Thursday 8 October 2020

Lush Halloween Haul - Punkin' Pumpkin Bath Bomb

You probably all know by now that I’m a rather large fan of bath bombs, in particular those produced by Lush. They just never fail to perform, actually seem to make a difference to my skin and within their varied range there will always be something for everyone.


When the Halloween range launched I promptly purchased a selection from the range. I ended up with 6 items from the Halloween range for myself, but because a friend and I combined our orders in order to qualify for free postage I did end up with one of every bath product other than the glow in the dark ghost soap land on my doorstep, so could have a little snoop through the items I hadn’t brought for myself before my friend arrived to collect them.

The items I narrowed my purchase down to in the end were three bath bombs; Bat Art, Monsters Ball and Punkin Pumpkin. The Bewitched bubble bar, along with the Very very frightening shower gel and the Toffee Apple lip scrub. You may have previously seen my thoughts on the Monsters Ball bath bomb and today I’ll be talking about the Punkin Pumpkin bomb. So, what do Lush have to say about this one?


“Watch this Halloween favourite glide round the surface, releasing bright, mood enhancing citrus oils as it goes. “

Of the whole Halloween collection, I think this is probably the most recognised and known about bomb, being in the image of a classic carved pumpkin. The scent is described to be of citrus, but to be honest I couldn’t really pick up on that. I would describe it as a spicy, autumnal scent that isn’t particularly overpowering and more subtle. I tend to go for quite sweet smelling scents so this isn’t what I would typically pick out, but I did still like it.


It was slower to dissolve in the tub than Monsters Ball, and rather than rapidly spinning it glides over the surface of the water spewing out bright orange and yellow into the water. If you place it into the water fairly gently you’ll see that the eyes and mouth break down faster than the pumpkin itself, and release a yellow froth, completing the Halloween vibes. Once settled this will leave your water a lovely orange colour. For some reason, I was concerned that it would stain my skin once I was in the tub. I’m not sure why, as I’ve never had a Lush product leave staining on my skin, but something about the colour made me concerned. I need not have been, and confirm that I had zero staining to my skin, which felt soft and soothed instead.


Once in the water the scent of this bomb doesn’t really change much, however the aroma really isn’t very strong. I like my bath to be quite full, and I feel like this bomb would have retained better concentration had I used less water, but it had the exact same amount of water I used for Monsters Ball, which had retained a strong smell. It’s safe to say it still isn’t the strongest smelling item from the range if you smell it before putting in the water, so it didn’t come as a great surprise really.

There was a positive with this bomb compared to Monsters Ball however, and that is that there was absolutely no staining on the bath. It didn’t even require a rinse with the shower head. As I mentioned in my last post this isn’t really a deal breaker for me, but I know it may well be for someone else. I totally get that you wouldn’t want to need to clean your bathroom after having a soak to relax, and you can rest assured you won’t need to with this particular bath bomb.


If you haven’t already guessed, this is my second favourite of the two bombs I have tried so far, and it’s probably not one I would rush to stock up on compared to other items in the range. Just because it wasn’t my favourite doesn’t mean I didn’t like it however, and I would suggest this as a good bath bomb for someone who doesn’t like the idea of a strong smelling bath.

Have you tried anything from the Halloween range? Which item is your favourite?



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