Monday 26 October 2020

Lush Halloween Haul - Bat Art Bath Bomb

Hello and welcome to my thoughts on the final bath bomb I purchased from the Lush Halloween range! You may have already seen my various posts on the other items I tried; Monsters Ball and Punkin Pumpkin. The Very very frightening shower gel and the Toffee Apple lip scrub. Today’s post is about the last bath bomb I tried from the collection, the Bat Art bath bomb. Here’s what Lush have to say about it;


“Be spellbound by this bat bath bomb. Full of bath-art worthy surprises, deep glittery waters await with a fresh, herbal scent that lingers.”


There is no denying that this bath bomb was absolutely saturated in glitter, and then had even more glitter within. The glitter is plastic free and environmentally friendly, so if you love glitter but are conscious about what you are flushing down the drain this is something you’ll like.


Personally for me, I’m not really a massive fan of glitter, which is one of the reasons I put this one off until last to try. There is no denying it made for a beautiful looking bath with its deep purple shimmer, but I found glitter everywhere afterwards. It got in my wash cloth, all over my body and somehow a fair bit ended up on my face too. In fact I had so much glitter on my arms I was half tempted to hop in the shower afterwards to remove some of it from my skin before I started to spread it around the house and on my clothes. I didn’t in the end, but if like me you don’t love being covered in glitter you might want to steer clear of this one.


I did find I had slightly itchy eyes the morning after using this, which could have been nothing to do with this bath bomb at all, however, it is possible that I rubbed some of the glitter on my face into my eye area while I slept. So just in case I would recommend making sure your face and hands are clear of glitter after using this.


The scent of the bath bomb was hard for me to place. The Lush website describes it to contain rosemary and sage, with uplifting lemon and mandarin oil. I found the scent to be quite uplifting, but also quite sweet and relaxing as well.


This bath bomb performed wonderfully in the bath, turning the water a deep purple colour, and the glitter I mentioned before looked beautiful as well. As with most Lush bath bombs this one did make a difference to my skin, and it felt lovely and soft after my bath.


I mentioned in my review of Monsters Ball that I didn’t mind a little bit of staining around the tub – and I don’t – but I found that this stained the most out of all of the bath bombs I tried. My husband used the bath after me, so I expected much of the black staining around the edge of the tub to dissipate, but it didn’t. Running the shower head round the bath didn’t really make a difference, and even spraying it with bathroom cleaner and rinsing did very little to shift it. It did lift when I cleaned the bath properly, so it won’t stain forever, but you will need to put some effort into removing it by actually cleaning your bath.


Being the last of the Halloween bath bombs I tried, I really wanted to love this bath bomb, but I just.. didn’t. The scent and the way it made my skin feel afterwards were fantastic, but with the drawback of having to scrub the bath and having my skin and everything I touched covered in glitter, this particular bomb just didn’t do it for me. I loved much of the Halloween range, and will be repurchasing many items before they disappear at the end of the month, but this sadly isn’t one of them.


Have you tried anything from the Halloween range? What was your favourite?



  1. Oooo! I haven't tried the bath art bomb, I was wanting to pick some stuff up this year but with no being able to get out and a bout I left it, normally I like to try things for the first time by getting them from the shop instead of online, normally I can tell by scent if I'll enjoy it lol It sounds good but the staining and the clean up afterwards doesn't sound too appealing.

    Jordanne ||

    1. If I hadn't been able to order online I don't think I'd have got any either. I tried going out shopping once since lockdown, and hated the crowds! I totally agree though, it's so much nicer if you can see / smell them before you buy!

      Sadly the staining and insane amount of glitter were quite a turn off for me!

      Em x


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