Wednesday 16 October 2019

Floral Pumpkin Centrepiece

With the spirit of Halloween in full swing I’ve been excited to fully embrace the seasonal mood. On a trip to Urban Jungle earlier in the month I saw a class advertised to create a floral arrangement using a pumpkin as the vase. 

The class was a 2 hour session and includes a small drink and bite to eat, but at just under £50 it seemed a large amount of money to fork out, even if everything was supplied. I still loved the idea though, so I turned to looking online and found a couple of tutorials on how these stunning displays were created.

After watching a couple of videos and looking up inspiration on Pinterest I decided to have a crack at creating my very own pumpkin floral arrangement. So first things first, here’s what I needed;

Floral foam - pre-soaked
A sharp knife 
Flowers and foliage to decorate 

I ordered both the cellophane and the floral foam on Amazon and got my pumpkin on a trip to Algys Farm Shop in Bintree last weekend.  I then got the flowers in Sainsbury’s. I already had an idea in my head of what I wanted, so picked out my flowers mainly according to their colour.
The first step is simple; you take the top off the pumpkin and set about hollowing it out, which I found easier by hand and used a large spoon once I’d got most of the pulp out. I set the pulp to one side, as I intended to make soup with it.

Once the pumpkin is hollowed out, line in with the cellophane. This will help keep moisture from the flowers away from the inside of the pumpkin, which will help it last longer. To secure the cellophane, pop the floral foam into the pumpkin. I had to cut mine down to size. Note that I used pre-soaked floral foam, rather than dry like it had arrived.

Your vase is now ready! I started off by putting my greenery in first before then adding my flowers, leaving the roses until last. For a first attempt I’m thrilled with how this turned out!!

This looks truly beautiful in the center of my living room, and I’m glad after a lot of deliberating I went for a white pumpkin over the orange because it creates a stunning contrast, breaks up the colours, and really sets off the autumnal theme. 
With the beautiful feature in my living room I am well and truly getting into the Halloween spirit! 

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  1. I fell in love with this when I seen it on tour instagram, it was really nice to see it in your stories. I would never have thought of attempting something like this, you've done amazing love! The colours are just perfect, really suit this season and the fact you've gotten creative and used a pumpkin is just fabulous. Good thinking of avoiding shelling out all that money and just checking google, it's much easier plus you have the comfort of your own home ye'know? Really well done.

    Jordanne ||


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