Wednesday 30 September 2020

Lush Halloween Haul - Monsters Ball

Anyone who knows me well knows I am a bit of a bath bomb junkie. Despite using them on a fairly regular basis I’ve still managed to amass quite a large collection to choose from. Being a lover of all things Halloween as well, I was of course extremely excited when the Halloween range became available to purchase in Lush, and of course I was quickly online to start stocking my virtual shopping cart.

In my excitement I promptly put one of every single item in my basket, before then whittling it back down to the products I most wanted. I ended up with 6 items from the Halloween range for myself, but because a friend and I combined our orders to save on postage I did end up with one of every bath product other than the glow in the dark ghost soap land on my doorstep, so could have a little snoop of the items I hadn’t brought for myself before my friend arrived to collect them.

The items I narrowed my purchase down to in the end were three bath bombs; Bat Art, Monsters Ball and Punkin Pumpkin. The Bewitched bubble bar, along with the Very very frightening shower gel and the Toffee Apple lip scrub.

Today I’ll be kicking off my first Halloween post with the first item I tried; Monsters Ball.

With this monstrously pink Halloween bath bomb, you're ready for a ball. Full of uplifting neroli, toning olibanum, and cleansing lime oil.”

Of all of the bath bomb scents, this one is probably my favourite. It’s an uplifting and very sweet smell, which is the type of scents I usually go for. I can’t say I really picked up any lime scents with this one, but I would certainly agree that the scent is uplifting.

It’s safe to say that I like the appearance of all of the bath bombs in the Halloween range, but the vibrant pink of this one is especially appealing to me. Looking at this bath bomb you would assume a predominantly pink colour after dropping into the bath, but instead you get a fantastic mix of both pink and blue. On top of that, this particular bath bomb spins round at a fast pace in a visually appealing display of colour.

Once full dissolved in the bath the pink and blue tones of the bomb eventually combine in the water and settle at a deep dark purple. You get the same scent from the bath as you do if you smell the actual bath bomb, so it isn’t one of those items that you think will be one thing, but turns out to be something else.

ere is sadly one drawback with this bath bomb, which is minor for me but could be a bit of a deal breaker for someone else; it stains. I had a fair amount of pink staining around the tub from using this bath bomb, which didn’t wash away when I blasted the showerhead over it. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have to scrub to get it off but I did have to spray some bathroom cleaner on it and leave it to sit for a bit before attacking it with the shower head again. So I guess it’s down to the individual as to whether that’s too much hassle or not.

Regardless of the minor staining on the tub, I absolutely loved this bath bomb and despite it being the first I’ve tried from the range, I daresay it might already be in the running to be my favourite!

Have you tried anything from the Lush Halloween range? Which is your favourite?



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