Thursday 15 August 2019

Me │ An A-Z

I love a good ‘getting to know you’ post. I love writing them as much as I do reading them. I feel they are oh-so important when it comes to getting to know the person behind the blog posts. You feel a certain kind of connection with the writer when you learn a little more about them.

After reading an older post over on Lady Writes, q quick fire A-Z sounded like a fun post to put together. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and perhaps even learn a little more about me as a person, so here we go...

Allergies. Anyone within about 4 miles of me at the moments will know that my hay fever is absolutely insane at the moment. I’m not exaggerating, I’m currently taking 3 different antihistamines (don’t tell my GP) and carrying a nasal spray around everywhere and I’m still sneezing every five minutes.

Boots. Not the shoe, my fur-baby Boots. As much as he can be a pain, shedding all over the house

Centre. The first position I was the starting player for in American football. I spent ages practicing my snap (a type of throw) because I was desperate to get into the A team.. and I did!

Dry, as in my sense of humour. I can be very dry, and very sarcastic.

Engaged. Although not for too much longer now! Our wedding date is set for June 2020, and I’m sure the time will be gone before I know it!

Family. I don’t mean my biological family here (although I of course love them too) but my little group of besties. It’s true when they say friends are the family you choose

Gaming. I love gaming, I racked up almost 2,000 hours on Ark on my steam account, then roped Mike and my friends into playing on our own private server and felt like queen of the island knowing everything there was to know about playing – until my brother discovered Google that is.

Harley. I have a new found love for motorbikes, especially Harley Davidsons, sadly they don’t make anything in a 125cc so my first bike is a Honda instead.

Insurance is the industry I (somehow) work in.

Judo. Is the first contact sport I took up. I’m half a belt away from black, and I even became a qualified coach and referee.  
Kind. I always try to be kind towards other people. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life, and sometimes what feels like a really small gesture can be huge to someone else.

Leather is probably the material I love to wear the most, other than a slightly different L word…

Mike is the obvious one here, my Squishem, my love, and my future husband.
Nutter. I can be pretty random at times, with little outbursts. I do silly things just because and a lot of my friends call me a nutter. 

Outspoken. Sometimes I can be a little outspoken, and come across as very blunt with people.

Proud. One of my biggest downfalls is that I can be too proud sometimes, and don’t like not being good at things. In the past I would find it extremely difficult to ask for help, but I’m getting better..

Queen is how Mike refers to me sometimes. Although usually he calls me Bubble, which is his little nickname for me, I call him Squishem.

Red. I’m a natural brunette, but I’ve always been known as the red head. Of late I fancied a change, so my hair is actually a dark purple at the moment, but I’m really missing the red so will be going back to it soon.

Strawberry and cream baileys. If you haven’t tried it, you should, its like drinking milkshake and one of my biggest loves at the moment.

Tennessee is among my favourite places I’ve ever been, hence we’ll be getting married there next year!

Uneasy. Anxious is probably a better word, but A was already taken. Thanks to underlying anxiety I get uneasy and panicked about the stupidest things. The worst one is when I was sent to work in London for the day, and I had a full on panic that I’d accidently get the train to Liverpool rather than Liverpool street. It escalated in my head that I’d be stuck in Liverpool forever..

Valentines day is my least favourite ‘event’ in the year. It’s just so… fake. If you love someone you should show your affection and appreciation for them all year round, not just on one day because you feel obligated to. My favourite event in the year is Halloween, which is also my engagement anniversary.

Writing is among my favourite pastimes, hence the blog!

X-ray. Being fairly accident prone I’ve had many of these.

Yoga is probably the newest active hobby I’ve taken up. I have a lot of pain in my joints, especially my back and shoulder, and I’ve found it actually really helps.

Zzzzz. I love sleep. I would quite happily lay in bed all day snoozing, but then feel guilty for wasting the day so I only allow myself t do it one day a week.

I’m actually pretty proud that I managed to fill in every letter! When I first started it I had fears that I’d only manage a handful of them and the list would be littered with blank spaces, although I’ll admit some were certainly tricky!

If you have your own getting to know you posts I’d love to read them, so please do pop them in the comments below!

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