Thursday 3 October 2019

October Goals 2019

September was a hard month for many reasons, but like with my look back, I don't want to focus on negativity, I want to look at the positives. I didn't do anywhere near as well as I'd have liked with my September goals, but you know what? That's okay. We all have times where things don't go as we'd like, we can't undo whats been, but we can have an impact on what will be.

I did managed to get some of my goals done, so lets look at those first;

Photographer. My main goal for September was to sort the photographer for our wedding next year, and I did! This was a big thing on our wedding 'to do' list so I'm glad to get it ticked off. Everything seems to now be falling into place.

More walks. I always start with good intentions to get outside in the fresh air, but it normally ends up on the back burner. In September I did manage it a little though. My longest and most enjoyable walk being when we went woodland camping.

Wedding Dress. No progress here sadly...

Candles. This was supposed to be an easy one, but I didn't buy a single one.

Get on the bike. I had one or two trips out on the bike, but I've struggled to find the time for it. Sadly when I have had the time, the weather hasn't been in my favor. I have no intention to ride a motorbike in the rain or the cold, so its likely that I wont get a lot of miles under my belt until the Spring.

Start saving for Christmas. Our friends aren't doing Christmas presents this year as we all need to save money, but I still want to  make sure Mike has something to open on Christmas Day. I've managed to move a little money into my saving account and over the next few pay days I'll add a little more.

Halloween Costume. I've still got some bits to get, but the bulk of this is put together. I just need a few more materials, and an afternoon of crafting and it'll be finished.

Halloween themed activities. I haven't booked anything, but the girls and I have found some things we'd like to do, so I guess I get half points on this one!? Luckily, my friends are also massive Halloween fans so we've all come up with various ideas of little outings we can go on together.

So, its a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to what I did and didn't manage to get done. It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. I'm glad to have got the photographer booked, as that was something that had rolled on from the prior month.

I want a positive month, so its with that mentality that I've based my upcoming goals;

Candles. It was my goal last month, and if I'm totally honest it was always going to be a goal this month too... because I love candles, especially seasonal ones. Which is kind of strange because I used to be really picky about what scents I had, so didn't like getting anything that wasn't suited to being used all year round. Over the past few years however I started to really appreciate changing the scents to suit the time of year and my mood, so now I really can't get enough of them!

Photos. I've run dry on photos again. This time round I want a few creative days to really get a good stock of them. Getting enough to last a few days is great and all, but if I could get a few weeks worth I'd be really pleased.

Work clothes. My work wardrobe has pretty much run down to an outfit for each day of the working week, and not much more. I've also started to move into the territory where its questionable as to if I'm even wearing office attire. For example, I'll have a smart enough skirt, but I'll pair it with a simple tee that I wear out of the office too. I want a fresh start, and I want to take on board the quote 'dress for the day you want' (or however it goes). Either way, I want to grab a few more work bits.

Wedding dress. This one is pretty self explanatory... I need to get one!

A positive list. I've been down, so I want to put together a list of what makes me happy. Both things in my life, and things I can do to make me feel more myself again. The inspiration kind of comes from the Self-love tag I did a little while ago, which I found really enjoyable to do.

Make time to just chill. I know it sounds pretty straight forward, but I'm on the go all the time, and my mind goes at a million miles a minute. I don't feel, especially of late that I've made a lot of time for me. I guess this is kind of on the same train of thought as the list I just mentioned, but I need to actually do the actions once I have a list together.

Halloween! My goal last month was to think up some activities. Now that we're in October I need to get out and do them! I'd love to go and hunt for my perfect pumpkin out on the fresh air, and of course, come home, carve it and maybe even learn how to make soup with the rest of the pumpkin? That's just one of many ideas floating around inside my brain that I want to get out and do!

Read some horrors. I love reading, and have recently started to make time for it again. Now that Spooky month is upon us, I feel it's only right that my chosen genre be horror.

My number of goals this month is small, but I want them to be achievable. I want to get out of this negativity and get back to myself again. From there I'll be able to think about more, or more complex goals but for now, the main aim for October is to enjoy it. It's my favorite month of the year, and I think doing things that make me happy, is by far the best goal I could ever set myself.

Do you have any goals for the coming month?


  1. Always love a good list! Congratulations on getting your wedding photographer sorted, that's awesome news!!! It's really good you got out and walking a little more, I'm the same when it comes to saying I'll do it but it ends up pushed to the side, I am really hoping with all the activities we have this month I'll get a few in. How you managed not to buy any candles is alien to me lol I must have bought over 20 haha I can't tell if I'm pleased with myself of dissapointed I couldn't control myself lol Good luck with all your goals for this month, I really hope you can tick most of them off and hopefully you'll set your eyes on your dream dress :) Making pumpkin soup is really fun, there is a BBC recipe one on google, it should be among the top sites suggested if you look for pumpkin soup and it's great! Add a dash of pepper to give it a little kick ;)

    Jordanne //

    1. Thank you hun! It's another thing off a very long list, but the list is getting shorter at least! I have no idea how I ended up with no candles, I ususally end up with loads without meaning to, so how I got none when I was meaning to is beyond me!
      Ooo I'l have to have a look for the pumpkin soup! I've already planned out what I'm doing with my pumpkin, whichis kind of sad really haha

      Em x


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