Sunday 2 May 2021

April Look Back - 2021

After a long break, the monthly look backs have returned! I have to say, April has been a pretty great month to look back on, simply because I’ve finally been able to get out and actually do things now that the world is slowly starting to open back up again. Hopefully with the vaccine being rolled out we’ll continue to move forwards and not be forced back into another lockdown. Just in case we do, Mike and I made sure to get plenty of activities in over the past month.


Axe throwing

We kicked off the start of the month on the bank holiday weekend by joining our friends in one of their hobbies, and attended an axe throwing class in nearby Costessey. Admittedly I wasn’t all that great with the axes as they were a little bit heavy for me, but I had loads of fun with the throwing knives. It was lovely to get outside (even if it was a little chilly) and do something a little bit different.


We have since started going every other week, and it’s nice to get out of the house and get some exercise. It’s a pretty good workout too. If my Fitbit is to be believed, 2 or so hours burns almost 600 calories!


Saw Maria

Something I wanted to make sure I did in April was catch up with one of my oldest friends Maria, and we did just that. First we visited a few shops in search of a new dog bed for her fur baby, and then we went on a lovely walk in the woods where we could chat away and have a proper catch up.


I then went and saw her again later in the month and we took her lovely doggo for a nice long walk before we went to lunch at OakVilla Restaurant and Distillery near East Harling. We managed to get a spot outside in the sunshine and had a great lunch together chatting away before we visited the distillery shop to see what they had. I got a couple of bottles of Whiskey Beer for Mike before we made our way back to Maria’s to sit in her garden and continue chatting away.


Booked my Smear

I know for some that just booking a smear is not all that great an achievement, but for me it is. This will be my second one, and last time I put it off for well over a year, made my sister come with me to hold my hand, and almost cried while I was in there. So to have booked my appointment on the same day I got the letter is pretty good going for me.


There are many posts around online that will assure that a smear isn’t actually all that bad, and it really isn’t. My issue comes more from a past traumatic moment when I was a teen. Fortunately, my friend will be taking me there on the day, and although she obviously can’t come in to wait with me, it’ll be nice knowing I have a friendly and familiar face for before and after.

New car!

Two new cars actually! Mike and I have managed to get by sharing a car for the past few years, as we’ve always either worked in the same place, or places close to each other. With him now needing to travel more, and combination of flexible working and a change of location when I do go to the office, it just made sense to swap to two.

So we’ll be swapping the Audi for a BMW for Mike, and I’ll be getting an SUV so that we also have a practical option, especially as we’re looking to get a dog later towards the end of the year. 


This month has also been pretty good for fitness, with a few milestones met. I’ll hold off talking about those too much as they’ll be covered in my monthly goals.

That just about sums up last month for me. I’ll be back in the office part time from this month onwards, and working from home the rest of it, so I should be out and about even more through May.

What did you get up to last month?




  1. Wow, what a month! I'm really hoping there are no more lockdowns, don't know how much more I can take at this point. The axe throwing sounds really fun, must try that! Great news on the car front, I've found having two made so much more sense with my OH working constantly atm as we save more for a house. I'd love a BMW, they are such gorgeous cars!

    Jordanne ||

    1. Me too, I don't think I can handle any more either. The axe throwing was really good fun, it was lovely to do something a little bit different, so we'll absolutely be going back again!
      Thank you! We've already noticed a massive difference now that we have two, and we are still both working at home part time, so it'll be really handy on days we both need to go to different offices. My OH chose the BMW, and I dare not drive it yet, because he absolutely loves it!

      Em x


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