Monday 23 September 2019

Moi-meme Monthly │ Magical Moments │ September 2019

Another month, another wonderful Moi-meme box! If you saw my review of last months box, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ you’ll know that I was totally blown away by both the contents and design of the box. This admittedly made me a little apprehensive for Septembers box, because I knew the previous would be pretty hard to compare to, let alone beat.

The day my September box arrived really couldn’t have been better timed. I’d had the worst morning. Every single file I’d picked up that morning had been totally wrong and needed fixing, then a training session for a new system ran over half an hour into my lunch break making me extremely hangry. I got stuck in traffic when I went out for lunch and returned to the office not feeling at all rested for the afternoon, and in a rather foul mood… until I got to my desk and found the Magical Moments box sat waiting for me on my desk. After that I was excited to see what goodies were hiding within, and couldn’t wait to get home and see. So with no further delay, let’s see what I got...

Tranquillity bath salts - Maison Meunier.
Before I even opened the outer box, I could smell the gorgeous scent of one of the products emanating from the box. The product in question was a sizable jar of floral bath salts. A relaxing mix of Lavender, Sweet Orange and Ylang ylang are blended with a combination of pink Himalayan salts, unrefined organic Epsom salts and rich Kaolin clay. These are all natural, handmade, vegan and cruelty free.

The packaging is beautiful too, the reusable clip top jar is stored within unbleached cotton drawstring, making it presentable as a gift item. Our area has hard water and we get a fairly strong chemical smell from our bathwater, so I’ve found a lot of the time that bath products often struggle to overcome the chlorine smell. That wasn’t the case here at all, and the scents within the salts are more than potent enough. The one and only draw back with this product is that you need to rinse the bath out afterwards, as I found that bits of lavender has stuck to the side of the tub. Not that it’s a major drawback at all, and is to be expected where a product contains whole flowers. 

Magical Moments notebook - Katie Loxton.
As quite correctly pointed out by Moi-meme, everyone loves beautiful stationary, and this stunning notebook is no exception. Its large in size, and the pages are thick, high quality paper. Protected by a silvery, leather like cover, with ‘Magical Moments’ embossed on the front, the suggestion from Moi-meme was to not use this like a typical notebook.

We can all be guilty of buying lovely stationary, but then putting it to use for things we might not prefer, such as work, or lengthy to do lists. Moi-meme suggested instead to use the notebook for something that will make you happy, such as fond memories or quotes. As Mike and I are getting married next year, I’ve decided I’m going to use mine as a scrapbook, with a couple of wedding photos, and then various photos throughout our first year of being married. I’d say that’s pretty fitting to ‘Magical Moments!’.

Love Coco Milk Chocolate.
I have a confession about this chocolate, and that’s that I ate it all before I photographed it. I know, I know, I’m a terrible blogger, but I had a massive chocolate craving and couldn’t help myself. At least I did a reasonable job at sealing the box back up though! I think that statement alone indicates that I clearly enjoyed it!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I love that we get a sweet treat in our monthly boxes. This time round was a decadent salted caramel, milk chocolate bar from Love Coco. As Moi-meme correctly pointed out, this is not for sharing!!

I’m really pleased with the contents of this months box, and the fact that I’ve got something that I can keep sentimental memories in is a massive plus in my book.

As I’ve come to expect with Moi-meme the products are well thought out and consistent with the chosen theme for the month. Another hit! If you’d like to give the monthly boxes a try for yourself, use code ‘EMSWORLD’ for a discount on your first box.

Are you a Moi-meme subscriber? What did you think? 

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