Wednesday 2 June 2021

May Look Back - 2021

It’s once again the start of the month, which means it’s time for a little look back over what I got up to in May. If you caught my April lookback, you’ll have seen that I got up to a fair bit, but to be honest, May was pretty quiet for me by comparison. I ended up spending quite a lot of May feeling pretty tired and run down, and that’s reflected quite heavily on what I managed to do over the last month.


An activity I managed to stick to last month was axe and knife throwing every other Saturday morning. Even if I did oversleep and arrive and hour and a half late to the last session… oops. It’s been a pretty fun hobby to pick up, and I’m glad that our friends (who have been doing it for a little while) invited us along with them to try it out. It’s hard to tell if I’m improving of not, as it seems to very much be one of those things you have good days and bad days with. I’m also not particularly consistent with how I throw, so I can do really great one go and then diabolical the next. Not that it particularly matters, as the main focus for me is finding something fun to do outside.


Once the last session of the month for axe throwing was done, my friend Katie and I went on a little trip to our favourite garden centre in Taverham. They had a pretty good selection of plants, and we even managed to both pick up a wish list plant. I managed to pick up a Calethea White fusion, which has gone straight into the plant cabinet as they are known to be humidity lovers, and very fussy. Katie managed to get a variegated Peace Lily with a lovely amount of variegation. We even spotted another one of Katie’s wish list plants in the propagation greenhouse, but sadly they weren’t quite ready to be sold yet. We’ll be keeping an eye on their Instagram for when they are!


Speaking of outside, I didn’t really get out on many walks or runs due to feeling run down (although let’s face it, it’s far too warm at the moment) but we have had a few BBQs in the sunshine. My month hasn’t been totally devoid of physical activity, and I’ve had a fair few sessions in the gym, and been swimming with M a few times, which is perfect for this weather.


Towards the very end of the month on the bank holiday weekend we got the most activity in, and managed a trip to the coast on bank holiday Monday. As we’d been forewarned by our other friends of heavy amounts of traffic already, we had a BBQ during the day, with homemade milkshakes, and then made out way to the coast in the early evening.


As we were going to Yarmouth there isn’t really much of a beach, but there are loads of arcades instead. So we spent a few hours playing the various games and having fun before we went back to the sea front in search of food. Having gone so much later in the day it was much cooler and quieter, so I’m glad we held off until the evening.


All in all it was a lovely month, and I’ve even managed to get a good head start in on my tan. Now that my energy levels are feeling a little more normal I’m excited to see what adventures await in the rest of June.


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