Tuesday 22 September 2020

Too Faced Peach Perfect Concealer

Something that I seem to have done a lot (perhaps even a little too much) of over the last few months is online shopping. It started out as innocently restocking on various beauty products I was running low on, and then slowly expanded into a few new products to try as well.. before I knew it I had a rather large haul on its way to me. Not that I’m saying my lockdown purchases were in any way a bad thing, especially when I’ve discovered new products I love.


Concealer isn’t something I used to wear all that often, opting instead to just cover my under eye bags with whatever foundation I happened to be using on any given day. Whilst that worked absolutely fine at the time, I’ve started to find in the last few years that it doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Sadly my under eye bags are darker than they used to be and I’m more prone to creasing too, which is probably because my skin is getting older. So here I am at 29 years old and only now starting to implement concealer into my routine on a regular basis.


I’m a fan of all of the products I’ve tried within the Too Faced Peach Perfect range and as the Peach Perfect Foundation is my most reached for foundation so it made sense to get the concealer to match. Of the 18 shades to choose from I opted for ‘Bisque’ which I’ve found to be perfect for me – and just a touch lighter than my foundation. Although I will probably need to invest in a lighter shade as we move into the winter for when my tan starts to fade.


Infused with peach and sweet fig milk, the concealer has the exact same light, sweet scent I’ve grown to know and love from the range. As much as Too Faced have perhaps overdone it a little with multiple peach themed releases, I am glad to have a companion product to use alongside my favourite foundation.


The coverage is described by Too Faced as medium to full and buildable. I would certainly agree that it was buildable once I found an application technique I was happy with, and is more medium in terms of coverage. The formula is described as waterproof and sweat resistant. I’ve found if I wear this concealer when I go for a run it doesn’t budge, so the longevity and resistance to the elements is fantastic.


Texture wise, this concealer did give me a little bit of a challenge when it came to finding the application method that worked best for me. It’s a very thick texture, almost like a mouse and when I first tried to apply using a beauty blender it ended up quite patchy and a tiny bit cakey. I switched out to a small brush which wasn’t fantastic either. When I decided to just use my finger to apply it, it was fantastic. The application was smooth and it was easy to add more where I needed it. A little goes a long way and the heat from my fingers helps the product to blend into my skin beautifully.


Personally, I only use a tiny bit of concealer in the inner corner and a teeny bit toward the outer corner – a technique I learned from watching Robert Welsh on YouTube. The large under eye triangle thing doesn’t work for me at all, and I would say this particular concealer probably wouldn’t work for those who favour that technique.


With this concealer being in a pot I was slightly concerned that it could be more susceptible to drying out faster than a product in sealed packaging, but having used this for a couple of months now it doesn’t feel any different to when I first opened it. As long as I don’t forget to leave the lid off or anything like that I don’t think I’ll have any problems.


I find that there is barely any creasing of my under eye area when I use a small amount of product, but if I build it up to a fuller coverage it does start to crease ever so slightly as the product weighs down the delicate skin around my eyes. So again, the amount of product you typically use will be the make or break when it comes to this concealer.


That all being said, I personally really like it. It’s quick and easy to apply, it little goes a long way and it lasts my through the day regardless of whether I’m sat at my desk or running in the rain.


Have you tried the Peach Perfect Concealer? What did you think?  


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