Monday 12 August 2019

Moi-meme Monthly │ Deep Blue Sea │ August 2019

For many August is the month for holidays, enjoying the sun, and adventures to the beach. The Summer holidays fall in August, and I’ve got fond memories from my childhood of traveling to Wales to spend a week on a secluded section of the coast with family. My siblings and I would spend our days building sand castles, clambering over jagged rocks, and seeing what we could find in the liitle pools left behind by the tide.

These fond memories are where my mind was instantly transported to when I first opened the aptly named Deep Blue Sea box. As I rumaged through what Moi-meme had put together for us this month, it just got even better…

Elizabeth Scarlet Coin Purse

I’ve actually come across Elizabeth Scarlet before, and recived a beautiful clutch in my July 2018 box. The fact that I still love and use it is testement to what great quality these bags are, so I was excited to see this brand pop up again.

Everyone either received a dark navy purse with cute little pineapples, or in my case I got the same colouring but adorned with pretty little shells and fish. The purse is lovely and soft, being just big enough to store my change, cards and even my phone. I've found it to be the perfect size to take to the gym with me as it fits all my essentials. Whilst still being small enough that it’ll fit into the stunning rattan bags we received in the quarterly boxes last month.

Secret Mud Therepy Foot Cream
‘Secret’ are a brand that use natural rich mud, salts and dead sea minerals to formulate their products. Harnessing the natural properties within these ingredients to for a long lasting and effective hydrating effect. This beautiful mud is parabin free and suitable to all skin types, and perfect to give yourself a little pamper.

When I first went to try this product, I invigined a mud bath, hat would be slightly messy, and where I would need to wash the product off. Instead however, you massage into your feet and the formular absolrbs like a cream. Mess mess, no fuss, just wonderfully soft feet.

Mermazing White Chocolate Bar
Aside from the fact that the sweet treat for the month couldn’t be more perfect a fit to the box theme, its beautiful to look at! Manufactured by Creighton’s chocolate, but packaging just screams mermaid vibes.

The stunning presentation doesn’t stop there, when I opened up the bar, I found the white chocolate to be decorated with a blueberry swirl and eddible glitter! Did I mention its mashmallow flavoured too?? Along side being pretty to look at, the bar was absolutly delishous too, and a truly unique flavour that I’ve not come across anywhere else – and trust me, I come across a lot of chocolate. The bar is suitable for vegetarians, and as I discovered when I sought it out online is limited eddition, so I’ll be stocking up on a few!

Moi-meme really went over and above with this box, and I really can’t priase it enough. Whilst usually true to their chosen theme, this is probably one of the most consistant and well put together boxes I’ve seen from them. Everything flowed together perfectly, with not a single doubt about why a product had been included.

There wasn’t a single item in this box I didn’t like, and I’d even go so far as to name it one of my favorites. If you’d like to get your hands on this Mermazing box its not too late, and if you enter the code ‘EMSWORLD’ at checkout you’ll even get some money off your first order.
Are you a Moi-meme subscriber? What did you think of the Deep Blue Sea box?


  1. Oh my gosh I saw the photo you posted on instagram for this and the mermaid scales drew me in straight away 😍 I am leveling the aesthetics right now! I agree, this time of year always stirs up fond memories, especially ones of the beach 😊 I really like the look of this box, I've tried Secret products before and always enjoyed them but never tried the foot cream before, interested in trying it as i do love a good pamper! And i have to say, i wouldn't want to eat the chocolate because the packaging looks too pretty lol it sounds like a lovely box, definitely going to look into it xx

    Jordanne ||

    1. It really is a lovely box! I love that they've started doing a monthly one, as every quarter was simply too long to wait!

      I'd only ever tried to hair mask from Secret, which I like so was pretty optimistic the foot cream would be good too.

      Haha I had the same emotion with the chocolate! But when I did finally open it, it was totally worth it! I shall be getting more come pay day though! xx


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