Tuesday 6 August 2019

Moi-meme Monthly │ Summer Nights │ July 2019

With the set-up of my beautiful new blog, I totally neglected to put together posts for the July Moi-meme box, or the lovely quarterly box that arrived last month as well. With a box due later in August, this does mean you’ll be owed not one, not two, but three posts all about the contents of the various boxes, and my thoughts on them.

As it’s the first of the two boxes I received in July, it only seems fair that I talk about what I got in the July Monthly box first.

Moi-meme Original Candle
If you are anything like me, you’re probably a stickler for candles. I just love how much they can completely transform the look, feel and atmosphere of a room. To me, a room with lit candles always has so much more of a romantic and relaxed feel to it than one without, and so they are something I can never have too many of.

I can be a little funny when it comes to scents, in that I’m quite picky. Not that I think that’s abnormal at all, naturally you want to like the scent of the candle you are lighting as its going to fill the room.

A little while back Moi-meme put a lovely citrus scented candle in one of the boxes, so I was thrilled to see they’d done another, which was bigger than the last. This one is aptly named for the time of year: Summer Punch. I found myself putting off burning this candle, simply because it smelled so good and I didn’t want to use it.
For a little while it sat on my vanity and I found myself picking it up to sniff it whenever I went past it because I loved the smell so much. When I finally did decide to light it, it just got even better. It filled the whole room with its gorgeous scent without being sickly or overpowering. The candle provided a slow and even burn, indicating it’ll last well, which is great news for me as I light it frequently!

SugarSin - Sparkling Rosé Gummies
The previous monthly boxes have had chocolate as the sweet treat – which I am not complaining about in the slightest! However, month was a little different and instead of chocolate we had these delicious gummies. Rosé flavoured no less!

Having a massive sweet tooth and being a lover of food, naturally I was just happy to have something I can put in my mouth… not like that! But seriously, these gummies are all natural, gluten and dairy free, so if ever there was a ‘healthy’ sweet for you to turn to, this is certainly it, and they are absolutely delicious and oh so moreish!

Phase Zero Gloss
This is a brand I’ve come across before thanks to Moi-meme as they’ve previously sent a pretty pink blusher that I adore so much I use daily. Whilst it made me very pleased to see another Phase Zero item to try, I admit that I wasn’t ecstatic about it being a gloss.


I get that gloss is the go to for summer, but I’ve personally never liked them. For a start I prefer a matte finish, but also any gloss I’ve used in the past just ends up being sticky, and I get so iterated with my hair getting stuck in it I end up cleaning it off. It would be unfair for me not to at least try it though, and actually when I did I was pleasantly surprised.

The colour is subtle, which is typical for a gloss, but it was pretty shade, and complementary to my natural skin tone. The gloss wasn’t tacky or sticky like so many I’ve used in the past but I would say the wear time is about what you would expect for a product of this type. You’ll need regular top ups throughout the day, which personally isn’t something I can usually be bothered with.

It did do something I hadn’t expected though, and that was add a little punch of moisture back into my lips. Given its subtle appearance and lack of sticky texture this would make it nice for those no make up days, where it doesn’t matter if the colour has worn away or not. So I guess in summary, whilst lip gloss may not be my thing, this is by far the best one I’ve tried in a long time.
All in all I was really pleased with the July box. I’m not sure if its deliberate or not, but all of the monthly boxes so far have been of a pink theme, which has made them really enjoyable to do photos for! The June box had been a little bit of a slump for me, but they really brought it back with the July box, and I can’t wait to see what we get this month!

If you fancy trying your own, use code ‘EMSWORLD’ for a discount at checkout. If you already subscribe to Moi-meme what did you think of the July box?

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