Thursday 17 June 2021

Yes To - Period SOS

So much has changed for so many of us over the past year or so, but there is one thing is still here, even if we wish it wasn’t; periods. With them they like to bring cramps, the muchies and or course we can’t forget about the bad skin. Mine doesn’t like to conform to the typical cycle at the moment either, probably thanks to recently replacing my contraceptive implant with a new one. So whilst I have previously had less of them, my periods at the moment are very sporadic and are coming on and off every few day. The on again off again nature of my cycle at the moment means that I've been suffering with 'period skin' which is an absolute pain to try and reverse and sooth. Especially with the added problem that wearing a mask brings.

As I’ve currently got a lot more time on my hands along with a visit from aunt flow I decided to try out a skincare bundle I’ve had popping up on my feed for a little while; the Yes To Tomato’s Period SOS. The Yes To range is one I’ve come across before, and I've previously been rather fond of their masks, so figured it would be worth trying out other products within the range. The bundle will set you back £10.25 excluding postage from Beauty Bay and comes as three items; Face wipes, targeting blemish remover and a single use mask.


I have used masks from this range before, and find the paper ones to be saturated with more than enough product. I tend to leave mine on longer than the directed time and find they don’t cause any discomfort to my skin, as some masks do. I tend to look at paper masks as the serum stage in my routine, and will use them early on in the evening. Before I then go to bed I’ll give my skin a final cleanse to remove any residual product, simply because my skin can be pretty volatile if I don’t. As this has been the case for pretty much every sheet mask I’ve ever tried, I just accept it as a step I need to take in the routine when I decide to use them.


The next product in the bundle was the face wipes. Being in the tomatoes range they are geared towards combination skin, but there are plenty of other options within the range dependant on your skin type or needs. The wipes are well sealed, with a proper clip lid on the top to enable them to be closed properly and stop them drying out. The scent is mild, and whilst not something I enjoy, it isn’t overly unpleasant either.


Having tried these wipes a few times now, I have to say that they don’t do well with removal of my makeup. I wear long-lasting, stubborn makeup that typically requires an oil based product as my first (and sometimes second) step for removal. Swapping out for these wipes just simply wouldn’t be possible for me, and it’s likely that I would get through far more wipes than I’d like if I used these to clear my face each evening.


Although if I’m being 100% honest and fair, I’ve never come across any makeup wipes I’ve liked, so this isn’t anything personal against the band, or these wipes in particular, I just find them to be an ineffective step when it comes to make up removal in general. I did trial these wipes alone one evening on a day I hadn’t worn any makeup, in place of my regular routine. I woke up the following day with lots of little spots and pretty oily, gritty feeling skin, so I personally wouldn’t recommend these for your routine. Be it for make up removal or anything else. If you do use them would suggest you clean the residual product off your skin afterwards, although that does somewhat defeat the point of using them.


I had intended to have these as an item in my camping bag, for when we are off in the woods and my normal skin routine isn’t all that practical to bring with me, but given how my skin then behaves I’m not sure I’m actually going to find a use for them. I have a friend who does use makeup wipes as part of her routine, so I think I'll probably gift her these.   


The final item in the bundle was for targeting specific problem areas, and was the item I was most interested in trying; the  detoxifying charcoal maximum strength blemish kit. This kit comes with 20 charcoal cotton swabs, although with them being double ended I would say its really 10, which are used to apply the product to your skin. Designed specifically for congested and ache-prone skin, this triple action spot treatment combined detoxifying charcoal, sulphur to unclog pores and witch hazel to sooth the skin, and aid in shrinking breakouts.


This product is for precise application directly onto spots and pimples, rather than for use on your face as a whole. An important thing to remember is to not shake this product before using, even though it is tempting as its separated within the bottle. To use, simply dip a cotton swab into the bottle, making sure to reach the bottom so that you get each component of the product. From there simply dab onto your pimples and problem areas and leave to dry. Given the potency of this solution I would be mindful about placement and not go anywhere near your eyes for example.


Whilst the instructions on the pack indicate you can wear this overnight, I personally prefer to have it on for a few hours in the day time. The product dries down fairly quickly, but as I move around a lot in my sleep I’m pretty sure I’d end up rubbing a lot of it off if I slept in it. I have however found that it does indeed calm large spots down, and does a good job at drawing up those under the skin spots that aren’t quite ready to be popped yet. Products of this type have a tendency to dry the skin out, so I would recommend following up with a decent moisturiser after cleaning the solution off your skin – especially if you’ve had it on for a long time or applied multiple applications.


All in all, would I recommend the Period SOS kit? No. The face wipes just weren’t a worthwhile purchase for me, and the sheet mask isn’t anything special either compared to any other mask out there. Plus, the mask is for one use only, and you do only get one in the kit. I would purchase the blemish kit as a standalone product, but I wouldn’t spend the extra for two additional products I don’t want or need.


Have you tried anything from Yes To? What did you think?



  1. I've never tried anything from Yes To before - I'd love to try one of their masks sometime. The pack sounds like a great concept in theory, but I get that it doesn't make sense to buy it unless you really like all the products in it! xx

    1. I would say they are ok, but there are better brands and products that sit in a similar price range. As you said, the pack was a great concept, but better for someone who wants everything in it!

      Em xx


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