Thursday 10 October 2019

Too Faced Natural Lust

I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve treated myself with a new eye shadow pallet. Other than Blood Sugar of course, but that was a birthday present so doesn’t count – even if it is among my favourites!
Too Faced are a brand who I can always rely on to deliver, their products always perform and I’m a massive fan of their beautiful and creative packaging. Consequently they are probably the brand I’ve got the largest stock of products from. For absolutely ages I’ve had my eye on the Natural love pallet (the sister to this one) but never taken the plunge to actually get it.

I find I’m always a little cautious with large pallets such as this one, because I fear I’ll fall in love with a shade, use it all and not be able to replace it without buying the whole thing all over again. Then the Natural Lust pallet came out and I had the same dilemma all over again, as now I wanted both of them.
Then back in August I got a bonus from work following our mid-year performance review and was like fuck it. I’ve worked bloody hard this year to progress and do well at work, so I deserve to treat myself to a little present that doesn’t involve saving, or our wedding fund or boring adult stuff. Something just for me as a little reward for myself for getting over what has been a challenging start to the year. I decided there and then to go for the latest of the two; Natural Lust, and ordered it next day delivery from Debenhams. For those based in the UK – I would recommend indulging in your Too Faced fix via Debenhams rather than Too Faced direct where you can. You don’t get stung with anywhere near as much on the postage so it works out cheaper, it gets to you faster and quite frankly Too Faced customer service if you do order directly from them and have a problem is pretty rubbish as I’ve discovered in the past.
Despite looking similar to its sister, Natural Lust is made up of 30 never before seen shades that lean towards a more sultry, darker mood that Natural Love which is comparatively lighter and I would almost say more subtle. So if you already have Natural Love in your collection, you don’t need to worry about needlessly duplicating colours. In fact, from seeing an image of the two side by side, I would say Natural Lust also has a slightly wider variety compared to Natural Love, hence it being the pallet I chose to purchase.

When the pallet arrived, I found it to be smaller than I’d thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it is bigger than the usual tin pallets, but not by as much as I thought it would be from seeing photos of it online. The shades in a pan are every bit as stunning as all the photos I’ve seen have portrayed, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start creating some new looks.
I’d seen very mixed reviews when it came to this pallet, so was very keen to find out for myself if it would work as a new staple me, or be demoted to nothing more than a rather expensive photo prop…
The first time I used this pallet I dipped into ‘Buff it out’ as it was the lightest shade and I wanted to highlight under my brow. There was the tiniest bit of fall out in the pan, but I simply blew this away so wasn’t too fussed. Sadly this shade proved itself to be rather disappointing. I had dipped my brush with the same pressure I do with any of my other Too Faced pallets, but didn’t get any where near the pay off. In fact I could barely tell I’d applied a shadow at all. I did manage to build it up until I was happy but it took a little work.

My next shade was ‘Love Spark’ which sadly was also disappointing. A dry brush picked up a small amount of sparkle, but little more, and a damp brush didn’t make a huge difference either. I did manage to get a lot more payoff when using my finger to apply, but it still didn’t look as pigmented as I felt it should from the appearance of the pan. That being said, this shade does work quite nicely as a topper, to add some sparkle over the matte shades.
The second time I used the pallet I decided to use different shades, and picked out ‘silk robe’ ‘fall hard’ and ‘DM me’. These packed a lot more pigment and didn’t really require any building to get a good pop of colour. I decided to add a little sparkle so applied ‘Flirty pop’ over the top using my finger – as I usually would with a glitter type shadow. Again, this had good pigment although there was some fallout around the eye area.
I’ve since used a few more shades, and find the darker ones to be much better than most of the lighter shades which come out rather sheer. Although I did find ‘Peacocking’ to be difficult to work with. I found it to be rather patchy, and quite sheer and underwhelming compared to how it looks in the pan, although I appreciate this type of shade is normally a challenge to get right it didn’t make me feel less disappointed.

Overall there are some really lovely colours in this pallet that are pigmented, easy to work with and can be used to create some stunning looks. However, there was also a few that simply did not deliver to the standard I have come to expect from Too Faced. The formula used in the tin style pallets such as Sweet Peach or Chocolate Bar is by far better, and frankly a typical tin palette is cheaper than this was.

As much as I wouldn’t call this an outright waste of money, I do wish I’d splurged on a different treat for myself, as I won’t be getting anywhere near as much use out of this product as I’d thought and hoped. For those thinking of trying this for themselves, I would recommend trying to find it in a store to try out before you spend the money first. I’ll continue to try out different methods and techniques to get this product to work for me, but sadly its not one I’ll be looking to purchase again.
Did you try the new Natural Lust pallet? If so what did you think?


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  1. What a shame about the pigment not being up to scratch on most of the shades, it sounds like a massive flop of a pallet. I've seen mixed reviews as well, some people love it and others have a problem with fall out and pay off. It's a shame that it's not so great because the colours look really nice as well. I'm glad I didn't actually buy it, hopefully the next pallet you get is much better 💕 I seriously hope the new shane dawson one that's coming out is available here in the uk! 🤞

    Jordanne ||


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