Monday 30 September 2019

Why I'm excited for Autumn

I love the summer. I love the heat from the sun, I love that the ice-cream van has taken to stopping directly outside my house, trips to the beach, everything. Sometimes though, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so this is the time of year that I start looking forward to seasonal changes that are approaching.

As September marks the end of Summer and the transition into Autumn, it felt the perfect time to share what I’m most looking forward to this Autumn...

The fashion
I’m a skinny jeans girl through and through, but they just aren’t appropriate for the scorching heat of the summer months – especially this year! I’m not a fan of the cold either though, so the start of Autumn is just perfect for me to whack on my skinny jeans and boots without feeling like I’m going to either melt or freeze.

There’s no denying that I’m also a massive hoodie fan. As with the jeans this is the time of year I can steal Mike’s hoodies (because his are better than mine) and be all cosy and snug.

It’s not just clothes that change, make up does as well. The summer is the time for nude, natural looking make up, which I love, but I’ve also got a huge affection for dynamic looks with bold colours. I always think the deep burgundy and dark eyes just look so much better in the colder months.

Not only is there pumpkin spice and cinnamon in almost everything (which cliché as it is I actually love) it’s also the time of year I get to dust off the slow cooker and start preparing warming, hearty meals.

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day at work to a nice warm house that is filled with the smell of food that’s ready to go. I intend to purchase a new hand blender for myself this year too, so I’m looking forward to making myself soup from scratch as well. I think this is a ‘you know you’re an adult when’ moment isn’t it?

We’re also entering the time of year where its socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate non-stop, which is absolutely something I can get on board with.

Time outside
One of my favourite things about the Autumn is the colours. I love seeing the reds and golds everywhere, and now that I live next to a small woodland it’s going to be even better. With the beautiful scenery I’m even more excited to go for long walks in the crisp air surrounded by all the autumnal colours.

As I mentioned in my monthly goals I quite fancy going on a couple of runs this month. Usually I absolutely hate running. I’m asthmatic, and its triggered by the cold so I can’t really do it in the winter, and quite frankly I find it boring. Yet it seems to be something I want to do of late, so I’ll guess we’ll see how long it lasts – admittedly its likely to revert to walking very soon.

I love scented candles. I’m pretty sure I’d burn them all year round if I could. Typically will just burn incense sticks in the summer to make the house smell nice, although I did get a lovely summery candle in the Moi-meme Summer Nights box which I used religiously until I got to the end.

Anyway, Autumn and Winter are the time I have candles on the go practically all the time. When I’ve got a good stash of candles I really enjoy coming home and picking out my chosen candle for that evening.

Got to save the best until last right? Halloween is by far my favourite time of year. Despite the fact that I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating as a kid (boo) its always been a time of year that I’ve adored. Probably because I love anything spooky!

I now have even more reason to love it, as it marks the anniversary of Mike asking me to marry him. In a way, this years Halloween will be all the more special, because it’s the last one we’ll spend as an engaged couple.

So that’s my little round up of the excitement that is Autumn. Are you looking forward to the seasonal change? Or would you rather permanent summer?


  1. I am Halloween OBSESSED - Like year round, can't stop talking about it, it's a feature topic on my blog obsessed lol I couldn't be happier that the spooky season is now finally getting here

    1. Ah! I'm glad to find someone who is Halloween obsessed as well! If its a topic on your blog I'll have to go have a look, so glad its almost spooky month!

      Em x


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