Saturday 5 December 2020

Lush Winter Garden Bath Bomb - Blogmas Day 5

Hello and welcome to day 5 of Blogmas! When I first contemplated doing Blogmas I was a little worried that I was setting myself up for a bit of a fall as 25 posts together with photos not to mention the social media promotion is a huge amount of commitment. Fortunately I had a plan and (so far) I’ve managed to stick to it.


So todays post will be another item from the Lush Christmas range; The Winter Garden Bath Bomb. This bath bomb has a very simply and minimalist look to it, as a plain white ball topped with dried petals. So here’s what Lush have to say about this lovely little bath bomb;


This Christmas bath bomb with drifting scents of calming ylang ylang and hand dipped petals transforms your bathroom into a peaceful haven.

At £3.95 this is pretty standard pricing for a Lush bath bomb. I have known some people to cut the bath bombs in half, but I would advise keeping these for single use, especially as this particular bath bomb is much smaller than the others.


This bath bomb actually came in a set of 10 for £49 – whilst that does make this bomb £4.90, a lot of the bombs within the set were over £5 in value each, so it worked out as the most cost effective option given how many bath bombs I wanted.


My first thoughts around this bath bomb would be that it would be focused more around relaxation than a traditional Christmas theme. With flower petals distributed throughout and decorating the top of the bath bomb itself.


As you would expect with a bath bomb of this colouring there was absolutely no staining around the bath, although there were of course a few dried petals that needed to be flushed away after the bath had drained. The bomb gives a creamy, cloudy appearance to the water which perhaps isn’t as exciting as some other bath bombs, but with the addition of the flower petals creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


The scent of the bomb once dissolved into the water wasn’t as strong and far more subtle than many of the Lush bath bombs I’ve tried in the past, which I think is partly down to its smaller size. Regardless, it’s still an enjoyable, floral scent and the water left my skin feeling a lot more moisturised than many of the other bath bombs I’ve tried.


Despite it perhaps not being the most exciting bath bomb of the lot I really enjoyed using this one and I can’t wait to try out the others from the range.


Have you tried any of the Lush Christmas range? What is your favourite?


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