Tuesday 25 May 2021

Moi-meme Monthly - The Sparkle Box - May 2021

If you saw my post about  last month’s Moi-meme box  then you’ll probably already know that it’s a fairly tough box to beat. Whilst last month took full advantage of the seasons slowly transitioning to Spring, the theme for the May box is to ‘be the sparkle’. Reminding that no matter what life may throw at you, it’s important to keep hold of your ‘inner light’ and ‘let your brilliance shine through.’


The first item I unearthed from within my box was the beautiful silver pouch by Katie Loxton. We’ve had a few Katie Loxton items in the past, including one of my favourite mugs, so it’s a brand that I’ve come to know and love through Moi-meme. This structured pouch is just perfect to be used as a clutch now that we are finally allowed out and about again, or it makes a great overnight bag to keep all of your skincare essentials safe and secure.


In keeping with the ‘sparkle’ theme of this month’s box, the clutch is a pretty silver colour with gold details and zip. The pouch itself feels sturdy, and has a reasonable amount of space in it for anything you might need to have with you on a night out. My one criticism is the zip, which caught and broke after just one use, although it has since been fixed.


Next up in the box was the Figs and Rouge Renew and Refine Pore Detox Serum. Designed to refine, resurface and smooth the skin, this lightweight serum can be used either as part of your skincare routine after cleansing (morning or evening), or as a makeup base.


I’ve used it as a sort of pre-primer, and found that it did indeed blur the skin and give my pores a smoother appearance. I then went over the top with my usual primer and foundation and found that the products worked absolutely fine together. Typically I will use different primers, or a mix and match according to where I am applying it, and what I need or want on that day, but I do sometimes find that certain primers don’t play well together.


Used just within my skincare routine, this serum sinks quickly into the skin and again, plays well with the rest of my serums and moisturisers. I have noticed a subtle difference in the appearance of my pores across the cheek area below my eyes, but I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge change across the rest of my face. However, as with all skin care, the true effects do not become apparent right away, so I’ll continue to test this product out.


Last but by no means least is the ‘sweet treat’, a beautifully decorated cholate bar by Sweet Theatre. For this little collection of chocolates the founder of Sweet Theatre, Sally, has collaborated with her husband. Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, to release a limited edition range of chocolate wrapped in Ronnie’s stunning artwork.


There were three possible options on which chocolate bar would be received, Salted Caramel, White, or Orange Chocolate.  In my box I received white chocolate, which is one of my favourites (and sadly one of my husbands too, so I had to share) which was wrapped in a vibrant blue and white cloud like pattern.



All in all, this was a great little box, although I don’t think it quite lived up to last months – which to be fair was a very difficult one to beat. My favourite item is the detox serum which I continue to use as part of my morning routine.


I can’t wait to see what goodies Moi-meme have in store for us next month for the June box!



  1. That's a lovely box of treats - I have a Katie Loxton clutch and it's one of my favourites. Loving the sound of that serum too, I need a good pore minimiser! x

    1. It's a lovely subscription box. Especially as I usually forget about it until the day it arrives so its always a nice surprise!
      The serum is lovely, I've started to notice more of a difference now that I've been using it another week!

      Em x


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