Friday 28 May 2021

A Positive Outlook On Online Dating*

Having got married in September last year, and been with my now husband for almost 5 years, I will admit that online dating is not something that I myself have taken part in for quite some time. That’s not to say that I didn’t before meeting my now husband, and even as a married person I can still very much see the benefit and appeal to meeting someone online if you are single.


For example, one of my closest friends met her partner via a dating app. In fact, it’s how the two of us then went on to meet, as I was a friend of her now partner. This was a few years ago now, and the pair of them have just brought and moved into their first house together (aww). Aside from obviously finding that special someone, the pair meeting meant that some solid friendships have also been formed as a result. Friendships that I myself am very grateful for. Had the two never spoken online, met in person and continued to see each other, I’d have never met my now very good friend.


Another longstanding friend (who I’ve known for over 10 years now!) also met her significant other online, although not via a dating app. The pair met and got to know each other through playing World of Warcraft online together, from two separate counties no less! She came over to the UK to meet her online friends in person and the rest is history – they’ve been together for over a decade, and despite everything covid threw at us managed to get married last year!


Then there is another very close friend of mine, who does still partake in online and in-app dating. In her words “why sniff out smelly men in the club when you can have a scroll in your jammies” – and I have absolutely no doubt that she does talk to people in the comfort of her jammies, because why would you not!?


Dating in any capacity, online or off, is all about having the right mind set and expectations. With social media (and if we’re honest, friends and family members) only showing and sharing the best bits, it’s easy to set your expectations to ‘that perfect someone’ when in reality, no one is perfect. We all have our flaws and every relationship will have its difficulties in some shape or form.


I think a beneficial mind set to have is that you really have nothing to lose, bar perhaps a little bit of time. When speaking to people online on sites such as a Nottinghamshire Dating Site, you have a great opportunity to get to know the other person at least a little bit before you may decide to meet them in person. Of course people can be different online to how they are in person, but even online, you can quickly weed out those that you won’t be remotely compatible with.


You need not limit yourself just to Nottinghamshire Dating  either, as there will be plenty of options more local or more suitable to you. Some people will want to search out that special someone within their local area, while others will want to branch out of their immediate locality and look a little further afield, perhaps for a clean break away from past connections or friendships. Regardless of which you chose, just remember to go in with an open mind, because who knows what the future has in store.

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  1. It's been a long time since I used dating sites but I love the outlook your friend has haha. Much better to scroll in Pjs than in a crowded bar.

    1. Same here, hence why I employed the help of the girls! Haha. Yes absolutely, I know which one I would prefer!

      Em x


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