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May Goals 2021

Hello and welcome to my (slightly late) set of goals for May! I can’t quite believe how fast this year is actually going, we’ll be halfway through the year before we know it! I also have the feeling that time is only going to go by faster as we creep out of lockdown and into the summer months.


As per the usual set up, lets first have a look at how I got on with my set of Goals for April.


Blog views

Since I took out an advertising package recently with the lovely Jordanne over at ‘Lift of a Glasgow Girl’, my views have more than doubled, so I’ve taken out some more slots with her and am making more effort to promote both old and new posts on my various social medias. Things are going really well so far and I’m well on track to blow last month’s views out of the water.


Resume the lookback posts

Tick! I did a look back over last month at the start of this one, which you can read here if you haven’t seen it already.


Complete my Strava challenges

I did all bar one, which was to take part in Yoga once a week for four weeks in a row. The hardest challenge was to run a 10k in one go, but I’m really glad I did it. I’ve set some similar challenges for this month, which I’ll cover in a bit.


Catch up with Maria

Not only did I catch up with Maria, I actually got to see her twice last month! She came here first and we went for a walk in the woods, and went hunting for a dog bed big enough for Otto. Then a few weekends later I went to her and we again went for a long walk, followed by a really lovely lunch at OakVilla Distillery.


Take more photos

I managed to take a few, and more to the point I’m actually using them! I’ve become incredibly slack over on my  Instagram as I simply haven’t had the motivation to post much. I’ve been slowly getting back in the swing of it again now that I have a half decent stock of images to use.


Saving plan

Mexico is more or less paid for now, but as we’ve just brought two new cars the saving might not be all that feasible for the time being.



Overall I’m pretty pleased with last month’s goals, so let’s get stuck into what I’d like to achieve in May.



Do another 10k run

I did one of these last month for my Strava challenge, and I’d like to do another one this month as well. I’m not overly fussed about running the whole way (I didn’t last time) I’m more focussed on just covering the distance. If I have to walk for some of it then so be it.


Start my shakes

I’ve got some meal replacement shakes to try out for a bit, so I want to get started with those this month and sink into some kind of routine. I don’t intend to replace all of my meals through the day, although I might do on days I’m not feeling all that hungry. I’ve gained a little weight over lockdown (as most people have) and I’m simply using them to give me a bit of a kick start. I’ll be attending the gym and going for runs and walks, and generally trying to be a bit better.


Sort the cars

As I alluded to above, we’ve got rid of the Audi and have now swapped back to having two cars again. We’ve done really well to share one the past few years as we’ve always worked either in the same building, or close to each other, but with various changes in both of our working lives we now need one each again. Mike has already got his BMW, and I pick up my Ford tomorrow. The insurance and tax is sorted, but I want to get parking sensors fitted to the back of my car, as it’s quite large, and I also need to put my private plate back on it. Mike wants to do some bits to his car too, so we have a few things to sort.


Hit my daily step goal

I’m getting a lot better with my steps and general activity, but I’d like to try and hit my daily goal of 8k steps every day, or at least most days. As I’m working in the office a couple of days from next week, this should be a little easier on those days, so it’s really the days I don’t do much that I need to focus on.


Think of something for my birthday

I keep getting asked what I want, and what I want to do for my 30th in July, and honestly, I have no idea. My original plan (ages ago) had been to go on a trip abroad somewhere with friends, but that isn’t really viable for several reasons. As for what I want as a birthday present, I have absolutely no idea. Other than a dog, which we have agreed we’ll look at after October, there isn’t anything I actually want or need.


Back in the office

As I’ll be back in the office part time from next week, I want to think of some places I can go during my lunch hour, and also catch up with people who work in the area. Given that my office is basically in the city centre, there should be loads for me to do during my break!



That’s the end of my goals for May, I’ve kept them pretty short and sweet, and also stuck to things that should be fairly easy for me to do.


Do you have any goals for May? If so, what are they?



  1. I advertise with Jordanne quite regularly too and she's amazing - my blog views have definitely increased, plus she's so lovely as well! Congrats on hitting your April goals and good luck with your May ones - I'm sure you[ll smash them, and good luck going back to the office too :) x

    1. She's fab isn't she! A beautiful blog and truly lovely person!
      Thank you! The May ones seem to be going ok (so far) so fingers crossed it'll be another good month!

      Em x

  2. I can't believe it's over halfway through May either! I haven't even thought about May goals. I think I might skip the month and start on June haha. Good luck with your goals. I always admire people who can run long distances like a 10k. That's awesome you're doing that :)

  3. Good luck with all your May goals lovely. The months are flying by aren't they?! Thank you so much for the mention, it means a lot and I'm so glad to hear your views have gone up! You should be mega pleased with how well you done in April, I'm sure you'll smash May's. Good luck with the 10k run, I'm just about to start the couch to 5k now that my medication actually helps my fibro! My other half is 30 in June and he has gave 0 hints on what he wants or to do, I'm planning a camping trip for him, just us two for some quality time and getting him more camping gear for it. Maybe you could do a staycation or camping trip?

    Jordanne ||


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