Tuesday 10 September 2019

September Goals 2019

Much like my latest lookback, this post seems to be a lot later in the month than I intended it to be. I just feel like there’s so much to do at the moment, and if I’m totally honest, I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed at the moment. It feels like my mind is constantly on the go and I’m not getting any down time to decompress and relax.


That’s one of the reasons I love these lists though. I feel like they give me some grounding and introduce a little bit of structure into what is currently a very busy routine.


Before I start talking about my goals for the rest of September, lets see how I got on with my August goals;


Photographer. Whilst I’ve almost pegged this down, I haven’t managed to get this booked. I should be done in the next few days though, so it isn’t the end of the world, although I’m a little disappointed as this is a pretty big thing I needed to sort.


Cleanse. I did get round to this! I pulled out all of my cosmetics and binned anything out of date, which has freed up some space. I also managed to go through my wardrobe and get rid of a load of clothes, so I do feel like I have a bit more space and my little beauty room is tidy.


Blog photos. I got a couple, but only a few days’ worth. Most of which have been used now, so I do need to have a proper session where I can get a large batch together so I have a few in reserve.


Garden. I had a productive evening in the middle of August and ripped every single plant out of my garden. This now means I have the space to plant what I actually want there. Although there seem to be a lot of weeds sneaking their way though. Having cleared everything out is making it much easier to keep on top of it though, and when my seedlings are bigger the space will be more than prepped for them.


Bike. Is all sorted! I sorted my tax, MOT and insurance. The MOT came out a little more costly than I had expected as the front suspension caused a fail, but it wasn’t any where near as bad as I’d expected.


I also got to go out on a little ride by myself, which I’d been putting off for ages because I was being a wuss… it all went fine and I was really thrilled with myself for making myself go.


Get active. I managed this too! I’ve lost the weight I’d gained from being on holiday, and then a little more which is pleasing. I didn’t just stick to the gym either (although that was the bulk of it). I also got outside for some walks and it was lovely to be out in the fresh air.



Having reflected back on the progress of last months goals I feel significantly more positive, and its given me inspiration for a few of my September goals as well;



Go on more walks. As I mentioned above, some of my activity involved getting outside and walking on the various woodland trails near my home. I found the fresh air and the quiet to be hugely beneficial to my mood, and the exercise made me feel better too. Given that its had such a positive effect I feel its something I should do more of.


Photographer. As I didn’t finish this it needs to go on the list for this month, and I must, must, must do it!


Wedding dress. I have a pretty good idea of what I’m after having scrolled endlessly through Pinterest. Now its just a case of finding a dress I love that is also within our budget.


Candles. This should be a nice easy one. I love candles, and burn them pretty much constantly through the Autumn and Winter time. However, my once large stock of different candles to choose between is now nil… so now is as good a time as ever to go out and get more.


Get on the bike. In hindsight, maybe I should have sorted a bike at the start of summer, rather than the end. I obviously have no intention of riding in adverse weather (that’s what the car is for) so I need to get some miles in before the weather changes.


Start saving for Christmas. Yes, I know, it still feels a little early to be using the C word, but starting to put money aside or buying small things now makes the world of difference when it comes to December.


Halloween costume. We’re going for a gaming theme this year. One of the other girls in the group and myself have chosen Skyrim characters, so are building our costumes from scratch. I’d already made a start on mine last month and its coming together pretty well. My goal is to have it near finished by the end of the month, so there isn’t a mad panic later.


Halloween themed activities. There was so much I wanted to do last year, but never got to any of it as we were in the process of trying to get the sale of my flat finalised so we could move. To make up for it this year I want to have found some things for me and the girls to do, and hopefully booked a few as well.


That just about rounds up my goals for the upcoming month. I tried to keep it simple so as not to overload my already rather busy brain.

Do you have any goals for September?



  1. Well done on everything you achieved in August, you've done really well! Even though you didn't get the photographer sorted yet, you've still done amazing and you're close, it's not something to rush anyway, best to take your time because it is a big decision :)

    Love your goals for this month, I always say I need to go more walks but I end up failing miserably at it lol Good luck with your wedding dress! What a special and amazing occasion <3 you better post some photos of you in that dress after the wedding so I can have a nosy and see how utterly beautiful you look!

    I'm the same with Halloween activities, I've got LOADS in my mind that I want to do with little bear, wither he actually wants to or not is another story lol good luck with all your goals this month hun, I hope you smash them :)

    Jordanne || thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  2. Thank you sweet! Pleased to say I've managed to get photographer ticked off now, which is exciting!

    Haha I always do the same, but I figure even if I go on just one, its better than none right? Especially now all the colours will be changing!

    I'll absolutely be posting photos of the dress! We gave our notice to get married the other week too, so it's all starting to feel very real! We've got just over 8 months to go now!

    Ha, drag him along anyway! I'm sure he'll love it once he's there! Who doesn't love Halloween right!?

    Em x


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