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September Goals 2020

Hey guys! I'm so sorry this post is so late in the month, but if you saw my previous post you'll see I had good reason to be awol (spoiler alert, we got married!)

It feels like quite a long time ago that we were starting August, yet here we are half way into September! The year is disappearing pretty fast, and I’ve even started to hear the ‘C’ word a few times already.

 As with every time I do write about a fresh set of goals, lets have a look over my previous lot and see how well (or not well) I did;


Have some date nights

We didn’t actually go anywhere for ‘Eat out to help out’ in the end, but we did have a couple of nice walks, movie nights and a trip to the beach together for ice-cream and chips.  

Drop a little more weight

Yes! I lost just under 7 pounds between setting the goal and our wedding day! I did admittedly then put a pound or two back on during our wedding week, but I’m still down overall, plus in the days after the wedding I just wanted to chill out, eat junk food, and enjoy our week off together as a newly married couple.


Start getting up earlier

I did it once, and once only so I’m going to count this as a fail.


Beat last month’s blog views

YES! Not only did I beat my views for the previous month, but last month I got more views than any other month since I started, so I'm really pleased.


Have a day on the coast

I managed one trip to the coast on one of the date nights out I mentioned earlier.


Get back in the gym

Well, I didn’t really do this. I went to the gym once to use the pool and that’s it. I have however been running consistently a few times a week, even managing to do a few 10k runs (which is the longest I've ever run) so I’m not that bothered that it was in a field rather than a treadmill.

Refresh some more posts

I did a teeny tiny update on one post, so I can’t really say that was a raging success if I'm honest.

I think it’s fair to say I didn’t do all that great with my August goals, but at the same time it wasn’t terrible. Plus a lot of late August became totally focused on the final preparations for our wedding, so I’m not at all worried (or surprised) that these were put on the back burner. I’m now free to focus back on the blog and so with that in mind comes my goals for September!


Keep up the weight loss

I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far, but I have a target that I would like to get to. I am doing it quite slowly however, and in a way I can sustain easily when I do get to my target. I’ve never been one for yoyo diets and I don’t intend to start now.


Beat last month’s blog views

As I mentioned, last month was the highest view numbers I’ve ever had, so I want to try and beat it this month!


Sponsored content

Another blog based goal! Last month I was lucky enough to secure not one, but two sponsored posts! As blogging is very much a hobby for me I don’t rely on it for income, but it is certainly a nice bonus! I’d like to try and secure at least one sponsored post this month if I can.

Sort my plant collection

I have an ever growing collection of plants in my home, and many now need re-potting, rearranging and I even have a few that don't really have permanent homes. I'd like to take some cuttings of some of them too, and see if I can propagate some new plant babies!

Do some painting

We have a few walls in our house that need a bit of a refresh, namely the one with the red wine stain all over it.. I got some paint a few weeks ago and just need to find the time to touch up the areas that look a bit worn. Although to be honest, I'm half tempted to just repaint entire walls so that everything looks fresh.

Get some candles

Something I love as we start to move into the Autumn is to make my home nice and cosy in the evenings, and one way I like to do that is candles, in particular scented ones. Mike feels we don't need any more candles at the moment, so I'll probably just sneak a few into the house when he's not looking..

Bath Bombs

If you know me you'll know that I love collecting and using bath bombs, and I'm currently running low. Which in a way is kind of good timing really as Lush will have launched their Halloween range by now! I'm going to try and be sensible and not grab too many, but we all know I can get a little trigger happy with the 'add to cart' button!

Start putting money aside

Now is the time of year that I typically start to put a little money aside for Christmas. Aside from Christmas itself having the potential to be quite costly, I have a lot of friends with birthdays in December and January, so I want to start getting things sorted for them nice and early too.  

That just about sums up all of my goals for the rest of the month. All pretty simple and hopefully achievable, and hopefully when I check back next month I'll have done most, if not all of them!

Do you have any goals for September?




  1. Love how you’ve also reflected on how well your goals have gone throughout the month so far!

    Esterella |

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, have a lovely week!

      Em x


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