Friday 16 October 2020

Lush Halloween Haul - Shower gel & lip scrub

Hello and welcome back to the next post for my Halloween haul! You may have already seen my two previous posts, so for this post, I’ll be talking about other items from the Halloween range.

As you may know, the items I narrowed my purchase down to in the end were three bath bombs; Bat Art, Monsters Ball and Punkin Pumpkin. The Bewitched bubble bar, along with the Very very frightening shower gel and the Toffee Apple lip scrub. For today’s post I’ve decided to combine the Shower gel and the lip scrub, simply because they aren’t as fun as the bath bombs, but also because I don’t feel I can dedicate an entire post to these items separately.  


First of all I’m going to go into the Very very frighting shower Gel, so here is what Lush had to say about it;

“Embrace your sweet side with this bold, uplifting shower gel. Containing fresh lemon and fig juice, it is palm oil and SLS free, plus it's vegan!”

Now, there has been some debate within our household as to what this actually smells like. To me it smells sweet, and very much like lemon sherbet sweets, and I absolutely love it! My husband on the other hand didn’t think it smelled of lemon sweets at all and instead thought it smelled like J├Ągermeister, which he really disliked. When my friend came over to pick up her purchases we gave it to her and she agreed that it smelled of some kind of alcohol, although not J├Ągermeister. Based on three different points of view for a single bottle, I would therefore recommend it a good idea that you go to a store to see if you like it before buying, or at the very least buy a smaller bottle first.

Despite its rather bright and vibrant appearance when you look at it in the bottle, it somehow manages to get even brighter when you pour it out. The gel has a very runny, liquid texture and lathers up really well, with a lovely strong scent when you use it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and seems to be keeping the dryness I normally suffer on my upper arms as the weather gets cold at bay too.

Given that it’s limited edition for this time of year I’ll be repurchasing and stocking up on this item as its fast become my favorite shower gel!

So next up, let’s talk about the Toffee Apple Lip Scrub ! Here’s what Lush say about it over on their website.

 “Ghoulishly gorgeous green apple and blood red sticky toffee, offers the sweetest pout around.”

When I first smelled this lip scrub the toffee scent was what hit me first, whereas I couldn’t really pick up much on the green apple. At a guess there is one scent in the green and the other scent in the red scrubs, but given I had a lot of green towards the top of my pot and red towards the bottom, I expected apple to be the overriding scent of the two. That being said, when I tasted the scrub I found the apple to be the slightly stronger flavour of the two, but still with the sweetness you would expect from the toffee. Needless to say it tastes amazing.


The scrub itself functions in much the same way as any of the other Lush lip scrubs, and is a product I become more and more reliant on as we move into the winter as the colder weather and my lips start to dry out.

The one drawback I’ve found when it comes to using this scrub, vs my other scrubs is the staining. I’ve found that I get a small amount of green staining on my finger and a little on my lips as well when I use this. I haven’t gone far enough through the green to get to the red yet, so I can’t confirm if the same can be said for the red. It does instantly come off when you clean your lips and hands in water, which I do anyway to remove the excess sugar, but it is worth noting.


Will I repurchase the lip scrub? Probably not. Not because I don’t like it (because I do) but simply because it isn’t my favorite out of the vast range of lip scrubs Lush have to offer, and if isn’t a product I need loads of multiples of.


Have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween range? What was your favorite?


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