Friday 16 April 2021

Moi-meme Monthly - The Bloom Box - April 2021

I know, it’s been a rather long time since I did a Moi-meme box review – I’m sorry Moi-meme, it’s not you, it’s me – but with how fabulous this month’s box was I thought it was about time that I brought these posts back. After all, I’ve been loving my box deliveries all the way through lockdown, and they bring me joy every time I have one land on my doorstep. Heck, even my husband is jealous, and is on the hunt for a subscription box of his own – on that note, if anyone knows of any Viking themed subscription boxes, pop them in a comment below!


Anyway, the box for the month of April was ‘The Bloom Box’ which is so very appropriate for this time of year. We usually get three items in the monthly box, this this time around we got four (bonus), so I’ll not delay, and go through what I received in my box!



Lisa Angel Planter

I think this was the highlight of this month’s box for me. Some of you may know that a hobby of mine is collecting rare and exotic plants, and therefore I am always on the lookout for pots. Decorative pots tend to not have any drainage, which is the case with this one. However, that is easily solved by putting your plant in a regular plastic plant pot, and then placing that pot into a pretty planter like this one. I makes life easier when it comes to repotting too!


This stunning white pot features black like drawings of a face surrounded by leaves, and comes with a pretty gold stand to give it a little bit of height. This makes it perfect for trailing plants such as string of hearts or string of turtles, but I think it would look great with just about any plant in it!


Seedball Seed Box

What good is a planter with nothing to go in it? The next item in my box was this cute little seedball matchbox. Contained within the little balls of clay is a blend of wildflower seeds, specifically chosen to help out a certain creature. The creature each matchbox is catered too is illustrated on the front of the box – so as you can see, mine is butterflies. To use, you simply sprinkle the clay balls onto some soil and water them.


The seeds should start to germinate within 2-4 weeks, which is pretty standard for most seeds. I probably won’t keep this, given the volume of plants I currently have, but we have a community seed box where I live, where people can drop off seeds for other people to take. The kids in the area seem to love it so I’ll probably take these there so that someone can get some joy out of them.


Purity Natural Beauty Pink Clay Mask

Pink clay masks are popular for a reason. They are fantastic for detoxifying the skin, minimising pores, reducing inflammation and drawing out impurities, plus, in my experience they tend to not be overly harsh on the skin.


This particular mask has a cool little feature, and that is that the label can be planted, yes planted and the seeds within will eventually grow to produce flowers. The jar itself appears to be made of glass, so it’s nice that Purity have clearly put a lot of thought into their packaging choices.


Salcombe Dairy Milk Chocolate Rose

As usual this month’s box came with a sweet treat to enjoy, and this one matched perfectly to the overall theme and feel of this month’s box. Made in Devon, this chocolate bar is made from 48% Peruvian cacao, and is delicately infused with Rose Oil, aligning it perfectly with the overall floral theme of the Bloom Box.


Apparently Salcombe Dairy are more famous for their ice cream than their chocolate, but obviously it isn’t possible for Moi-meme to include ice-cream in their boxes! As per the norm for me, this bar was gone not long after I took my photos, and had a pleasant light flavour with hints of Turkish delight.



I think it’s safe to say I really enjoyed this box, and if anything was going to get my back into the swing of writing these monthly post, this box is most certainly the one! Thank you Moi-meme for a fabulous box and perfect way to kick off the Spring!


Do you subscribe to Moi-meme or have any subscription boxes?



  1. I've not come across this subscription box but wow, what gorgeous goodies inside. That plant pot is so pretty, and the gold stand really elevates it (no pun intended) above the norm. Also, I'm a big fan of wildflower seed bombs, so that definitely gets a tick in the box too! x

    1. It is a rather lovely subscription box! I've had a new house plant arrive recently that has quite long leaves, so the planter has arrived at the perfect time for me! I love seed bombs, but with my hay fever it's usually safer for my to stick to leafy plants, rather than those that flower!

      Em x


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