Monday 11 April 2022

Moi-meme Monthly - The Spring Breeze Box - February 2022

Before I start this post, I have to disclose that it is extremely late. Although I feel that most of my posts these days are starting with a similar disclaimer, so it's not like it's a massive surprise. Todays post is an unboxing of The Spring Breeze Box - the monthly Moi-meme box that I received in February - see, I told you the post was late! 

So before I start rambling on about how late this post is, lets get into what Moi-meme had to say about this box:

As March arrives so does the onset of spring and all the newness that comes with it. With blossom on the trees, longer days and a slight warmth in the breeze, it's a month when everything starts to feel a bit lighter and brighter. The Spring Breeze Box reflects this freshness and is filled with pretty pastels and treats to ease you into the new season

Katie Loxton Pale Blue Petal Scarf 

First up in this months box was this beautiful pale blue scarf from Katie Loxton. If you've been around for a little while then you'll know that Katie Loxton is a brand that features in a fair few Moi-meme boxes - and you'll hear absolutely no complains from me!

The scarf itself is made of a lovely and soft light weight material, with delicate daisy petals scattered over the fabric. 

Chickidee Sleep Room Spray 

Next up in the box was from another brand we're seen before: Chickidee. This is a brand that I'm always very pleased to see in my boxes, and I've fallen in love with each and every product I've tried from them.

The Sleep Room Spray is a fragrance designed to fill your room with calming scents to help you drift off to sleep. Unlike most usual sleep products that contain lavender as the key scent, this room spray is made up of a blend of green mandarin, geranium, coriander, jasmine and ylang ylang. All these components combined make a clean, light fragrance, that is perfect to help promote a restful nights sleep. 

Cocoba Milk Chocolate Truffles

Last but not least is the sweet treat, milk chocolate truffles with a ganache filling infused with just a hint of alcohol. From reading the little card included within the box, I discovered that Cocoba have a massive range of over 160 different types of chocolate, all made from their chocolate kitchen in Kent. 

There we have the contents of The Spring Breeze Box! I really enjoyed this box, in particular the room spray, which has now found a home by my bedroom to keep it smelling lovely and fresh. 

The only item I am unlikely to get much use out of is the scarf. Not that I don't like it, but I have loads already that I don't use, a few of which have a very similar colour scheme. With the lovely pastel colours I think this is something that my mum would really like, so I'll be keeping hold of it until I next see her. All in all The Spring Breeze Box was a great box to receive, with items that I have and will continue to love and use.

Do you have any subscription boxes? Which is your favourite? 


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