Wednesday 3 August 2022

July Look Back - 2022

 So with my last look back being in March, I have rather a lot to catch up on! Although I will be predominantly be focusing on July, as you'll have no doubt figured already from the title! 

A lot of July has felt like a waiting game that just keeps on going. Many close to me will know that the import of animals (including rescue) from Romainia is still suspended. This means that our doggo is still stuck at the shelter in Romania and unable to travel to her new home with us. 

It's very sad given that she was supposed to be with us in early May, and as it stands at the moment travel will remain suspended until at least 3rd September. Given that the freeze has been extended twice already I wouldn't be all that surprised if it gets extended again next month. Although we are hoping that won't be the case. Especially given that doggo has had all her tests, all her jabs and ready to travel. 

Moving onto some good news, after a lot of hard work and training I got the promotion at work I was aiming for! Being a senior member of the team means I am getting to do loads of new things I haven't had exposure to before - for example I've carried out a couple of interviews, began mentoring a new member of the team and get to be directly involved in our training and various projects. 

It's hugely refreshing to be able to nurture some new skills and gain some new experiences, and after so much work its great to finally have got there! Now I just need to work out where I want to get to next. I've signed up to some further qualifications, this time leaning towards management rather than insurance, so hopefully it will be highly useful!

Towards the end of July was my 31st birthday! I didn't do much on the day itself bar spend time with my husband, as it fell on a Friday this year. On the Saturday we had a BBQ followed by a night out on a pub crawl. 

The following week the celebrations continued when I had a day with my closest friend, Maria. We spent the day out shopping, got some food from the Market in Norwich and even joined the Pride parade that was going on in the city. After we were done there were headed back to hers with the boys for more food, card games and much laughter. 

That just about sums up everything I wanted to share for July! Truth be told, I haven't got a huge amount planned for August, as Mike and I want a quiet few weeks (although I doubt it will work out that way!) and we have everything crossed that we get our dog in September!

What are you been up to in July? 


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