their products I found that this bath bomb left me skin feeling soft, and felt nice and relaxed. These bath bombs have been absolutely perfect for me as a way to relax mid-week, especially with work getting busy in the lead up to Christmas.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What was your favourite?



Friday 11 December 2020 / Norwich, UK

Getting into the Christmas Spirit - Blogmas Day 11

I don’t know about you guys but the second Halloween ended, everyone seemed to switch right into Christmas mode. I was seeing decorations going up in the area where I live along with the obligatory Christmas tree photos on social media from as soon as early November. I can’t say I can really blame anyone. With how this year has been if it brings you joy to put your tree up a month early, you should absolutely do so.


For me I feel like I’ve had a bit of a false start when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit and I just can’t seem to get in gear as easily as I would on previous years. I’ve started Blogmas, and we’ve even put up our tree, both of which are things that should absolutely be getting me excited for Christmas. I am still excited, but that excitement feels somewhat diluted this year. I need to kick it up a notch to help get myself into the Christmas spirit, so if you are also struggling this year, these tips are for you too.


Christmas Clothing

During December, my work place tends to implement a dress down on Fridays allowing us to wear our Christmas jumpers and seasonal clothing. As much as working from home now means I’m on permanent dress down, I’ll be digging out my Christmas stuff to wear every Friday through December to help ignite some of that festive spirit.


Christmas Movies

Of course this had to be on here. If anything on this list is going to get you into the seasonal spirit its cheesy Christmas films. I’ve started getting a list together of films I want to watch through December, as it feels like an extremely long time since I’ve actually sat down and watched a Christmas film. In fact, I don’t remember us watching any last year, the year before we had just moved house and everything was in disarray and the year prior to that we were traveling. So it could genuinely have been a few years ago since I watched any Christmas films!


Christmas Baking

It’s no secret that I love food, but it’s quite rare that I’ll set aside the time to do much seasonal cooking. I want that to change this year, and having already made some Christmas themed sausage rolls, which are long gone I’ve thought up some more ideas and gathered up a little more motivation to do some Christmas themed baking and cooking.



Putting up the Christmas decorations is always a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. We’ve got our little tree up already, but with that bring the only decorations we have up at the moment I feel like we need more this year. There’s still loads about in local shops so I’ll be grabbing a few more little bits and pieces to pop around our home to ramp up the Christmas vibes this year.


Christmas Playlist

Music is a fantastic tool to alter your mood as any time of year, but especially for Christmas. I’ll be putting together a little Christmas playlist to play in the background when I’m pottering around the house or going anywhere in the car. It doesn’t have to be just Christmas songs either, as they can start to get a little tiresome after a while. Generic feel good songs that make you feel happy are great to add to the mix.  



I’m going to start implementing these over the coming weeks and hopefully start to get into the festive spirit! What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit?



Thursday 10 December 2020

Lush Christmas Haul - Twilight - Blogmas Day 10

Hello guys, and welcome to another Blogmas post! Today will be a review of the Twilight Bath Bomb from the Lush Christmas range. Before we dive in, let’s see what Lush has to say about it;


If sleep is evading you, this combination of essential oils will help get you ready for a good night's rest. As Twilight dissolves, it turns from the colour of the setting sun and gets darker, turning your water a shimmering deep purple. The fragrance has been designed to help you sleep: lavender is a soothing, mind-clearing and calming fragrance, used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and aid restful sleep, while benzoin and tonka call to mind a milky caramel malt drink.


For me, the main detectable scent in this bath bomb is the lavender, but I would say it is quite different to the Sleepy bath bomb, which is also lavender. I think this one smells a little sweeter, and has a distinct scent that I couldn’t quite place. From reading about what goes into the bath bomb over on the Lush website, I would imagine the sweetness comes from the Ylang Ylang oil, and perhaps the scent that I can’t place is the Tonka? Either way, it’s a very enjoyable and relaxing scent.


This bath bomb is priced at £3.95, which is slightly more than many of the other bath bombs you’ll find within the Christmas range.


Despite looking fairly understated at a glance, this bath bomb was probably one of my favourites to watch after dropping in the bath. As the beautiful pinky colour starts to fizz away, a blue core was revealed giving me a swirling pattern of both colours before the waters finally settled to a pretty lavender colour that gets slightly darker as it mingles with the blue.


There is some glitter in this bath bomb which gave further visual appeal, however there wasn’t too much. More than enough to make for a pretty bath, but not so much that I emerged covered in it.


I’m also pleased to report that despite the blue tones this didn’t stain the tub in any way shape or form. It did leave the smallest amount of glitter in the bottom of the tub, but that was easily washed away with a little water. So if you like maintenance free bath bombs, this is one for you!


All in all I enjoyed using this bath bomb, and I will certainly repurchase it again. Whilst in a lot of ways it is certainly similar to the sleepy bath bomb, I prefer this out of the two so this will become my new go to when I need a good night’s sleep.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range? What is your favourite?

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