Wednesday 30 October 2019

Reasons I love Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us and I for one am pretty excited. Halloween is probably my favourite seasonal celebration, as I've said a few times already, but last year we were in the process of moving house, with stress levels up to our eyeballs, and half our home packed into boxes, so didn’t really get to do a lot to celebrate.

This year I’ve already watched a variety of horror films, been to a pumpkin patch, made a pumpkin floral arrangement and even soup with my chosen pumpkins. It doesn’t stop there either, as my friends and I will be going to Prime evil on Friday and then for a spooky night out on Saturday.

As much as I know I get excited, I know also some people are really not bothered about Halloween, so today I’ll share the main reasons I love Halloween, and hopefully spread some spooky joy.

Dressing up
I quite enjoy being creative and making things, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for that. The past few years I’ve made my costumes myself, so there’s a real build up to it which I love. This year we've gone with computer game characters, and I've chosen a character from Skyrim. It's been pretty good fun creating armour out of old yoga mats, although I have to say this is probably my least favourite costume. Purge last year was absolutely my favourite.

Horror films
Mike doesn’t really like horror films. He tries to work them out and starts to pick holes, meaning he ultimately ends up ruining them for himself. Luckily my friend Aston shares my love for horror, so we tend to go together for any new realeases, which most recently was It.

Another thing I love is decorating the house. As much as I also like decorating for Christmas I find it so much more fun to make the house look spooky. I even went so far last year as to change out the bulbs in our living room for red ones, which really changed the whole look of the room!

Engagement anniversary 
Mike and I got engaged two Halloween’s ago, and this year is actually our last Halloween as an engaged couple. Next year we’ll be married! I love that we can combine a time we love with a celebration that’s important to us. Plus it makes it easy to remember the date, so there’s that too! 

I love food, but I especially have a sweet tooth. Halloween just gives me the opportunity to have it in the house and eat more of it, which I am totally on board with. The second toffee apples start hitting the shelves in supermarkets I fill my trolley as I absolutely love them!

Trick or treaters
I was never allowed to go trick or treating as a child. Not even once. Mum saw it as begging or scrounging to strangers for sweets, which I kind of get, but I do feel like I missed out a little bit. Especially when we'd have sweets in the house for other kids who were out trick or treating... It means that now I always go to a real effort to get loads of goodies in for the kids in my area so they can have fun and go home with a really good haul. Plus anything left over I get, so win.

Of course there’s loads more reasons that just this six, but if I carry on we’ll be here all day! Halloween is a time that my friends and I always make an extra effort to get together. It’s a time that I can spend with people I love doing something fun.

What are your favourite things about Halloween? 


  1. I agree with everything you have said! Halloween is just the best time of year, you can dress up, it's a fun atmosphere, all the kids being so happy, it's amazing! And that is so cool it's your anniversary! What a great time of year for it to happen.

    Jordanne //

    1. Isn’t it just?! I’m sad it’s over, but at least we have Christmas to look forward to!

      Em x


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