Thursday 27 May 2021

Making a date jar - and some date suggestions*

After over a year of being locked in the house together you would think that my husband and I are sick and tired of each other’s company by now. Fortunately for both of us, we’ve really enjoyed the additional time we get to spend in each other’s company. Something we haven’t enjoyed quite so much is being unable to go out and do things together as a couple.


With the world slowly opening back up, we are now somewhat spoilt for choice on options for things to do, which means it can take some time to decide on something. To help us out, as well as to add a bit of fun to deciding what to do when we have date night / date day, I’ve created a date jar. To put this together I’ve pinched one of the glass jars from amongst the decorations from our wedding and raided our stationary supply for notes to write the ideas on. To make sure they don’t open up, I’ve then sealed the notes closed with stickers left over from one of my old Busy B planners.


I have divided our jar into four separate, colour coded categories; Green for good weather, Orange for any weather, Pink for bad weather and Yellow for food and places to eat out. So now no matter what the British weather may throw at us, we’ll have something that we can do. By throwing a food option in there we can also avoid the inevitable backwards and forwards of where to go to eat, or what we fancy on any given evening by just plucking a note out of the jar.


Our only real limitation at the moment is that not everything (restaurants included) will be easy to get to and will probably need booking in advance. However, I’m hopeful that we can make full use of the options on a more spontaneous basis as time goes on. If you find yourself struggling for ideas, say you’ve met someone you like on a  Cornwall Dating Site  and you are stuck for something to do for your first date, I’ve included some of our ideas down below. While these are things in and around the Norwich and Norfolk area, I’m sure many of them can be adapted for anywhere, be it Cornwall dating, London, or even outside of the UK!


That all sums up why I’ve put the jar together, now let’s talk about a few of the ideas that have gone into it.


Good weather


Outdoor crazy golf

Go for a long walk and a picnic somewhere pretty

Visit the Botanical Gardens in Norwich

‘Go Ape’ at Thetford Forest

Trip to Cromer Beach

A walk around a local park



Any weather


Swimming in our local pool

Visit OakVilla Gin Distillery – there are also some nice walking routes on the grounds, weather permitting, but the tours are indoors

Cook a meal together – not just a standard dinner, something different to our regular meals

Movie night – either out at the cinema or create something at home

Laser tag

A day at the zoo


Bad weather



Indoor crazy golf

Visit the retro arcade – This has recently popped up in the Castle Quarter in Norwich, and is packed full of old consoles and games!

Trip to Harley-Davidson in Newmarket – they have a wider clothing selection than Norwich, and it’s always nice to go on a drive together

Gaming night – As avid video game players, this one is always a winner, and it’s perfect for couple that can’t necessarily meet up, as there is of course the option to ‘meet’ in the online gaming world instead. Solid winners for us at the moment are Ark, Grand Theft Auto, The Forest and Need for Speed.





Five Guys – this is a favourite of my husbands, so I’ve actually put this in the jar more than once

Turtle Bay

OakVilla Restaurant

Cosmo – All you can eat

Yo Sushi

Middleton’s Steakhouse – they have a really good set menu for lunch time at the moment

The Recruiting Sergeant -  Horstead

Riverbank Chinese Buffet – All you can eat

Mambo Jambo



We’ll be continuing to add to our date jar as and when we think of things to keep the supply of ideas high. Hopefully my little list will help inspire those who are stuck trying to come up with something to do!

* This is a sponsored post, please see my disclaimer for more information


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