Thursday 7 November 2019

November Goals 2019

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like November is a bit of a filler month? We have Halloween in October, and obviously Christmas in December, but I always feel like November is just some wedge of time in between them with not a lot really going on. Because of this I usually try and make sure I’ve got some things to do or look forward to throughout November, to make sure it doesn’t feel like a ‘nothing’ month.

As usual I’ll look back over the goals I set myself in October, then talk about the goals I’ve set myself for the rest of the month and why I’ve chosen them. So, let’s have a look at last month..

This was carried over from a previous month. I love candles, especially scented ones and I wanted to make an effort to get more for my home as I had none left. I did manage to do this, and got some lovey candles with warming scents.

I was desperately low on photos for here and Instagram and needed to take some more. I didn’t get quite as many as I wanted, but I did get a fair few which are stored away in my drafts ready to use.

Work clothes
I started a new job in October so my goal was to have a refresh of my work wardrobe. I didn’t not do it… but I only added one thing, so it wasn’t exactly a refresh. Perhaps need to revisit this one.

Wedding dress
Ok. So this is kind of exciting.... I think I’ve found it, and in a place I didn’t really expect. We’re running on a pretty tight budget for the wedding and every dress I’ve looked at online is so expensive. I found one that I loved, based off of one I’d seen on Pinterest, but it was over £3,000 which is a huge chunk of our budget and simply isn’t possible. However, someone in my neighbourhood is selling that exact dress for a few hundred quid. It’s like it’s meant to be. So I’ve emailed the lady selling it, and will hopefully get it! Although it feels a little strange to have potentially found one having not tried any on yet. 

A positive list
I didn’t really do this. Or at least, not in the way I had described, however, I did do something kind of similar. Rather than doing a post I made a point in my time before starting my new job to do one positive thing for myself each day. It could be absolutely anything, and it was kind of intended as a way to try and build myself back up a bit, and it really helped.

Make time to chill
I kind of did this, but not really. I spent more time that I would normally sat in front to the TV not moving, but that was simply because I was so tired. I did light some of my candles for a more relaxed feel, but that was about the extent of what I could manage.

I wanted to really get into the Halloween spirit this year, and I did! I decorated the house, went pumpkin picking, carved my pumpkin, made soup, had two nights out and went to Prime Evil – which was actually November, but it still counts. In fact the only reason we went when we did is because from 1st November the event turns into an 18+ which was our preference.

Read some horrors
I did! At the point of writing my goals I was almost through GraveYard City, which certainly has a large element of horror, then I got through a few others, with a post about one of them coming up soon, so keep an eye out! I’ve now started the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, so I should have plenty of reading to keep me busy.
To be fair, I didn’t do badly with last month’s goals. Although until I looked back at them to write this I didn’t really know how well I had done, as they had totally left my brain. Which is my main motivation for the first of my November goals;

Check in
I don’t think I’ll do this as a post as it’ll be a bit of a duplication of this one, but I’ve found that after I’ve set my goals for the month, I don’t look at them again. Obviously some will be present in my mind, but there are a few where it’s kind of pot luck as to whether I actually do them or not. It means that there’s a few goals I’m not getting, simply because I’ve forgotten them. Therefore this month I want to make a conscious effort to remember them – even if I still don’t actually end up doing them!

Skincare routine
I’ve been very stressed lately and my skin has really suffered for it. What really hasn’t helped is that I have totally fallen out of routine when it comes to skincare which has made it worse. There is the odd day here and there where I go through my usual routine, but most of the time I’m only really doing half of it, if I do it at all. There have been times where I’m going to bed having not taken my makeup off, which is very unlike me. For the sake of my skin, I need to get myself back into my regular routine!

Make time for masks
Along with re-establishing my usual routine, I want to make time to make sure I use some masks this month. Not only do I find them relaxing, but they should also help my skin get back to normal much quicker. Quite frankly at the moment it needs all the help it can get..

Drink more water This is going to sound like a bit of a first world problem... but I’ve not drank anywhere near enough water since changing jobs, simply because I’m sat in the upstairs office and the water tap is downstairs. Just that small thing of not having it close by has meant I’m only really drinking coffee during the day which doesn’t really cut it. I want to try and be more conscious with my water intake this month. 

Pretty nails are something I love to have but never really get round to. I’ve historically had to keep them pretty short because of the various sports I was taking part in at the time, but now that I’m not involved in any I can have them as long as I like. They’ve been pretty problematic with breaking, but the Tropic Nail Nectar has really put the strength back into them. I want to take advantage of my strong, long nails and actually take the time to make them look good!

More Candles
I know I managed it last month, but you really can’t have too many can you? I only picked up a couple, so now I want more for my little collection.

Keep up the reading
I’ve taken up reading in the evenings again which is great, so I want to keep at it. I’m not reading every night, nor am I really bothered about doing so, but I want to keep it up somewhat consistently. I’ve started reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, so I’ve got plenty of reading to do!

Catch up with Maria
I’ve known Maria for years and years. She’s one of my best friends and I love her to bits, but we don’t get to catch up very often. This month I want to make sure we set aside a day (or at least an evening) to have a good old catch up. Plus if I go to her, it means I get doggy cuddles with the beautiful Otto!

Be more positive
As I mentioned in my latest look back, there were a lot of changes in October and things are starting to get a lot more positive. I want to continue with that mentality through November. The notion of doing one positive thing for myself each day worked pretty well, so I want to continue with it. No one like to feel down or negative so anything I can do to turn that around has got to be worthwhile.

Much like last month I’ve kept it pretty easy and simple, with the main objective being to inject some positivity into my month. Things are improving and I want to use this momentum in a positive way.

What are your goals for the month?


  1. You have quite the number of goals for the month of November! Kudos on the new job and I hope it leaves you motivated and not stressed :) & for finding your wedding dress!!
    I do feel a difference in a home that has candles versus one that doesn't.. strange isn't it? Lol, I just bought a bunch at TJMaxx the other day too! I am right there with you on the face masks, making time to just chill, and to think positive more consistently. Hope you have a great November!!

    // Des |

  2. It does seem like rather a lot doesn’t it! Although hopefully all very achievable.
    Thanks! So far the new job is great, all the right kinds and right levels of challenge but not stressful. I managed to snap up the wedding dress too so need to find someone to adjust it now :)

    I’ve burned my way through all my candles now �� do need more again!

    Have a great November lovely!


  3. Love reading these posts! Really like how you've broken it down and the mix of goals you have. 💕

    1. Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!



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