Wednesday 26 January 2022 / Norwich, UK

I'm Back! A Return to Blogging

After a long hiatus from blog writing… hello! I would say welcome back, but from looking at my stats it would appear that some of you have still been checking in every now and then – so I must apologise that there hasn’t been any new content for you.


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind few months and, if I’m being totally honest and transparent, I just haven’t been able to pluck up the motivation or willpower to actually put any posts together. I’ve had zero inspiration for posts or what to write about in general, but even if I had had a few ideas floating around I doubt I’d have got anything down anyway.


I’ve perhaps not chosen the best time to return, given that work is hugely busy, and we are about to enter into one of the busiest periods of the year. Anyone who works under any of the industries that fall under the Financial Services umbrella will probably be experiencing very similar, but a reduced headcount across our team thanks to retirements and natural progression has certainly not helped. On top of that, with me steadily working toward a promotion and (hopefully) a pay rise I need to be the best I can be, which sometimes means allowing myself to veg out and rest on the sofa when the working day is finally done.


Rather than just popping in to say hi, promising to do better and then going awol again like I did in my review of the Moi-meme October box, I’ve decided that it’s perhaps a better idea for me to give myself a head start and have some posts ready to go. At the very least it’ll take the pressure off, and will help me get back into the swing of writing on here on a more regular basis.


Coming up over the next few weeks we’ll have a look back over January, which will include a little bit of the end of December. I’ll be putting together a plant wish list both on my YouTube channel and in the form of a blog post. There will be a review of the Moi-meme Monthly box for January 2022, to complement the unboxing that is already live over on YouTube now that I’ve had the chance to try the products out. I’m also dabbling with putting together a bit of a chatty lifestyle type post, which I’ve somewhat got the bones together for but am somewhat undecided with.


 So, that’s me, attempting to make more effort and get back into the swing of blogging, so keep an eye out for what’s to come over the next few weeks!


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