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The nightmare continues │ Graveyard City

A little while ago you might have seen my post sharing my review of the NightmaresTruth, which I absolutely loved, and have now read a couple of times. During my review I gave a little bit of background as to why I was writing a book review in the first place, as book reviews are not within the usual scope of this blog – not at the moment anyway. If you missed it, the summary is that the book was written by an old friend and work colleague of mine, Luke Dalton. I’d known back when we were working together that he was slowly bringing his world to life in the form of his first book; The Nightmares Truth.


Now, at the time he gave very little away, but what he did divulge left me excited to see what was in store, so the moment The Nightmares Truth was released on Amazon I of course brought myself a copy. Whilst Graveyard City isn’t the sequel to Nightmares Truth as such, it does follow chronologically from the end of the book and it is set in the same universe.

Graveyard City is a short, bite sized story of the aftermath of the end of Nightmares Truth. From what I can tell it picks up fairly soon, probably a matter of weeks, after the end of the previous book, and follows a small group of newly introduced, interesting characters in their fight for survival in their changed world. Being a shorter story at only 76 pages long, I would say this book was much faster paced, but there was no loss of the deep, descriptive writing style I loved in the previous book. The character development was as wonderful as Nightmares Truth, and the combat scenes lengthy and detailed. The descriptive nature of Luke’s writing makes it easy to see the scenes play out in your mind’s eye.

Whilst comparatively short, this book still contains multiple twists and turns, some of which I didn’t see or predict at all – which is what I love. After all, no one wants a story where they can predict everything that’s about to happen do they?  


You do get to meet some of the much loved characters from the Nightmares Truth, and others are referenced at various points in Graveyard City. However, whilst it would provide some good context to who some of these people are and the stories behind them, I wouldn’t say its crucial to have already read Nightmares Truth prior to reading Graveyard City. I found it was nice to have the background already, especially as I’d already formed attachments with a few characters, but they are introduced as if totally new.

The story kept me gripped, and at many points at the edge of my seat, especially towards the end as the story builds pace. I did not want to put this book down, in fact I didn’t. I got through the whole thing start to finish in a single sitting, which is quite unheard of for me as I tend to dip in and out of regular reading.

I truly enjoyed reading Graveyard City, and found it a lovely way to get my fix, pending the release of the sequel to Nightmares Truth – which I have been assured will be in 2020! I would highly recommend this for those who want a taste of the main story, without committing to a lengthy book.

Now comes the impatient wait for the sequel!


  1. Em, you are wonderful! I'm SO thrilled you enjoyed GC and all its brutal delights 😈 Look out for another short story packed with pizazz before the main sequel, "A Shattered World" (yes, this is the first time I'm letting the title slip in public!)

  2. What a wonderful thing to review your friends book, the cover is stunning it really draws the eyes. It sounds like an interesting story line, Graveyard city is so cool, it sounds very spooky Haha I love when a book has some great twists and turns, that always keeps me on the edge of my seat if I'm lost in the story.

    I'll have to put this on my TRL, I've been loving poetry books atm and need some more imaginative stories. Thanks for sharing Em, really excited to give this a read.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. These books sound interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the comment! They are fantastic books, I would highly recommend checking them out!

      Em x


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