Tuesday 12 November 2019

Moi-meme Monthly | Rise & Shine | November 2019


Winter is well on the way. The clocks have gone back, the evenings are dark, so are the mornings. The weather is cold and it seems to be almost always raining. This is the time of year that my snooze button gets far more use, and it becomes a real effort to drag myself out of bed and face the day.

This months Moi-meme box focuses on just that, with the aim to help us get a little more prepped and a little more motivated to get up and take on the day ahead of us.


The first item I unearthed from within my box was this set of 5 hydrating eye treatment pads. Dark circles haven't really been something I've had a problem with until quite recently. It could be down to a lot of stress lately or perhaps its just a factor of getting older.

Whatever the cause, I was happy to find something to help alleviate them within my box. Dr. Eve Ryouth treatment pads are infused with antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients, such as pro-vitamin B5 and even 24k gold.

I'll admit, I always think of gold in these kind of products as more of a fad, as I don't really see how it would help your skin. Never the less, these pads were wonderful to use. They cooled the eye area, and after about 15 minutes my under eye area looked and felt loads better, and far less puffy. I love that they come as a set of 5, as a lot of subscription boxes I've had in the past will send just the one.


Next up in my box was something I'm always excited for; chocolate. This month we had a delicious crunchy biscuit milk chocolate bar from The Chocolate Society. This yummy bar was hand crafted in Somerset, and really hit the spot.

Moi-meme had toyed with the idea of a coffee flavored bar (which I'd have loved) but after a poll over on their Instagram decided against it. Whilst I'd have been more than happy with coffee chocolate, I think its great that they ask their subscribers what they would like / not like and act accordingly.


Last but by no means least was this beautiful travel cup by Lisa Angel. Single use cups are more and more frowned upon these days, so what better way to do our bit for the environment with a stunning travel cup?

Made from renewable bamboo fibers, with a hat protective band around the middle this cup is the perfect size to take my morning coffee in the car. It even has a plug on the top to prevent spillages - which someone as clumsy as me absolutely needs! I would say its just about big enough to hold a regular sized mug of coffee, so its not huge, but not small either.

I typically struggle in my car with cups as the cup holder is just behind the gear stick, so anything in there tends to be in the way. This is just the right size to hold what I need, but not get bashed by accident every time I need to change gear.


I've said it before (many times actually) but I'll say it again; I absolutely adore the monthly Moi-meme box. I'm so glad that they started doing it, so I can get a regular fix.

Each item is always so well planned out, and fits with the chosen theme for any given month perfectly, once again well done Moi-meme!

If you'd like to give Moi-meme a try, use code 'EMSWORLD' at checkout for £5 off your first box. This can even be applied to either the monthly, or the luxury quarterly boxes.



  1. I love the sound of these self-care subscription boxes and I really want to try one out! Those eye masks look and sound wonderful!

    1. It’s probably the best subscription box I’ve ever had! I don’t think I’ve ever had a box I didn’t like.

      Em x


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