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Moi-meme Monthly - The Warmth Box - October 2021

I feel like there’s nothing more difficult after a long break from blogging than getting yourself back into it. As much as you might have great intentions, you find yourself sitting there with your fingers hovering over the keys, and absolutely nothing manifesting onto the page in front of you. For that reason, I’ve opted for my first post back to be one that I’ve always enjoyed writing: A Moi-meme box review.


In addition to a review here, I have also filmed an unboxing video where you can hear more on the wonderful products received. You can find the unboxing over on my YouTube channel or by clicking this link. This month box was aptly named ‘The Warmth Box’ which is just the perfect theme now that the nights are drawing in and its getting colder. Here’s what Moi-meme had to say about this months box:


As we settle into Autumn we’re fully embracing all the season has to offer: snuggling up in front of a roaring fire, bracing walks and comfort food. This months edition is The Warmth Box and is filled with cosy treats to keep the cold at bay


Sounds wonderful right? Let’s get right into the contents of this months box!


MSH Pink and Grey Star Blanket Scarf

This large blanket scarf is beautifully soft to the touch, and features a grey and pink check patter with a star design woven into the fabric. The scarf isn’t over thick, but feels like it will be absolutely perfect for keeping you warm and cosy. I intend to keep this in my desk at work, to drape over myself when it’s cold – which is has been in the afternoons over the past few weeks. If I don't keep it at work, I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this with the cosy fabric and attractive design. 


Paper Plant Night Bath Salts

Sadly the packaging for this did open in the box during transit, so there were some bath salts floating around the inside of the box – however, this is the first time I have ever had an item in my Moi-meme box even slightly damaged. To be fair I don’t think it was even damaged, I think it was down to the packaging being slightly open at the top.

Regardless, these bath salts, derived from Dead Sea salts and scented with Lavender and Ylang Ylang aim to help provide relaxation and a restful nights sleep. These have come at the perfect time, as I have recently run out of a different batch of bath salts, and enjoy using them over winter.

Given that I've been feeling unwell with stiff and sore joints these have been an absolute godsent for me, and the lavender scent is my usual go to when I'm having trouble sleeping. 


Frank’s Dipped Milk Chocolate and Honeycomb Biscuits

Last but my no means least is these absolutely mouth-watering biscuits. I’ve been having technical issues with filming for YouTube, and switched over to using my laptop camera just so I didn’t have to wait to be able to tuck into these.

These are a little different to the usual chocolate bars, and recommended to enjoy alongside a mug of something warm and reviving. Absolutely perfect for this time of year, and I’ll certainly be doing exactly that!

All in all I was really pleased with this months box, and love each and every item received in it. The theme is spot on  for this time of year, and as usual, Moi-meme did a great job at producing a well thought out box.

I can't wait to see what I get in the November box, and keep an eye out for a review of the quarterly box!


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