Thursday 22 August 2019

Generation Skincare │ Vitamin C Facial Serum*

As I’ve started to get older skincare is something I’ve started to take more of an active interest in. It makes me cringe to think that back when I was a teen I’d scrub my makeup off using a flannel or wet wipe, and that was the entirety of my routine if I even did it at all… seriously, what was I thinking!? Those dark days are over now, and I have a vast collection of lotions and potions to (hopefully) keep my skin healthy and in good condition. So when Generation Skincare approached me to try their all natural serum, I of course couldn’t resist.

The serum includes vitamin E, Aloe and green tea extract along with natural vitamin C, so it really does give you a high concentrated dose of what your skin needs. Made up of an all-natural mix of ingredients to brighten, hydrate and repair damaged skin. Suitable for any skin type, the formula will help improve complexion, and aid in the healing of acne scars. This last point was especially of interest to me, whilst I don’t have any acne scars, I do have scars on my forehead from back when I had chicken pox, and I’ve always been really conscious of them. I got it really badly, but the worst area was my face and in my mouth, making it particularly unpleasant, and its left scars behind that used to make me really upset. Especially as I was just entering my teenage years, and was just starting to become more aware and conscious about how I looked.

Affectionately named ‘beauty in a bottle’ this serum smells absolutely amazing. It’s a gorgeous scent that smells strongly of fresh oranges, and whilst its quite strong when you sniff the open bottle, it’s quite subtle and not overpowering when applied to the face. Although you do still get to enjoy the occasional waft every now and then, which I like.

When I trialled the serum for the first time I found that I didn’t need much at all, a few drops on my fingertips was more than adequate for my whole face and neck. From that very first use my skin felt softer, and somehow smoother as well which I hadn’t expected at all. It’s proclaimed that you can use the serum as a primer, which normally I wouldn’t test, as I’d much rather use something that is designed to work with the foundation I’m using, but having run out at the end of last month (oops) I ended up having no option. My makeup didn’t really shift throughout the day at all, although I don’t feel the finish was as nice. That’s somewhat to be expected however, as the whole purpose of primer is to create a smooth base and hide pores and imperfections before you lay down your foundation.

I imagined this serum to feel and work much like a facial oil. Whilst its certainly similar in terms of application it absorbs completely into the skin and doesn’t leave behind any kind of residue or sheen like you will sometimes find with an oil. This makes it very suitable for use in the mornings, where I would typically avoid oils so as to better achieve a matte look.

The serum is both alcohol free and vegan friendly, which made it all the more attractive to me. Given my best friend is vegan, I like that she can grab and use any of my products when we are getting ready for a night out without having to worry or meticulously check it’s ok, so this was a pretty big plus for me. The only thing I didn’t really like was the pipet used to dispense the product. Mine seems very sensitive when it comes to dispensing the product, so unless I’m really careful I end up with far more than I need as it’s not easy to only release a few drops.

With continued use in the evenings, I have started to notice a difference in my skin. It’s even helped my pop marks a little, which if I’ honest I hadn’t expected. My skin looks and feels healthy, with a little more glow about it since I’ve started using this product. I’ve also found using in place of a moisturiser stops my skin from getting oily as quickly.

All in all, I’m really pleased with it, and I would certainly recommend giving it a try.

* I was given this item for free, with no obligation to share. Please read my disclaimer for more information.  



  1. I have to say, your moodboard/collage pictures are giving me life! Love the orange theme in this one 👌 I've never heard of generation skincare before but I'm definitely going to check them out, I've noticed as I get older my skin needs more and I'm trying to get a good skincare regime sorted. I like that it's alcohol free and vegan, that's good to know. That's great your skin is looking healthier, I definitely need to try some especially if it helps with little marks.

    Jordanne | Thelifeofaglasgowgirl

    1. I’m really glad you like them! I’ve been trying them out as a bit of an experiment to brighten up the preview picture for my posts 😊
      Ah man, I know right? I’m really conscious that I can’t get away with as much as I used to as far as my skin is concerned, so I’ve been trying loads of different things to see what works.

      Em x

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